Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Squadron is a side plot set approximately one week after the events of Plot 15l and the Battle of Bormari. It chronicles the efforts of Colonel Halley Kadorto in his quest to find replacements for the pilots of High Flight Squadron that were killed during the battle.

Part 1

The four finalists up for the remaining two spots in High Flight's X-wing flight group are all introduced to one another as they await private interviews with Colonel Halley Kadorto. The four finalists include:

Miranda Erador, a human female.

Ogrand Splott, an ugnaught male.

Rac "Lord" Lawrey, a human male and Jedi Padawan.

Lowell Hailfyre, a human male.

Tensions mount among the finalists as it is revealed that Hailfyre is related to one of Halley's deceased former squadronmates and closest friends, Jaren Hailfyre of Galaxian Squadron. The Colonel assures the finalists that nothing has been decided yet and insists he does not favor Hailfyre over the other contenders.

Part 2

A list of datapad entries made by the Colonel documenting the actual meetings with each of the finalists. It becomes clear during these datapad entries that Halley does indeed have a bias toward Cadet Hailfyre but does not seem aware of it.

Part 3

During a flight simulator run to test the finalists of all three flight groups, Colonel Kadorto and Commander Feylis Ardele get into a heated discussion over whether or not Halley favors Cadet Hailfyre.

Meanwhile, in the simulator session itself, the finalists must defeat a Death Star orbiting the planet Coruscant. Cadet Hailfyre discovers a new way of defeating a Death Star and is praised by both his fellow finalists and by Commander Ardele. Hailfyre's win in the simulator run leaves Colonel Kadorto suspicious of the Cadet and aware of his own favoritism.

Part 4

Back in Halley's temporary office on Coruscant, the finalists eagerly wait to find out if they have been selected to join High Flight Squadron. They are each called into Halley's office one by one and each comes out not being allowed to tell the others if they've made it or not until everyone's results have been revealed individually.

When Halley calls in Lowell Hailfyre, the Colonel accuses the Cadet of cheating in the simulator runs by slicing into the computer and boosting his scores. Hailfyre admits to the action and is rejected from High Flight Squadron because Kadorto no longer feels he can be trusted.

Miranda Erador and Rac Lawrey are accepted into the squadron as X-wing pilots. Because of his extensive experience as a mechanic and as an A-wing pilot, Ogrand Splott is accepted to the squadron by Commander Ardele into the A-wing flight group.