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Councillor Brom was a human councillor in the New Republic Senate. He took a great interest in Rogue and Wraith Squadron, as he deemed them as a threat to his behind-the-scenes machinations to gain further power in both the New Republic and galaxy as a whole.

He originally came to attention of the squadrons shortly after the Battle of Yintoa. After the report of the battle, Brom cross-examined Wedge Antilles to the point where the General offered his resignation (which was refused by General Rieekan). Brom then continued to interview Face Loran over his squadrons participation in the battle. Face refused to be goaded by Brom's thinly veiled request to betray Wedge, skating traditionally close to insubordination and flat out refusing to help the Councillor.

However, Brom had not finished with the squadrons. Yintoa had cost his plans greatly. Needing a scapegoat to place the blame (and focus of investigations) to, Brom manufactured evidence against the squadrons, forcing Wedge to flee from Brom's personal flagship, assisted by the rest of Rogue and Wraith Squadron, the Rogues flying rings around Brom's fighter squadrons, and a boarding party of the Wraiths assaulting the ship with ease.

Brom's connections ran deep, he was a major personal contributor to the Datul Crime Family, paying them a considerable sum (a down payment of 2.3 billion credits) to assist in eliminating Rogue and Wraith. He further enraged the squadrons by arranging for their families to be detained and 'questioned'.

After the squadrons returned from being renegades, Brom somehow managed to squirm his way out of trouble, presiding over the final reports from the squadron leaders. It was during the debriefing that Tyria realised that he was scared of Face Loran. Not because he feared direct retribution from the Colonel, but the Wraith Leaders reputation for being difficult made Tyria realise that Brom was terrified of the squadrons possibly exacting retribution.

Face successfully managed to scam the full 2.3 billion credits captured from the Datuls for use by the Rogues and Wraiths, as well as securing a full pardon for all their actions. Brom, infuriated, acquiesced.

The Councillor, however, had other plans in the work. When the group went on vacation to Sekar IV, Brom arranged for their transport to explode, to either kill the pilots, or leave them stranded, discussing his plans with a companion, Daravin Mannser. When Brom discovered that the Rogues and Wraiths survived, he decided to send 200 New Republic Troops to wipe them out, only telling a few key officers his plan, and seeding Imperial troops into the mix, happy to have no-one walk away, as long as the Rogues and Wraiths were killed.

The squadrons managed to escape however, and several pilots, including Corran Horn, Wes Janson, Halley Kadorto and Myn Donos began an investigation to reveal Brom’s villainy once and for all. They joined forces with a mysterious group known as The Brotherhood. However, before they could collate the evidence successfully, The Brotherhood assassinated the Councillor, removing him from the machinations of the galaxy permanently.