Plot 13

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11.5 years after ROTJ


Coruscant. The Rogues and Wraiths stand before the treacherous Councilor Brom to give report of their actions in Imperial space while in exile. RS/WS was not able to gather enough information to entirely clear their names or expose Brom, but they are at least able to gain vindication and rejoin the New Republic military. However, RS/WS does have some dirt on Brom, and they use that and a threat of resignation to get a three week paid vacation, gain repairs and supplies for the Rogue’s Arrow and Sacul, full pardon of all crimes committed against the New Republic while in exile, full backpay, compensation for lives lost, and the 7.3 billion credits gathered from the Datuls by the Wraiths given to the War Orphan Fund. Defeated this round, Brom gives in.

RS is now stationed in the luxurious Apex Base on Coruscant, where they were once stationed for a couple weeks in Plot 2. Rogue and Wraith popularity grows as they gain support from the citizens of the New Republic for their operation while in exile. Halley’s family and girlfriend Tela are released from New Republic custody. Face gets beat up. Shadow rescues Bowman from the darkside, and together they return to salvage the Sacul.

Face and Wedge begin to make plans for the RS/WS camping trip vacation.