Of Life and Hyperspace

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Of Life and Hyperspace is the origin story of Azazel, the drunken Zabrack found partway through the beginning of the crisis at Keshoc station. It details his early life, fresh out of the Academy, and the events that drive him around the galaxy.


The story begins with an anguished Azazel, setting off from his homeworld of Iridonia, steadfastly convinced that he's wasting his potential, and not caring. His first, and only emotionally committed girlfriend has been separated from him by her controlling guardian, Jon Ignavus. Filled with anger and despair, Az has taken a job with the SorruSub shipping corporation, piloting the Catharsis, an aged Lambda-Class shuttle with a convoluted history, and transporting relatively harmless cargo across the galaxy.

For his first trip, Az is sent to a system whose sun is the same star he and his ex-girlfriend had deemed their star. Giving way to more despair than anger, he drinks himself into a stupor, and doesn't awaken until the hyperdrive cuts out. Forced to repair one of the many mysteries of the shuttle, Az uncovers a program that he can't overwrite, one that causes the shuttle to attempt to use the hyperdrive along one of four different paths, randomly selecting one, and shutting itself down after a sufficient number of trips have elapsed. Anger gets the better of him, but Az eventually fixes that hyperdrive and manages to make it to his destination.

He arrives to find that his contact, Morgan, is fighting off a number of Tuscans, and aids in the fight by landing his ship atop several of the intruders. When Morgan informs Az that he can only afford to give him ten additional credits for the (unsolicited) service, Azazel becomes angry, but shakes it off and follows Morgan back to his farm house, where he discusses the details of his life as best he can, revealing the whole of what led him to the Catharsis.

Morgan listens, and councils Az against any brash actions, but Az isn't listening. He levels a blaster at the farmer, takes his credits, and heads off to Pereginus Station, where he