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Welcome to Rogue Squadron's Plotpedia!

This wiki is a work in progress, intended to help members of Rogue Squadron keep track of everything happening within their plot stories. At present, contributions should begin with the most recent and work backwards, as more recent plots tend to be more relevant to the writing of new ones. Be sure to check up on your wikiquette before editing!

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RS Plot Information

The Rogue Squadron plot centers around the members of several military units of the New Rebellion and their constant fight against the many and varied individuals and organizations that threaten peace in the galaxy.

Task Force Renegade

Task Force Renegade is the name given to the collection of squadrons and vessels under the direct command of Wedge Antilles, originally designed as a Task Group in the New Republic Navy, it is now the sole known military might against the Empire.

Starfighter Squadrons

Rogue Squadron
High Flight Squadron

Special Operations Unit

Wraith Squadron

Special Forces Unit


Naval Starships

Krayli's Valour

New Rebellion Army Units

Razorcat Battallion

Other Information

Old Ships

Rogue's Arrow

Other Organizations

New Republic Intelligence
The League of Extraordinary Artificial Intelligences
Black Force Squadron

Ex Pilots

Ex Rogues
Ex Wraiths
Ex High Flights
KIA/MIA Pilots

Miscellaneous Info

Ranks of the New Rebellion

Enemies Forces

Shira Brie
The Noz
Imperial Remnant
Councillor Brom
Grand Admiral Grant
Black Epsilon

The RS Plot

The main RS plot has been a labour of love, and has been going since December 1999, when Ran Kether sent those immortal words "Rogue Squadron Plot, JOIn IN EVERYONE!". Writing styles have changed and matured as writers have come and gone, but the Plot has (quite probably) been the reason why RS has stayed for so long. Split into self-contained story arcs (each with a chronological number), the RS plot has spanned 8 years of RS plot continuity!

Star Wars canon is very loosely subscribed to (when it is appropriate). Also, it is likely that there are several continuity errors in the RS Plot as an entity, but these either get retconned or simply ignored.

Plot 1
Plot 2
Plot 3
Plot 4
Plot 5

Plot 6
Plot 7
Plot 8
Plot 9
Plot 10

Plot 11
Plot 12
Plot 13
Plot 14
Plot 15

Plot 16
Plot 17
Plot 18

RS Side Plots

Occasionally, plot writers go off on their own tangents, either filling in back stories of their characters, or providing additional plots when their character has split off from the main group of writers, yet there is still a story to tell. These plots are all considered canon to the RS plot, and can (and do) get referenced in the main plot.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Of Life and Hyperspace
Piggy: The Lost Episodes
The Trial of Colonel Zakrus Allistre

Editing Note: For purposes of the wiki, please separate "real life" articles from "in character" articles by appending the suffix " (Earth)" to all "real life" articles. Thus, an article about the Rogue Squadron writing club would be Rogue Squadron (Earth), while an article about Rogue Squadron, the elite fighting unit, would be Rogue Squadron. This is an example of Wikiquette.