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181st TIE Interceptor Squadron
CO: Major Alarik Goudinn
XO: Zakrus Allistre
Home Base: Unknown
Craft: TIE Interceptor


The 181st TIE Interceptor Squadron is the Empire's elite band of pilots. Originally under the command of Colonel Evir Derricote, prior to the Battle of Yavin had formerly been tagged as one of the worst squadrons in the Imperial ranks. This soon changed after Baron Soontir Fel took over. In the years that followed it was headed up by Turr Phennir and later Zakrus Allistre.

Personnel Roster

The following list of pilots is the squadron's composition around the time of Operation: Vertex. However, at the time of Grand Admiral Grant's assault, New Republic Intelligence were unable to confirm or deny whether or not any of the following pilots were still currently members of the squadron. Or indeed, whether the squadron was still with the Imperial Remnant


Lead Major Alarik Goudinn
Two Commander Niva "Reep" Dutorm
Three Commander Tetran Cowall
Four Captain Tharkher "Thrasher"
Five Captain Mitth'rug'hurodo
Six Lieutenant Corwin "Loser" Jorell
Seven Lieutenant Kistin "Spirit" Ford
Eight Lieutenant Gemma Illinah
Nine Darnal A. Conner
Ten Alec "Sage" Sajak
Eleven Flight Cadet Tigmund Bowers
Twelve Flight Cadet Dymon "Iceheart" Isard

Base of Operations

It is believed that the 181st was reassigned some time after Operation Vertex. If they still exist, their current base of operations is unknown.