Plot 11

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Approximately 11.2 years after ROTJ
Mighty forces are battling to decide the fate of the galaxy.

The New Republic, though still unified, is experiencing increasing pressures as those who remember the days of the Rebel Alliance see the need to destroy the Empire while newer ruling members think that the best way to stop the fighting is to create treaties with the Empire.

The Empire, while controlled by a number of disunited politicians and warlords, is still a powerful force to be reckoned. While some in the Empire wish to sign treaties with the NR and live peaceably alongside them, the core groups of Imperials long for the day when the Empire will crush the New Republic and regain their rule of the galaxy. Their methods involve weakening the NR bit by bit by sewing seeds of contention and forming private alliances with certain NR leaders.

The Progressive League is a group of very powerful and highly influential individuals with their hands at work in all the major forces of the galaxy. They wish to draw the New Republic and Empire together into a single nation—one that will ultimately resemble the Empire much more than the NR.

The Noz are continuing to secretly assist both the Empire and the New Republic, depending on which side currently has the upper hand. Their goal is to keep the war between the Empire and NR raging on for so long that both nations end up killing each other off, at which time the Noz will step into command, creating a galactic “utopia” of technologically-enhanced beings. The links between the NR and Empire that are drawing the two nations together are the worst enemies to the Noz’s cause. Thus, the Noz (under the guise of the NRD, which assisted RS in Plot 6) are secretly assisting RS/WS in their mission to expose the evils in the Empire that still exist (though the Empire denies them) and encourage the NR to keep fighting them.

The Datul family is a crime family that has already had at least one unfavorable encounter with RS/WS, and are now being paid off (along with the competing Cartojé family) by NR Councilor Brom (under the direction of the Progressive League) to destroy RS/WS.

And, finally, the small but mighty Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron are exiting the Outer Rim territories and are edging into the Imperial Core. Their ensuing battles are difficult, and losses are heavy, but they are able to obtain an Imperial corvette by the name of Night Caller that will allow them to hit Imperial hotspots. The strain of being hemmed in by so many foe with so few allies to rely on is taking its toll.

To make matters worse, a new type of enemy has also arisen, a highly maneuverable swarm of Imperial land droids named “crawlers” and their flying cousins “bats” is forcing the Rogues and Wraiths to develop new fighting tactics.

The pursuers on Rogue Arrow’s tail are getting very hot. At one point, a New Republic vessel boards the RA and sends in attackers. RS/WS is forced to dispatch of some of the attackers, and realize that their chances of rejoining the NR once their names are cleared has been damaged.

After some more action, and many more things that it’d take faaaaaar too long to describe (since Plot 11 is probably the longest and most action-packed Plot to date), RS/WS decides that it’s time to drop out of the scene for a short bit and take a much needed…VACATION!!!

Finally, after much frolicking in the sun and playing on the ski slopes (whilst Face is away with the newly rediscovered Shira who has fallen back to her Dark Jedi ways), things get a bit too hot on Ry-Son V, and RS/WS decides to hold off the rest of their vacation for another time and get back to the mission at hand.