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History of RS

A more documented version of the history of RS as given by General Horn around the campfire at the Great RS Meet 2007.

It was a dark and stormy night…


March 20, 1993 – Gardena, California

The primordial sludge
The Upper Transylvania BBS comes online as a single node Bulletin Board Service, the precursor to web pages. It creates a DOS-based online community of geeks with file downloads, message boards, chat rooms, and multiplayer gaming. All members are local, since dialing up to the BBS costs money for long-distance numbers. Every so often, they get together for user meets and eat pizza. Some even become regular offline friends.

Early on, Corran and Janson join. As the BBS grows, their sister starts UT Frenz, a newsletter about the going-ons of the BBS. Their sister later transforms this newsletter into a creative writing magazine, through which she meets a fellow writer who later became the short-lived RS character of Padme. Padme discovers that her brother and Corran and Janson share a common interest—Star Wars. She sends an e-mail to their sister.


7:24 pm PST, August 12, 1998

When SW geeks collide
“Ha!! Your brothers like Star Wars, too! How funny! Do they collect anything of it? My brother collects the customizable cards, the figures, and stuff. He has seen the movies (new and old) like a gazillion times! When the new prequals come out, he is going to be like the 1st person in line at the theatre!! :-) From the stuff JD tells me, i could talk for hours on the subject of Star Wars!! I don't like it all that much, but my brother just LOVES it. :-) If your brothers want, they could email him, and talk about Star Wars. My brother has never been stumped at a Star wars question (he reads ANYTHING he can find on it) so, maybe they'd like to try and stump him! :-) He'd love to find someone else to chat star wars with.”

Corran e-mails JD and never gets a reply.

November 23, 1998

Delta Source is born
JD contacts Corran to say he’s started a Onelist (later bought by eGroups then Yahoo!) e-mail loop for Star Wars fans called Delta Source and enlists Corran and Janson’s help in running it. Delta Source is named after Emperor Palpatine’s secret surveillance system in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. One member, who later becomes Tycho Celchu, joins.

December 17, 1998

Rogue Squadron is born
JD (now Wedge) creates the Onelist group Rogue Squadron and abandons Delta Source. Corran, Janson, and Tycho join, and soon does Mirax Terrik. Activity gradually picks up as new members such as Face, Callista, Bror Jace, and Zev Senesca join. Calli is “mauled” into joining by means of everyone IMing her constantly until she agrees to join (Mirax didn’t want to be the only female in RS).


January 1, 1999

They weren’t always generals
Colonel Corran Horn and Colonel Wes Janson get promoted to generals.

4:36 PST, March 17, 1999

RS is an active e-mail group but fraught with ceaseless arguments and flame wars. The first six months of RS were very shaky, and it was very uncertain whether it would survive for long. This was not usual, as e-mail loops were beginning and dying every day at a high rate. During this time, the friendship between the increasingly-inactive Wedge and the second-in-command Corran becomes strained as Corran takes on more and more leadership duties in order to keep RS afloat and resents Wedge’s refusal to make him first-in-command. Corran also senses RS’s anger at Wedge’s dictatorial rule of RS. Staging a takeover, Corran promotes himself to leader of RS with Zev Senesca as his second-in-command. Wedge immediately demotes Corran then promotes him back to general after Corran apologizes for the coup. He tells Corran “You can NOT take over RS. NEVER.”

Unperturbed, Corran stages a silent coup and eventually takes over completely. (And aren't we all glad he did - Face)

6:01 pm PST, April 20, 1999

Tales from Rogue Squadron
Inspired by a hilarious continuation story on the Upper Transylvania BBS, Corran starts “Tales from Rogue Squadron,” the first ever RS story.

~ A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Stars stretch across the vastness of space. A lone greenish planet orbits a young star. Around the planet, hordes of ships are engage in combat. In one of the Rogue Squadron X-wings, in the midst of the battle, a young but expierenced pilot named Keyan Farlander struggles against great odds...~

Total number of TFRS stories: 7. The fact that we effectively had a tag/gat system for the writing of entire stories slowed the storyline down so much that it died out after a few months.

May 19, 1999

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi
The Phantom Menace comes out in theaters. Despite the fact that it failed to meet expectations, it was responsible for a huge amount of the activity in RS. Unfortunately, it wasn’t released in the UK until two months later, so we had to create Face spoiler spacers to keep from ruining the movie for him as he agonizingly waited for it.

~ Oh I can't take this.... How can I survive 2 MONTHS with these e-mails... I'm going to be a nervous wreck.... I can't take it! NO!!! I must be strong, I must resist the Dark Side. ROGUES, I AM IN MY HOUR (well two months) OF NEED!!! HELP ME!!!!!~

July 9-13,1999 – Gilbert, Arizona

RS Meet 1999
First ever RS Meet takes place. This five-day excursion includes the three generals, soon-to-be-member Tyria (she joined afterwards as a joke on Wedge), Wedge’s sister, Corran and Janson’s sister, and another friend. It is actually the combination of two online club meets. Details of meet here.

11:17 pm PST, August 27, 1999

Promotion stories
Promotion stories begin. This is the second series of RS stories and were written by Corran to commemorate and announce pilot’s promotions. This series is later renamed “Prelude to Plot 1” because it contains story elements that were continued in Plot 1.

August to December, 1999

The Golden Age
Several new members, such as Tierce, Feylis, Iella, Tyria, Lara, Myn, Derek, and Ran join RS, greatly boosting activity (up to 60 posts a day) and starting what is later referred to as “The Golden Age of RS.” Multiple short stories and storylines are written, but none are extensive.

11:25 pm PST, September 20, 1999

First attempt at RS Plot failure
Ran-Syi Torack, formerly Zev Senesca, builds off the concept of Tales from RS and comes up with a concept very similar to the RS Plot, which involves our character names as actual characters engaged in a storyline written from our own perspectives. The concept is well-received, but nothing much comes of it.

4:27 pm PST, October 28, 1999

Story-form messages: Popcorn is born
Sensing RS’s desire to write, Corran proposes story-form messages. Basically, most SW discussions and general banter are now written in the form of continuing stories, with the characters talking instead of the members behind them. Most of the members participate, helping create the aspects and characteristics of fictional characters that we later used in the RS Plot. Basically, we formed our RS alter-egos. Corran may have been inspired to create the story-form concept by crazed and very story-like posts of Iella Wessiri, who still to this day is RS’s most insane member ever.

November 15, 1999

Meat Surprise emerges

November 27, 1999

Ran chews out Ran
Derek Klivian joins RS under the name of the very obscure Wraith novel Rogue Ran Kether. He attempts to secure an AIM SN of the same name, but discovers an SW geek already has it. He proceeds to chew said geek out, until a civil conversation emerges, and said geek joins RS under the name Ran Kether.

12:06 am PST, November 28, 1999

Be true to your flight group
As conceptualized by member Kyp Duron, flight groups are born.

7:33 pm PST, December 4, 1999

Ran Kether, five days after joining Rogue Squadron, posts the first story of the RS Plot, which seamlessly continues the storyline of a string of story-form posts that mention Kether’s Casino.

~As Calli leaves the sabaac game, Ran looks over the disaster area once called his quarters. However, he was happy. He had a large pocket full of credits, and 2 technical favors were owed to him by Cubber. Since Cubber had been relieved of his credits, he said he'd pay anybody in the terms of technical service. A popcorn machine in his X-Wing and Spinx were soon to be enjoyed... Ran flopped down on the couch, and soon he fell asleep. In a moment, the far wall burst into flames, and blaster bolts filled the air. Stormtroopers poor into the hole that was once ran's outer wall. Ran drops into a firing position and fires 3 bolts, each hitting with lethal accuracy. However, there were just to many of them. Falling back he kept up a constant amount of blaster fire against the troopers. Iella who was standing outside the door kicks the door in and comes in. Seeing the room thick with troopers, she thanks the deities that she was carrying some high explosives. chucking them in at the troopers they explode. 3 Blaster bolts hit Ran in his gun arm, and Ran is pushed to his knees by the force of the concussion, while Iella tries to drag him out. Soon the troopers overcome both Iella and Ran and they're dragged off. Blearily Ran hears the distant combat alarms of the base blare, but then he succumbs to the throbbing pain from the blaster shots and the shrapnel wounds from the grenade.~

He entitles the post “Rogue Squadron Plot, JOIn IN EVERYONE!” and immediately posts a sequel. Corran follows with a story, then Iella, Derek, Tyria, and Myn. The Plot explodes into activity, with thirty stories posted in the first two weeks. RS members are so excited about this finally successful storyline that they even write stories on scraps of paper during lunch breaks and study hall, rushing home to post them before the Plot moves too far ahead.

RS has finally found its story.


January 1, 2000

Out with the old, in with the new
After much fierce arguing and passionate debate, RS transfers from an e-mail loop to a message board in order to better handle the large number of posts and better organize Plot 1. The RS loop continues to remain operational for back-up purposes even to this day.

7:58 pm PST, January 28, 2000

Plot 2
Exactly 2 hours after Plot 1 ends, Plot 2 begins, riding on the coattails of the first plots success.

First half of 2000

The “quiet” months
Life in RS goes smoothly in these months, enjoying a steady level of high activity, even with a burst of 50 topics started or replied to in the same day), but with only a few new members (Ace Azzameen/Dar Keyis, Edor Crespin, and Lepira).

8:18 pm PST, February 19, 2000

Extra! Extra!
The first issue of The RS Post begins. It’s a weekly newsletter sent through e-mail to all RS members, active and inactive, in order to keep them up with the going ons of RS and encourage them to participate. The newsletter includes general news, promotions, new members, summaries of every topic, plot summaries, site updates, etc. It totals 56 issues. The RS Post has now proved an invaluable snapshot of the year of lost posts (year 2000) resulting from the Great Board Crash of 2001.

April 2000

The Council of Senior Officers is formed for commander, majors, colonels, and generals to discuss ideas for RS. They communicate through a separate e-mail loop. It’s based off the unsuccessful Council of Generals (COG) of 1999.

May 4th, 2000

The first instance of a never ending competition! Although there is a lengthy time between rounds!

June 4, 2000

Talk like a Gand week
Yes, seriously.

July 1, 2000

RS Summer Bash: Bring in the young’uns
In an attempt to liven things up a bit, Corran sends out a series of “RS Summer Bash” e-mails intended to revive inactive members and bring in new blood to stir up the pot. RS goes on a hunting spree for new members, bringing in members like Shira, Grinder, Gemmer, Bowman Gavin (Who, despite being one of three people with the name 'Gavin' in his character, manages to outlast all of them, claiming the title of 'Gav' for all time), Halley, Elassar Targon, Dru, and Void. Twelve new members in one month. With the new bright-eyed, cheery members, activity reaches its greatest height yet, averaging over 50 topics posted on a week. The Golden Agers, as a close-knit group who joined mostly around the same time, see this new group of members as “young’uns.” They also find it a bit difficult to keep up with the sheer volume of messages the young’uns are posting, creating the stereotype of young’uns as obnoxious (ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHO POST ALL IN CAPS). This classification continues to be applied to new members for many years, even to the present, although some new members have escaped being called young’uns by fitting in well with the older generation.

11:58 pm PST, September 9, 2000

Plot 3
Following the unbridled success of Plot 2, Plot 3 begins.

October 2000

Hail the mothership
The Rogue's Arrow is christened (after a vote). The first ever RS group chat story session is held. “The process went very smoothly, and this method is expected to be used again”

2:26am PST, October 1, 2000

The secret Council of Elite Senior Officers is born as COSO grows in size. COESO consists of only the generals and colonels.

November 2000

COSO releases the RS Constitution and makes an attempt at making the overly-complex RS simpler and less time-consuming to run and participate in. The move instills a number of fun and creative ideas in RS but does little to stem the increasing flow of over-complication. The existence of COESO and COSO create a further stratification amidst the pilots.


January 10, 2001

Second RS meet
The second RS meet ever occurs when Face meets Mish, through whom he later meets his future wife. Details of the meet here.

January 2001

Darkness on the horizon
As a club, RS is vibrant and incredibly active. The Anti-Rogues 181st Squadron is formed. Each RS pilot takes on an Imperial anti-Rogue to write as their nemesis in the Plot. Around this time, new pilots including Dorset, Jesmin, and Shadow join RS. With the continued work of COSO, COESO, and the ever-lengthening RS Constitution, RS purports to be a democratic-republic.

However, RS is fraught with bantering, arguments, personality conflicts, and slow decision-making as the burgeoning COSO grows to over a dozen members and becomes more time-consuming that its members can handle. As RS leadership reaches the breaking point, unbeknownst to anyone, deep within the bowels of the RS board, cogs and gears began to shift out of alignment.

4:52 pm PST, January 18, 2001

Plot 4
Plot 4 begins, wildly successful from the start, yet is divided into two separate storylines, one written by newer members and one written by older members, with little to connect the two. The stratification between both groups is further troubled by the fact that the older member’s are writing the more interesting of the storylines yet find themselves with less and less time to write as their outside lives get busier.

February 25, 2001

The Great Board Crash of 2001
RS members log onto the board one day to find…no board. Activity on the board has reached such a height that the server crashes and the board gets deleted. A year of posts are gone. Fortunately, the Plot has been backed-up to this point, but 30-35 of the newest Plot 4 stories are lost (most have since been recovered…I think). The medium that has brought us all together…is gone. Screams and wails rent the air.

Okay, perhaps that sounds like over-dramatizing, but it was bad. The spirit of RS had been broken, and morale was very low. It became obvious that even after picking up the pieces of our shattered RS lives and putting them back together again, RS would never be the same. Yet, we didn’t even want things to be just as they were, what with all the problems that had been going on. Those of us who had been around long enough just wished for the simpler, happier days of The Golden Age (which we saw through rose-colored lenses, of course).

February 28, 2001

Desperate the keep RS alive, Corran makes sweeping changes. COSO and COESO are among the first to go as Corran declares himself a benevolent dictator. Up to this point, the RS board had gotten to be just too big of a beast to handle. So he attempts to start with a clean slate and remake RS from the ground up. Not wanting the risk the message board again with that previous level of activity, Corran encourages pilots to create their own satellite clubs. He renames RS to the RS Community, and pilots create several of their own loosely connected boards, such as Delta Nine (led by Edor), Force Ten (led by Tierce), New Republic Intel (led by Kyp), and Wraith Squadron (led by Face). Each of these boards act as simplified RS boards, with their own rosters, ranking systems, discussions, and plots. Many members are part of multiple boards, yet none of the boards reach an activity level that puts them in danger of another server crash.

And what of the RS Plot? After losing so many stories, not enough writers were motivated to rewrite and continue it, especially since a number of writers were already dissatisfied with the direction it was going. The RS Plot is laid to rest.

Early 2001

Early successes
Two of these clubs, Delta Nine and Wraith Squadron, flourish. Delta Nine concentrates on several plots, all of which are fun but don’t last, while Wraith Squadron (consisting mainly of older members) concentrates on a single storyline.

April 2001

Disliking how dispersed the RS members have come and longing for the olden days, Corran slowly drives a dagger into his original decentralization plan and gradually gives it a twist. He creates a new RS board for Star Wars discussions in order to give all the members at least one common place to post. This kills Star Wars-related discussions on the satellite boards.

First half of 2001

Seeking a new vibe
Corran creates The Writer’s Guild, a board for everyone to join back together to write stories. This effectively kills the plots on all the satellite boards except Wraith Squadron’s. A whole host of interesting and experimental plots are posted (see the File Cabinet on the RS board), some even trying to recreate RS Plot 1. Some are quite good, but none last, although PLOT oR DIE!!! (created by the joint efforts of Corran and Ran) reaches five sizable chapters. As enjoyable as some of these stories are, none of them have the thrill and lasting power—or the number of writers—as the now-deceased RS Plot.

Callista creates Downtime, a board for RS members to talk about everything not related to RS or SW. It’s an instant success and helps us further evolve from a group of SW geeks to a group of friends.

July 18, 2001

One board to rule them all
Seeing that the general level of activity in RS across all the satellite boards has dropped to the level far below that of the board crash, Corran combines all the satellite boards (except Wraith Squadron) into a single RS board. This effectively kills the other clubs, leaving only SW discussions, The Writer’s Guild, and Downtime as a single multi-tiered entity and Wraith Squadron as an invite-only separate entity.

The rest of 2001

RS sees things “going back to normal” as several old RS conventions return. Overall, RS has become a much simpler, more enjoyable, and less time-consuming club to both run and participate in. Insanity reigns, although mainly among younger pilots as older pilots devote much of their time to Wraith Squadron. 2001 becomes the year of the RS food fights, also ushering Shadow’s first appearance in the kitchen and her zest in driving people out of it. Pilots such as Taz Krayli, Calypso Sinya, RDM, and Rillao join.


February 20, 2002

Earn your wings
To combat newbies with a severe “young’un” complex, Corran tells new pilots they must prove themselves to be valuable RS members before they can even qualify for Flight Cadet.

10:41 pm PST, March 4, 2002

Always looking to the past, and seeing the failure of every attempt to create a new plot, Corran devises a simple plan to continue the RS Plot and solve the huge mishmash of directionless loose ends the aborted Plot 4 left over a year before. He sets Plot 5 a year after Plot 4 and sums up the in-between time in a few paragraphs.

Plot 5 is greeted warmly, although it’s set on Hoth, and eventually gains several of the older writers from Wraith Squadron for a brief period. This is Wraith Squadron’s first entrance into the Plot as a separate entity from Rogue Squadron. Although not a spectacular plot, Plot 5 does serve the purpose of officially resurrecting the RS Plot and eventually killing off all the other side plots being written in The Writer’s Guild. During this time, several new pilots such as Devan Tarn, Josen Fedd, Aaron Vaeon, and Hayden Krah join.

5:26 pm PST, May 16, 2002

Plot 6
Plot 6 begins, written mainly by Rogues, but having several Wraith appearances. It starts out slowly but gains momentum, becoming a far superior plot to Plot 5.

July 27, 2002 - Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Randy the Rancor MUST DIE!!!
Corran and Janson travel to Dar Keyis' homestead in Oklahoma to kill Randy the Rancor. Details here.

The rest of 2002

The end of RS is nigh
Activity in RS continues at a moderate pace. The fact that Corran is rarely ever posting his “proposed new ideas for RS” anymore is a good sign. Unfortunately, there’s also a general feeling that RS as a whole is slowly winding down as members become busier and busier in high school and college. The end of RS feels nigh, although its members are confident that they’ll still continue to chat and write together even after the board dies.

In Wraith Squadron, the Wraith Plot continues to grow. Although not a fast-moving story, it helps the Wraith writers and the few Rogue writers involved build their ability to write together as a group.


January 4, 2003

Don’t call it quits
Ailie Datul joins RS, along with other members (but I don’t know who cuz this is where I stopped keeping records of who joined when), bringing new life into the board and the Plot. Despite the busyness of their lives, RS members still find time to post and write and continue to see RS as a great escape from their hectic lives.

1:08 am PST, January 7, 2003

Plot 7
Plot 7 brings a new definition to “epic” as Corran and Deven write stories of extreme length and grandeur.

9:35 pm PST, July 25, 2003

Plot 8
In its most unusual plot yet, the entirety of Plot 8 focuses on the Rogues in a prison camp. It also involves many co-written stories.

The rest of 2003

RS keeps going along at a steady pace, but nothing earth-shattering comes to mind. There were few changes in the structure of the club and few conflicts.


1:49 am PST, February 2, 2004

Plot 9
Plot 9 begins in a unique position of peace in the galaxy as the New Republic and Empire share a truce. But the peace is tentative and destined not to last. However, Plot 9 focuses less on the galactic situation and more on the lives of the Rogues.

4:19 am PST, August 10, 2004

Plot 10
After focusing on their own storyline for the past 2 ½ years, the Wraiths return to the RS Plot for Plot 10. This combination of writers young and old, Rogue and Wraith, takes the Plot to a level unseen since the early RS Plots.

The rest of 2004

One big, happy family
The final return of all RS members to one board and one plot is an incredible boon for the club as a whole. Although never seeing the activity levels of 2000, RS has now gained a steady and dependable level of activity with few problems, complaints, or need for change. Thoughts of RS slipping quietly off into the night have been banished. It’s an easy board to participate in, and its members have been around so long as to become close friends.

4:35 pm PST, December 2, 2004

Plot 11
The Wraiths take a more active role in the Plot, making Plot 11 and those that follow much more of a joint Rogue/Wraith venture.


5:08 am PST, March 28, 2005

Plot 12
Plot 12 continues the Plot in Rogue/Wraith greatness, finishing up a multi-plot storyline.

April 24, 2005 - Los Angeles, California

Myn was here!
Myn briefly visits the generals at the RS HQ in Los Angeles. Details of the meet here.

May 2, 2005 - Los Angeles, California

Corran's art show
Ran finally meets Corran and Janson at Corran's senior art show. Details of the meet here.

June 18, 2005

Nawara Ven gets hitched!

12:46 pm MDT, June 29, 2005 – Nampa, Idaho

LA in the rear view mirror
RS headquarters officially relocates with Corran and Janson from Los Angeles to Nampa, Idaho.

July 1, 2005 - Irvine, California

CA RS Meet
California RS meet at Ran's apartment. Details of the meet here.

5:13 pm PST, July 10, 2005

Plot 13
Plot 13 takes a successful experimental direction. Zak Allistre and Octavia “Red” Terah join our ranks and the plot. They’re a needed addition, as we were not accustomed to fresh blood (that actually stuck around) since early 2003.

September 4, 2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Ailie meets Tyria
Ailie travels to Las Vegas to meet Tyria. Details of meet here.

12:30 pm MST, November 22, 2005

Plot 14
Plot 14 is created as an extra plot to run concurrently with Plot 15. However, Plot 15 doesn’t fully pick-up until Plot 14 is brought to a close. During this time, High Flight Squadron is added to the Plot.

3:18 pm MST, December 06, 2008

RS gets shrinked
Red, our resident psychologist, begins the famed psychological profiles of each of the RS characters.


8:55 am MDT, May 5, 2006

Looking waaaay ahead
Deven begins The Darkest Days, his longest side plot involving the far future of the RS Plot.

2:22 am MDT, April 8, 2006

Plot 15
Plot 15 begins, becoming the longest plot to date.

3:00pm, GMT July 8th 2006

Wedding bells
Face gets hitched! Mish, Shadow, Gav, and Myn are in attendance. Details of the meet here.

Between 1:30 and 2:30 am, CMT, July 16, 2006

A fallen friend
Taz Venaras, aka Taz Krayli, dies from complications of tuberculosis in a hospital in the Czech Republic. At the time of his passing, he is surrounded by friends and family and has enough time to say goodbye.


12:49 p.m. MST, April 30, 2007

Who invited YOU?!?!
Corran begins the task of tracking down where all of the RS members came from. He eventually narrows it down to just 8 original RS members responsible for our entire membership.

July 13 to 17, 2007 – Lake Chabot Regional Park, California

Although RS members have been meeting in groups of two, threes, fours, and even fives since the dawn of time, seven members get together for the Great RS Meet 2007.

July 18, 2007 - Anaheim, California

Face meets Zak
Face and Lord Lawrie meet Zak at Disneyland. Details of meet here.

9:29 am MDT, October 6, 2007

Our most gratifying ego-boosting affair yet!
Not long after Voort “Piggy” saBinring joins and Dru Kargin rejoins RS, Dru launches plotpedia as a means to catalog the RS Plot in order for new pilots to catch up with it and existing writers to reference past stories. Plotpedia quickly explodes into a wiki for anything and everything related to RS.

The rest of 2007

Get out of my head!
2007 proves to be a year of communication as RS members use cell phones, multiple chat programs, voice chats, video chats, ongoing group chats, e-mails, private messages, Facebook, Picasa, and in-person meets to further form friendships and invade every aspect of each other’s lives.

December 25, 2008

Merry/Happy Christmas!
Santa Horn gives away a stash of his duplicate or unwanted SW novels.

December 29, 2007

Proof that Red exists!
Mish makes it across the pond to New York, where she proves to us that Red exists by capturing the first ever photos of the red head taken by an RS member. And then they eat monstrous chocolate cake. Details of meet here.


2008 rocks the veritable casbah of awesomnity.

January 8, 2008

Day of Star Warsy Goodness!
Face and his brother visit a Star Wars exhibition in the UK, with photographic evidence on Picasa.

February 28, 2008

Much to Dru's joy, Janson finally upgrades the RS board to PHPBB3.

February 29, 2008

Theran Rel joins RS
Recruited by Rillao, Theran Rel joins our ranks.

Early March, 2008

RogueWraith.com and RSPlot.com
RS chooses two official domains, RogueWraith.com and RSPlot.com, that link to the board.

12:00 p.m. PST, May 3, 2008

Come to Leland's recital...he has cookies!
Halley performs a Star Wars-theme recital in the University of the Pacific President's Room far, far away.

June 1, 2008

Meet Troy Denning
Halley attends a book signing by SW author Troy Denning and is able to engage in a considerable conversation! And he recruits a new RS member (Magenta Marr) in line. Double points!

June 8, 2008

Magenta Marr joins RS
Recruited by Halley at a book signing, Magenta Marr joins our ranks.

4:10 pm, July 18, 2008

Plot 16 begins
Plot 16 begins as an experimental plot involving only the characters of active writers and a set time length.

August 22, 2008

Azazel joins RS
Long-ago RS member and self-proclaimed young'un Saith Rayse returns five years later as Azazel.

October 26, 2008 - Upstate New York

My new toy
Piggy takes his new R2 unit to a local comic book show and makes the evening news.

December 17, 2008

10th anniversary of RS!!! In commemoration, Corran creates a panorama of 37 active RS members (all the ones he could scrounge photos of) and Face gets a reply from Karen Traviss (Republic Commando series author) congratulating RS on its success.


March 31, 2009 - Camarillo, California

Look! A baby!
Dru now has two small children. The newest addition is Benjamin Michael, born this morning at 7:05 PDT. For the interested, he weighed 9 lbs 9 oz, and is 22 inches long.

April 30, 2009 - London, England

At last we can reveal ourselves... Now with new pics!
Face announces his wife's pregnancy with their first Wraith baby.

April 30, 2009 - Portland, Oregon

The proposal
Gav proposes to Shadow and happily relinquishes his membership in the ranks of the Noble Bachelorhood.

August 24, 2009

New domain name
The RS board officially gets two new domain names, rsplot.com and roguewraith.com.

September 5, 2009 - Anaheim, California

RS in Disneyland
Star Wars meet at Disneyland, with the arrival of Face in America! Details of the meet here.

September 7, 2009 - Portland, Oregon

AmeriTrip II
Face arrives in Portland for the second have of the RS meet. Details of the meet here.

October 4, 2009 - Forest Grove, Oregon

RS Wedding
As witnessed online and offline by RS members, Shadow and Gav wed--the first two RS members to get married after meeting in RS. Full photographic evidence here. Details of the meet here.

November 13th, 2009 - Reading, United Kingdom

The newest Wraith, Kaden John Forbes Fraser is born to Face and Cathy. He was born at 2250hrs GMT. He weighed a healthy 8 lbs 15 oz! His first picture was with Kettch, the cuddly Ewok that Face had rescued from Endor during AmeriTrip II!