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11 years after ROTJ
RS and WS are working together closely now. On a data retrieval mission to the planet of Yintoa (a planet the NR promised to liberate but had since refused due to political negotiations). During their mission, a huge uprising against the planet’s Imperial government occurs, and RS/WS steps in to rescue the Yintoan rebels from being crushed by the Imperial forces under the rule of Moff Arden.

For their decision to get involved, which ran contrary to the wishes of the politicians, the leadership of RS and WS have been placed on probation pending possible future penalties. Wedge considers an offer by famed General Rieekan to join a campaign that will move in and out of Imperial territory and expose the Empire for what it is. At this point, many NR leaders are falling for the peaceful, negotiatory guise that many of the Imperial factions are putting up.

A few battles ensue, and then quite unexpectedly, RS\WS is falsely accused by New Republic Councilor Brom who claims that they are traitors to the NR and have committed a number of atrocities (including planting fake evidence against Moff Arden in order to justify exterminating his rule on Yintoa). Brom himself is secretly allied with Moff Arden, and brings up his own false evidence against them. He attempts an arrest, but RS\WS slips out of his grasp. Brom is very powerful, though, and RS/WS is soon labeled an enemy of the New Republic.

Fearing that they will not be given a fair trial, RS/WS is now on the run in the Outer Rim territories of Imperial space. Their aim is two-fold. One, to clear their names so that they can rejoin the New Republic they are still loyal to. Two, to expose the many evils the Empire is still engaged in.

RS/WS battle their way through Imperial space. Insanity, bickering, and love ensues around RS/WS. Wedge and Tyria are wed.