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Mish (Earth) explains: This is the first plot of Plot 14 in that Plot 15 will be written plot!chronologically AFTER plot 14 but in actuality chronologically during, in order to let insanity reign once more upon the RS and WS. As Face (Earth) said: “Basically, it's a series of short stories that don't have any REAL bearing on the direction of the plot, and so can be written as and when people feel like it”.

‘’Approximately 11.6 years after ROTJ’’


  • The plot begins with the Wraiths on a mission to break up a slavers ring on Coruscant, where both squadrons are currently stationed after escaping from Sekar IV in Plot 13. In classic fashion, the mission ends with a bar fight.
  • Luke visits Gavin discussion Gav’s temptations from the Dark Side. The Dark Side is tempting Gavin to use it in order to save Shadow from an unknown death at an undetermined future time. Luke offers to train Gavin to be a Jedi, and Gav says he’ll think about it.
  • Face finds Red tinkering with the Sacul and discovers her love for mechanics. He requests to transfer her from Rogue Squadron to Wraith in order to make her Head Engineer of the Sacul.
  • Shadow and Gavin talk about their relationship and establish that they’re both serious about it. Gavin mentions possible training to be a Jedi, and Shadow brings up the possible conflict of being both a Wraith and a Light Jedi.
  • Zak reminisces on his time in the Empire. Wedge establishes with Zak that Zak’s piloting abilities are well up to part with Rogue Squadron.
  • The LOEAI complains about being poorly treated by their human “masters” after saving the Rogues and Wraiths on Sekar IV. Wedge awards them with crewmen status aboard the Sacul and Rogue's Arrow.
  • Corran, Halley, Myn, and Janson meet secretly with a Coruscant militia group called the Brotherhood for aid in taking down the traitorous New Republic Councillor Brom. Brom’s agents show up, and a vicious kitchen food and utensil fight ensues until the Rogues and Wraith escape in a fireball. They also learn never to take Janson to a restaurant again.
  • Wraiths hang out in another bar. Kai proves that she can pick up any guy she wants. Red recognizes Kai’s newest guy as Quint, Red’s brother. Red introduces him to the Wraiths and they swap stories.
  • Zak has a flashback from his days in the Empire. He engages in a Rebellion-era battle on Coruscant against Rebel forces. In that battle, he wins a Medal of Valor but loses an arm and an eye. He gets transferred to the 181st. Back in the present, Zak tosses the medal out an airlock, cutting yet another tie to his past, and joining more fully with the New Republic.
  • Red engages in a hand-to-hand combat training program. She feels her fighting skills aren’t up to par with her squadron and vents her frustration to Void. Void offers help, initiating a friendship between the two.
  • Again in a bar, Rogues this time. Zak has a conversation with Halley. He’s concerned with the way Halley “lost it” back on Sekar IV. Halley tells Zak about how he lost Galaxian Squadron and dreads that someday the same will happen with Rogue Squadron. Zak helps bolster Halley’s confidence in the Rogues and himself. He also gets more deeply into the philosophy of the war.
  • The Rogues and Wraiths are still stationed on Corsucant, waiting for their next mission. This gives them time to go after Brom. Corran, Halley, Myn, and Janson discover that the Brom’s Suit agents came from Janson’s homeworld of Tanaab. They decide to visit the planet and first acquire a Corellian YT-2000 freighter Nameless from an old geezer. They inspect the roomy but comfortable interior of the ship in detail, then give it a test fly through the streets of Coruscant with a combat simulator.
  • Incredibly humorous story of Rogues poking around a “Circus of Oddities” on Coruscant. Afterwards, they save a Bith family from a group of thugs in an extended fighting sequence to the entertainment of the onlookers.
  • Two-story flashback of Shira in a previous meeting with Zak. She assess him on his first day with the 181st.


  • Gavin drops his ship, the Blade, off for repairs and takes a turbolift to the lower levels of Coruscant to consider Luke's proposal of Jedi training. He runs into a pipsqueak senator's son who threatens a young woman. Gavin steps in, and when things get too heated, brings his lightsaber into the fray and fights off the pipsqueak and his two bodyguards.
  • Halley waits in a cafe for Myn, Corran, and Janson, who are finishing up work on the newly-purchased YT-2000 freighter Nameless. He gets involved in a fight a few people are having over an arcade machine. He meets the instigator of the fight, Drake Norlem, a pilot in High Flight Squadron, a squadron that will be based on the Rogue's Arrow to aid the Rogues. Halley reprimands Drake for starting the trivial fight.
  • For his next training course, Zak has his students fly against his reluctant volunteers of Myn and Halley in TIE Interceptors. Using simulated lasers but flying actual craft, the three Rogues take out the students in very little time, although Zak shows a delight in playing with his prey.
  • Corran, Janson, Halley, and Myn are so bored on their flight aboard the Nameless to Tanaab that they go completely insane. Corran suggests that they stop at waystation, Starflyer’s Rendezvous, on the way to allow at couple of the pilots to run around and get their energy out.
  • They land on the waystation and get a frosty welcome. Corran notes the station's level of disrepair and sits down at a bar, where he runs into a garishly-clothed man who claims he's Face Loran, actor extraordinaíre. This being a bar, Corran and Face have a brief fight, with the ersatz Face finding himself on the ground. Corran then overhears a couple merchants complaining about the lack of security in this sector and how the New Republic is doing nothing to help. They long for the days of the Empire. Corran asks Janson why he's never talked about his homeworld of Tanaab, but the pudgy general avoids the question. Halley slips into the refresher and is attacked by a female Marauder. Determined not be beaten by a girl, he fights her and her companion off before returning to the restaurant, which is now a sea of chaos.
  • Red finds a nice, quiet corner of Apex Base to relax and read in. Unfortunately, every other Wraith seems to know about it, and soon Red's hidey hole is crowded and sweltering. She collapses into some sort of fit.
  • Deep in the undercity of Coruscant, Zak engages in a dangerous speeder race. To his surprise, some of the Wraiths have shown up, and he's forced to compete against Face in a high-speed contest. They have a photo finish with Face the victor.
  • Face expresses how impressed he is with Zak's flying abilities. Kai distracts a couple ruffians in normal Kai fashion, and Void makes off with their wallets.
  • Zak has a flashback to his early days in the Empire. He's leading a ground force, but is outnumbered and defeated by Rebels. Darth Vader personally reprimands him with a neck squeeze, and a young Shira Brie scolds Zak for getting in Vader's "naughty" list.
  • Rillao, Red, Kai, and the Sacul enjoy a fun, crazed Girl's Night with lots of snacks and a cheesy action flick.
  • Red and the Sacul have a heart-to-heart chat while Red makes repairs. The Sacul wonders about Red's past and why she shifted from being a mechanic to being a pilot. Red admits to playing the role of the stupid little sister and not revealing her true thoughts and feelings to her fellow Wraiths.
  • While Halley's in the refresher at Starflyer’s Rendezvous, Marauders take over the ship and demand valuables. Dismissing Janson's reluctance to get involved, Corran, Halley, Myn, and Janson attack the Marauders (initiated with Janson's flashbang sneakers). The battle continues throughout the room, with the Rogues and Wraith pulling off skilled and creative maneuvers to overpower their foes.
  • More battle. More crazed action and humor.
  • The fighting continues throughout the station, involving a humororous battle among cubicles and a nasty bout with a hungry paper shredder. Janson also employs a series of computer commands he's been figure out for years, which will cause any normal computer terminal to physically blow up. With the help of their droids, the pilots escape through an exterior viewport and into the Nameless.
  • Myn, Halley, Janson, and Corran battle enemy ships while aboard the Nameless. The ship is battered to the breaking point, and the pilots are forced to leap into escape pods.
  • While stuck in an escape pod together, Myn and Halley argue over the most inane and trivial questions in the universe as Janson finally talks to Corran about the history of his planet and his life on it. He talks about the two groups on Tanaab, the Tanaabians and the Bargaroths, who had grown to dislike each other. During a sporting event, battle broke out over a controversial call, and Janson and his father barely escaped with their lives. The planetary security force bombed the stadium to stop the riot, but instead launched the planet into all-out civil war. Janson's father had to use his house's defense system to kill an attacking mob, making his family hated by the Tanaabians to this day. The Empire arrived at Tanaab and brutally ended the war, establishing a forced peace. But the Galactic War pulled them away. Rebels later arrived, but were attacked and driven off. Since then, Tanaab has decayed alone. Wes expresses a desire to bring hope to his people, and Corran vows to help him.
  • The three Rogues and Wraith arrive on Tanaab and observe its decayed state. They witness a group of Deathsayers who "like to go around screaming about how miserable they are and trying to make everyone else feel the same way." Janson urges his comrades not to get involved, even though the Deathsayers are torturing each other. Janson reveals that his first and only girlfriend became a Deathsayer and died during one of the ceremonies. The pilots finally exit the city and enter the farmlands, arriving at Janson's childhood home, which looks like a haunted house.
  • They meet Janson's very short and harried inventor father and his superstitious and paranoid mother but fail to meet Janson's Deathsayer younger brother. Janson leads them through the bizarre corridors of the house and into his incredibly unique (and fitting) bedroom.
  • They pilots travel back through the farmland to the city. On the way, Janson talks about the planet's chief crop, petiweed, which expels a harmful gas that increases paranoia and aggression when harvested, but after processing, becomes a harmless fiber used to make clothing on Tanaab. The pilots arrive at the suit warehouse where the Suits that attacked them on Coruscant had obtained their attire.
  • While breaking into the warehouse and adjoining petiweed processing plant, Janson is accidently exposed to the unprocessed gas. He goes insane, claims that his comrades are conspiring against him, and runs off through the plant. Corran is captured by Suits, and Myn and Halley split up to save the generals.
  • Corran's captors put him in a shredder room to make him talk, but the general escapes by conquering his fear of getting pureed. Myn performs some cinematic-style acrobatics, then is held at gunpoint by the crazed Janson. Myn fashions an elaborate story in order to convince the general not to shoot him, but fails and manages to stunblast Janson. Halley rescues Corran.
  • As the pilots escape through a backlot, Corran connects the effects of the petiweed to the effects of the fear-inducing pheromones the Rogues and Wraiths suffered from on Sekar IV (Plot 13). He wonders if the petiweed processing really makes the weed harmless, and ponders if the clothing made out of it that everyone is wearing is what lead to the heightened paranoia and aggression that spurred the civil war between the Tanaabians and Bargaroths.
  • The Rogues are pursued by the planetary security force, and through brilliant and insane maneuvers, escape into an art museum.
  • The art museum proves to be the most bizarre in the universe.
  • The Rogues are pursued by Suits through bewildering and often dangerous exhibits and puzzles in the museum that seem to mimic the dark aura surrounding Tanaab.
  • Corran finds himself in an enormous exhibit that's made up of trillions of tiny, flexible metal rods that can create any conceivable shape. Layered with holographic projections, the metal rods create a constantly-shifting and wondrous world. Corran launches himself into the air via a hang glider, but finds himself in a storm above city of sky scrappers and pursued by Suits as the city is slowly consumed by lava. He meets up with the other pilots, who battle the Suits until the fabricated world is completely destroyed. Having dispatched the suits, the Rogues and Wraith escape via a tour T-16 Skyhopper. After a high-speed chase through the streets while being pursued by Headhunters, the pilots escape on the Nameless and flee the planet.
  • Halley, Corran, Janson, and Myn meet at a restaurant again with representatives from the Brotherhood. Corran reveals Brom's usage of Tanaab as a processing plant for his paranoia-inducing petiweed gas and pheromones. The fact that its byproduct kept the planet in civl war and shut off from the rest of the galaxy worked in his favor. But now, with the info the pilots have gathered, the New Republic has come to Tanaab's rescue. Although Brom's petiweed production has been shattered, there still isn't quite enough hard evidence to connect him to it and bring him down. The pilots and Brotherhood vow to keep working until they can bring Brom to justice. (This storyline string is concluded in Plot 14d.