High Flight Squadron

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High Flight Squadron is a Starfighter squadron bought in by Wedge Antilles to support Rogue Squadron. High Flight is also known as Dinner Squadron, due to the ferocious appetites of its pilots and that "Dinner Squadron" was a suggested name for Wraith Squadron that never got used.

High Flight Squadron
High Flight Logo.jpg
CO: Major Halley Kadorto
XO: Commander Astrey Broyl
Home Base: Krayli's Valour
Craft: X-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing


The best of the rest. High Flight earned its reputation as one of the hardest working and talented starfighter squadrons in the New Republic. After several of its members were recruited into Rogue Squadron, it had the unoffical title as the stopping off point before the top squadron. Indeed, some of its members specifically transferred just to have more of a chance of joining the Rogues.

Led by Colonel Darm Gizzard, High Flight were eventually requested by Wedge Antilles to join his task force, and act as an additional starfight squadron. Just before the Battle of Bormari, Gizzard handed over command to Rogue Colonel Halley Kadorto (as was his rank at the time), before Gizzard retired after the battle.

After the Imperial resurgence, the rank structure was adjusted, and Kadorto became a Major in charge of the squadron. Halley works and trains his squadron hard, determined to make them the equal of Rogue Squadron, something he realises is next to impossible, but still feels it is the only goal to work towards.

Base of Operations

High Flight Squadron is part of Task Force Renegade and is currently based on the Krayli's Valour.

Personnel Roster



Lead Major Halley Kadorto
Two Flight Cadet Rac "Lord" Lawrey
Three Commander Derek Klivian
Four Flight Cadet Miranda Erador


Five Commander Astrey Broyl
Six Flight Officer Ogrand "Uggy" Splott
Seven Flight Cadet Xeela Chanto
Eight Flight Cadet Sapphire Vest.


Nine Commander Feylis Ardele
Ten Flight Cadet Pog Truden.
Eleven Commander Drisar Chutnee
Twelve Flight Officer Aaron Nyret.

Support Personnel