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Firestorm is a Special Forces Unit.

Firestorm Logo.jpg

"Pretty... What do we blow up first?"

CO: (Temporarily) Colonel Garik Loran
XO: General Wedge Antilles
Home Base: The Sacul
Craft: None


Firestorm was an elite Commando unit set up by Major Will "Locker" Bevan. After his secondment to Wraith Squadron, Locker returned to the Alliance Special Forces. With his new promotion to Major, it meant that Locker would be commanding an entire regiment of commandos, all 720 of them. Whilst this was appealing, Locker still wanted to be where the action was, and he was impressed with the speed that a smaller squadron such as the Wraiths or Rogues could organise and act, as well as their impressive track record and results.

He convinced General Crix Madine that he should create a SpecForce squadron in the same style as Rogue Squadron, a group of the best elite commandos, as cross-trained as possible, and form them into a self sufficient, self contained twelve man team. Madine originally refused, until Locker convinced him by quoting his own claim back to him.

"General, you once said "In half an hour I can put together a strike team of twenty soldiers, capable of succeeding at any mission, under any circumstances, anywhere in the galaxy". Well, Firestorm will give you that capability, for twelve soldiers, with no time delay. General, I assure you, we will be the best, and we will not fail you."
―Major Bevan to General Crix Madine, making his case.[ref]

Locker then scoured the ranks of candidates, before selecting eleven others to form the first Firestorm taken from each of the seven regiments. Even before it was commissioned, the roster of Firestorm had achieved legendary status in the SpecForces, comfortable beating most (and smashing some) of the training records held by other squadrons.

When his old friend Face Loran, along with Rogue and Wraith Squadron, had been declared fugitives, Locker knew that Brom would be ordering the New Republic’s elite squadrons to hunt them down. In preparation, Locker started numerous rumours of a personal hatred and vendetta against Loran and his former squadmates, rumours which quickly reached Brom. Locker was only too pleased to accept the request to hunt the Rogues and Wraiths down.

He easily found the Rogues and Wraiths, but (in a slight re-interpretation of his orders) decided to "bring them to justice" by clearing their names. After they were cleared, Firestorm became permanently linked to the Squadrons, reporting directly to Face Loran, although technical command belonged to General Wedge Antilles.

Owing to his Mandalorian heritage, Locker ensured that Firestorm used the updated version of the Katarn Armour made famous by the clone commandos in the Clone Wars. Each member of Firestorm has his/her own preference of weapon. This is why each of them has an upgraded DC-17m. Each high-powered blaster rifle has a sniper attachment, and an anti-armour attachment, meaning it is the most versatile weapon possible.

Of course, each commando sometimes carries his or her own personal weapon as well!

When Locker died during the Battle of Bormari, Firestorm transferred its command back to Face Loran by default. However, Locker left very detailed instructions for his friend, as to how Firestorm should continue.

Base of Operations

Firestorm is currently stationed aboard the Sacul.

Personnel Roster


Alpha Squad

Lead -
Two - Hiskar “Waves” Losa
Three- Lanooh Haf
Four - Rek Valen

Delta Squad

Five- Morkha
Six - Jodra "Chance" Skyin
SevenPleth "Kite" Malkite
Eight - Mar Rosk

Omega Squad

Nine- Zakitt Uprann
TenNikawaroo (Nika)
ElevenRo Voth