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The New Republic Intelligence Service (NRIS or NRI) was a New Republic intelligence agency, responsible for obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, organizations and individuals, and reporting such information to the various branches of the New Republic Government. NRI appeared to have been a military or paramilitary organization, providing its officers with military ranks and operating units such as Black Force Squadron.

Alpha Blue

A sub division of NRI is Alpha Blue. After witnessing how the New Republic's growing bureaucracy could prevent necessary actions during times of extreme crisis, Chief of State Mon Mothma created Alpha Blue to perform secret intelligence and special operations missions while avoiding the slow moving committees and ministries of government. She placed fellow Chandrilan Admiral Hiram Drayson at the head of the organization and handed over wide operational control to the director. Few outside the highest echelons of the New Republic knew of Alpha Blue's existence, and even fewer knew the specifics of its work. The agency kept track of various potential threats and power-wielders, looking beyond the work of New Republic Intelligence to defuse threats before they developed. Wraith Squadron, commanded by Colonel Garik "Face" Loran was transferred into this branch just before they rejoined Rogue Squadron


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