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The Krayli's Valour is a Valour-class capital ship developed by the New Republic. While the original design was slated to be scrapped, Task Force Renegade saw the class' potential.


Captain - Captain Katerina Allistre
Chief Engineer - Lt Commander Wes Janson
Chief Weapons Officer - Lt Commander Rooloomboor
Chief Navigator - Lieutenant Haa'diin
Chief Communications Officer - Ensign Danni Bullers
Sensor Operator - Lieutenant Ulaha Denn

Development and Construction

Originally, the New Republic designed the Valour-class ship to be the next generation of light cruisers. With a cloaking device, and a prototype 'Magnetic Accelerator Cannon' (MAC), it was designed for long-term, solo missions and campaigns, being practically self sufficient. The cloaking device meant that it could be stealthed, and the MAC allowed it to take on much larger craft.

Unfortunately, the prototype, Valour, was seen as not very successful in its initial shake-down cruise. The cloaking device was too expensive for mass production, and the MAC was too powerful for the small craft. To accommodate the MAC, an entire redesign of the interior would need to be accomplished, taking over 6 months to completely gut the brand new ship. By this point, it had already been decided to drop the MAC and cloaking device from the rest of the Valour-class, speeding up production time and making them cheaper. The original Valour was scheduled for decommissioning, as the upgrade/overhaul was not cost effective. The ship herself was to be cannibalised for parts to fund the production line.

However, Commander Dru Kargin of Rogue Squadron had found out about the craft (through methods still undisclosed) and convinced General Antilles that with a little modification, the Valour would not only serve the Rogues admirably, but that the MAC could be made to work, to a certain degree. General Antilles pulled some strings, Face Loran and the Wraiths pulled a few scams, and the Valour (re-named to Krayli's Valour, after fallen Rogue Taz Krayli) was given to Rogue Squadron for its replacement base, after their previous ship, the Rogue's Arrow, was destroyed in the Battle of Bormari.

Although still teeming with teething problems, the Valour was the perfect new home for the elite group of squadrons, even refitted to provide a docking cradle for Wraith Squadron's Sacul. Though Dru continually insists the ship is not ready, Fleet Command has deemed her fully operational, and the Valour is flagship for Task Force Renegade's continued efforts in striking out against the enemies of the New Republic. However, as Valour finished her second shake-down cruise, this time after under the command of Wedge Antilles, the craft entered Coruscant's orbit just in time to see the newly resurrected Imperial fleet lay waste to the New Republic's First Fleet (ref).

After the Omega Red signal was initiated, the Valour, it's MAC fully ready after a test hyperspace charging fired it's main weapon, destroying an Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II, before escaping into hyperspace.


By standard classifications, Krayli's Valour is a light cruiser at 700m in length. If a convention to distinguish a "destroyer" class is used, she may actually be either a heavy cruiser (in a class with the infamous Dreadnought-class ships) or a light destroyer (surpassing the Venator-class Star Destroyer). Officially, the Valour is probably registered as a light cruiser, on the slim end of a class including Imperial II-class Star Destroyers and other ships-of-the-line. Another "destroyer" convention would make the destroyer class a subset of cruiser on the lighter end, in which case the Valour is in fact both a light cruiser and a light destroyer.


Krayli's Valour is outfitted as an exceptionally versatile craft, with strong point-defence emplacements and a powerful shield system. The point defence system coupled with the missile batteries makes the Valour a natural predator versus frigates and corvettes, and substantially hardens its defences versus starfighter attack. Her shields, nearly twice as hardy as those of other ships her size, serve to reduce the threat from larger attackers in the cruiser, destroyer, or star dreadnought classes. This survivability and precision gunnery, however, comes at the cost of heavy weaponry, leaving the Valour a weak contender in an assault against larger craft. To make up for this, the addition of Magnectic Accelerator Cannon enables the Valour to dispatch a single target on a plane with an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer in a single shot.

Vital Systems

Power Systems

The Valour draws power from three banks of hypermatter reactors. Her two primary reactors each sport an output of nearly 5.5 exawatts. Combined with two secondary and three tertiary reactors, at full combat burn the Valour can produce in excess of 16 exawatts.

Propulsion Systems

The Valour features custom-built ion thrusters capable of producing accelerations up to 65 MGLT.

Defensive Systems

The Valour's original designers operated on the theory that a one-ship fleet of this small class would require both stealth and resilience. In pride of place among the Valour's defensive systems is her cloaking device, capable of producing a full, double-blind cloak -- though at the expense of most of her other primary systems, including her main engine. Additionally, she sports 64 primary shield generators (incorporated into the point defence systems) and 4 backup shield generators, giving her hardiness nearly on par with a Star Destroyer -- very considerable, for a ship of her size.

Weapon Systems

You don't bring a middleweight to box the heavyweight champ.

During development, the Valour class designers were continually frustrated by the ship's power limitations preventing them from bringing enough firepower to bear to contend with heavier ships like the Imperial II-class Star Destroyers. Eventually, they abandoned that track altogether, answering large ships with an ultra-high yield front load capacity in the form of the MAC -- a weapon that, when charged, could rend a single ISD II in a single shot -- and focused their emplacements on combating smaller ships and eliminating enemy starfighters as a credible threat.

The Valour class features no oct-heavy or quad-heavy Turbolasers, but instead focuses its power on lighter, faster weapons including 64 Point Defence "blisters" scattered around the hull. Each blister features three heavy quad lasers for precision firepower versus starfighters and light frigates, 1 concussion missile launcher, as well as four autoblasters for missile defence. Each blister houses a powerful shield generator and matching projector, allowing maximum coverage of the ship, with multiple redundacies. Her sixteen heavy and four of the eight double-heavy turbolasers are mounted in a ring around the outside of the ship, allowing maximum firepower to be unloaded in both the fore, and aft firearcs.

  • 4 x Double Heavy Turbolasers (front wings)
  • 4 x Double Heavy Turbolasers (ring)
  • 16 x Heavy Turbolasers (ring)
  • 4 x Heavy Ion Turrets (hanger wings)
  • 64 x Point Defence Systems (3 x Heavy Quad Lasers, 1 x Concussion Missile Launchers, 4 x Autoblasters)
  • 1 x Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
  • 1 x 15 ProtonTorp Gatling Launcher (fixed forward firing)
  • 1 x 5 ProtonTorp Gatling Launcher (fixed rear firing)
  • 1 x Gravity Well Projector


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For a ship of her class, the Valour's crew requirements are fairly lean, at only 650 dedicated crew for full running. Additionally, she requires nearly 448 gunners, and plays host to an entire army battalion along with the Firestorm Special Forces squadron. Two of her hangars are dedicated to Rogue and High Flight Squadrons, while Wraith Squadron's Sacul berths in another, custom made hangar in the nose of the ship.