Plot 12

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Approximately 11.4 years after ROTJ
Deep in the stillness of space at the opening of this Plot, three RS pilots stumble upon the ghost ship of Tantive IV and receive a distress call from the planet of Ckollubar. Ckollubar is a slave mining camp run the Imperials and the Datul family, and is also engaged in horrendous experiments on non-humans. RS/WS, still on the run, realize that all they can do to help for now is disrupt operations and use holocamms to capture the atrocity there. RS/WS has also been joined by the Firestorms, an elite commando group led by an old friend of Face’s, Will “Locker” Bevan.

A Noz starship boards the Rogue’s Arrow and “somewhat blackmails” RS into accepting help from the Noz in fighting the Imperials as RS/WS continues to drive towards the Empire’s core.

Meanwhile, much to Halley’s distress, his family and girlfriend Tela are captured by the New Republic and threatened in order to get information on RS/WS’s whereabouts.

Also to be noted during this time, Janson saves the universe, but nobody seems to notice.

Face returns to parting ways with Shira. Tyria takes a meditative retreat to the planet of Ondumar, and is captured by several Datul henchmen. For ransom, the Datuls demand a trade. Their daughter Ailie for Tyria. Not liking the terms of that bargain, RS/WS/Firestorm stages a massive assault on the Datul’s homeplanet.

It gets a bit complex at this point, but basically, RS/WS/Firestorm, working in smaller strike forces, come sneaking in like Jawas and screaming in like mynocks, saving Tyria, sparing Ailie, mashing up the Datuls (with a little help from the Noz, who then try to betray them), gathering information that will help vindicate RS/WS in the New Republic’s eyes, and using the Datul’s huge holonet array to broadcast the video of the Ckollubar atrocities to the rest of the universe in order to promote RS/WS’s campaign to wipe the Imperials out once and for all instead of dancing around them with politics. All of this in of the biggest battle sequences ever to appear in the RS Plot.

All is not well, though. Bowman's Force power, tainted by the events surrounding the Ckollubar incident, explodes. In the effort to protect Shadow, Gavin violently slays one of the Datul brothers with Tyria's lightsaber. Put under house arrest on his ship, Bowman leaves the Rogue’s Arrow and meets up with Shira.

Shadow leaves the Rogue’s Arrow to salvage what’s left of the Sacul, which along with the Night Caller, was destroyed in the Datul battle. However, her primary mission is to seek out Bowman and bring him back to the light.

Their several-month-long operation in exile accomplished and supplies running low, the Rogues and Wraiths begin the journey back to New Republic space and Coruscant.