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Star Wars: The Last Grand Admiral

The NEW REPUBLIC has begun to feel the pressure from invading IMPERIAL REMNANT forces, attempting to remove them from Galaxy once and for all. Using intelligence gained from the BOTHAN SPYNET, the NEW REPUBLIC has sent out the 1st Expeditionary Force, in hopes of catching the elusive GRAND ADMIRAL GRANT in his attempt to destroy the recently acquired KUAT SYSTEMS ENGINEERING shipyards.

However, the officer in charge, ADMIRAL ACKBAR, was ill prepared for the encounter, and found himself outnumbered 3 to 1 by IMPERIAL REMNANT forces. GRAND ADMIRAL GRANT hopes for this to be the last major hurdle in his attempt to crush the NEW REPUBLIC.

The ROGUE SQUADRON and WRAITH SQUADRON, under the command of WEDGE ANTILLES and GARIK LORAN respectively, are driving their squadrons forward in an attempt to strike a blow against the Imperial Flagship, a SUPER STAR DESTROYER to scatter the gathered warlords, and send the GALACTIC EMPIRE back to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy...

Cue the pan shot


Plot 15 occurs approximately 12 years after the Battle of Endor (16 ABY).


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  • Vastly outnumbered, Admiral Ackbar and the 1st Expeditionary Force, including Wraith and Rogue squadrons attempt to strike a killing blow against Grand Admiral Grant's flagship, the Bloodlust. A clever use of a seismic charge by Wraiths aboard the Sacul almost succeeds, but is narrowly deflected by a last-minute intervention by Grant himself.
  • Shaken after the battle, Red is comforted by Zak.
  • In a meeting with his old friend Jadax, Face learns of Shira's recent alliance with Grand Admiral Grant.
  • A brooding Shira has Hendren, the contact who informed Jadax of her whereabouts, killed by Katerina Allistre.
  • Grant refuses an order from Moff Ulter to launch an assault on Imperial Center, before arranging to have the politician killed.
  • After the battle, the Wraiths receive a booby-trapped package from Shira. Face defeats the booby trap by uttering the password "You win, Shira."
  • Grant reveals his plan to incite a war between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant to Shira, and orders her to exterminate Wraith Squadron.
  • Keyta Rey'lya informs Face and Tyria of the workings of Shira's booby-trap, and supposes that she is hoping to force Face into playing her "game."
  • In Shadow's mess hall, Face receives a cryptic correspondence from Shira, which Rrowv later opens for him in a vacuum chamber. The note reads: "NICE, LORAN, NICE."
  • Shira surprises Bowman Gavin during a routine survey mission and tempts him with the dark side of the Force. Their encounter ends in a lustful kiss.
  • Zak Allistre, having apparently defected to Grant's Empire questions a New Republic Colonel.
  • On Gavin's eventual refusal of her advances, Shira duels the budding Jedi. She takes care to wound him extensively and, after he leaves a metal dagger in her cybernetic leg, she leaves him lying in a puddle of mud.
  • Shira and Grant question a Twi'lek male, Levatt Tur'dan, who appears to be Red's scorned lover. The two convince him to capture her, presumably in an effort to glean information about the Sacul.
  • An evening of revelry about the Sacul is interrupted as Face and Shadow receive a message that Gav is incapacitated within his Z-95. Wraith Squadron rushes to their comrade's aid, and he is admitted to the Sacul's medbay for emergency surgery.


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  • Elassar Targon, the Wraiths medic, reports to Face that Shira's DNA was found in Bowman's mouth. Face then questions Captain Gavin, going so far as to order Gav to answer him, but the younger man refuses. After a heated argument, Face confines Gav to the medbay until further notice.
  • Deep in contemplation, Shira collapses in front of Katerina after a struggle against internal "voices."
  • Rogue Squadron begins a battle against Imperial ground forces. Zak notes a growing feeling of appreciate for his commanding officers.
  • A brooding Face declares the Sacul's medbay to be offlimits to the Wraiths. Shadow confronts him, but stands down, agreeing to abide by his orders. The face-off leaves onlookers Red and Kai feeling uncomfortable and awkward.
  • Gavin, filled with anger toward Shira, collapses in pain after attempting to stand on his newly regenerated leg.
  • Gavin experiences a nightmare of a future where Rogue and Wraith commanders destroy Shadow's crippled X-Wing to prevent him from leaving her on the field of a losing battle, which he believes to be prophetic. He asks the Sacul to inform Face that he is ready to talk.
  • Face questions a more cooperative Gav, and releases him from confinement. Before he leaves the medbay, Gavin has a philosophical conversation with the Sacul about a sense of belonging and purpose in life.
  • Shadow confronts Gavin about his kiss with Shira and his refusal of Face's orders, but he accuses her of believing rumours. After a angry argument, they part ways, leaving Gavin believing that Shadow has chosen to ignore his side of the story.
  • In the continuing battle for Mirk Fortress, the Rogues, High Flights, and other defenders appear to be holding their own when cargo shuttles from the Bloodlust attack the New Republic forces with tiny burrowing droids carrying a pheromone that evokes extreme fear in the subject pilots. Disoriented with terror, Rogue Wes Janson orders immediate, blind hyperspace jumps. Most of the pilots comply, which results in the destruction of the bots -- and some of their own. Zakrus Allistre, Rillao Flynn, and three members of High Flight Squadron are lost and presumed dead. Zak and Rillao disappeared mysteriously close to the Bloodlust, but Wedge denies his initial suspicions. Wedge and Janson decide to scientifically subject their pilots to the pheromone weapon, in hopes of developing an immunity.
  • Bowman implants a memory virus in the Sacul, scrambling her systems to allow himself time to kill the Ysalmiri Face had stored on the ship. His access to the Force restored, Gavin allows himself to be taken by the Dark Side of the Force. Sacul warns Red, who rushes to confront Gavin before he escapes. Gavin easily overpowers her, and he Force tosses her into the Wraiths when they arrive to stop him. Shadow meets him outside his X-Wing's hangar, but she is unable to persuade him to stay. She kisses him, and he enters the hangar to leave.
  • Sacul refuses to open her hangar doors to permit Bowman's exit. After a brief debate with the ship's computer, Gav fires his lasers on the hangar doors, and departs.
  • Red awakes in medbay, her memory of her confrontation with Gavin blurry, at best. She tries to leave, but stays after Face restrains her and asks her to remain until she's been medically cleared. Sacul is obviously concerned for her Chief Engineer.
  • Rogue Squadron leadership meets to discuss Gavin's betrayal. Wedge and Corran Horn take great pains to placate Tyria, assuring her that her safety is foremost in their minds. That night, Wedge again comforts his frightened wife.
  • In a remote cantina, Gavin meets a dancer who professes to be a former Imperial assassin. She propositions him for the evening.
  • After consideration, Gavin elects to decline the dancer-assassin's invitation, much to the embitterment of a nearby drunken patron. A bar fight ensues, ending in Gavin cutting off his assailant's arm.
  • Days later, while procuring supplies to repair the Sacul, Red encounters her old flame, Levatt, and introduces him to the Sacul. In the wake of Gavin's betrayal, Red is reluctant to permit him on board, and she promises to meet him later. The Sacul, suspicious of the Twi'lek, reports the situation to Void, who vows to keep an eye on the matter.


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  • Zak Allistre briefs his new squadron, announcing both his dissatisfaction with their performance, and their promotion to the elite TIE Defender starfighter. Among his new squadron is former Rogue Rillao Flynn.
  • Zak meets with Grand Admiral Grant, who tests his loyalty to the Emperor by trying to elicit classified information. Zak also vows to use his "intimate" knowledge of Rogue Squadron to aid the Empire. However, he has no knowledge on how he came about these "intimate" details. It is apparent that Zak has either lost his recent memories, or been brainwashed.
  • Captain Allistre voices his concern about the money invested in his squadron, and is lectured on his own legacy by a Petty Officer. He receives a report from Rillao regarding the performance of the TIE Defenders. Zakrus' daughter, Katerina, calls his name.
  • General Horn emerges from a test exposing him to the pheromone gas and is debriefed by a psychoanalyst droid. He later tries to hide his discomfort from Face, but fails.
  • Zak and Katerina are reunited, and fondly begin "catching up" the last many years. Shira butts in.
  • Corran affects repairs to his X-Wing, and is teased by Whistler that he should install barf bags. Later, he discovers Rogues in the lounge discussing "rumours" of suspicious circumstances regarding the apparent deaths of Zak and Rillao, which he initially discourages before warning his comrades about the new droid, which he believes to be checking the Rogues for traitors. Finally, he interviews Feylis Ardele for her reapplication.
  • Zakrus' and one other Imperial squadron destroy a New Republic medical frigate.
  • General Janson lures General Horn into his laboratory with the promise of popcorn, presumably to see a mousebot.
  • Shira interrupts Zak and Kati's reunion in an uncomfortable exchange. She demands Katerina's presence after the younger Allistre is finished catching up with her father.
  • Shadow muses on her pain and detachment following Gavin's desertion.
  • Tur'dan contacts Shira, reporting the Sacul's power troubles. He alludes to his plan to win Red's attentions by flirting with Kai.
  • As a result of diminished meals from Shadow's pain, Red and Kai share some eggs in a kitchen meeting and discuss Levatt's "manly virtues." Kai shares that she has been flirting with Levatt, much to Red's displeasure. The latter resolves to have a talk with Levatt as soon as possible.
  • Face broods and lashes out at himself in his quarters, venting the pain and frustration of recent events. He blames the Force itself, and those without the ability to handle the responsibility its power imputes.
  • Keeping his word to watch Red around Levatt, Void spies on a meeting between the two. Red punches Levatt, before crying on his shoulder before they vanish into his quarters. Void is upset on Red's behalf.
  • After trying to contain her emotions while cooking, Shadow heads to Face's office where she lets herself cry out all the tears she'd been hiding.
  • Janson, Halley, and Taz explain their plan for the Mousebot. Subtly altered with an overriding sense of self preservation, and a driving need to communicate with its master, they hope that their Mousebot can infiltrate the Bloodlust and cause havoc, potentially providing information.
  • Bowman arrives on the Bloodlust, where Zak has him detained and escorted to the brig.
  • Shira "rescues" Gav from his escorts, and takes him to an observation room of some kind, where she questions him regarding his stay about the Sacul after their last meeting.
  • In his quarters, Levatt watches Red sleep and answers a call from Sacul, and refuses to wake Red for her maintenance appointment. He decides to keep Red away from her electronic companion as much as possible.
  • Levatt brings Red breakfast in bed, and knocks her out with poisoned blue milk.
  • Levatt smuggles Red's unconscious body to his ship, the Twin Moons. Sacul alerts Void of the suspicious behavior, and the Defel goes looking for her. Levatt blasts into orbit, and wakes Red. Red shows Levatt proof that she did not betray him, which he is loathe to believe, and he lets slip that he is working for Grant. Red manages to slip a hand free to hit him and Void, who has stowed away, takes the opportunity to subdue him. Red forbids Void to kill the Twi'lek, and then cries on him as they return to the planet.
  • Red confides in Void before her statement to a military tribunal.
  • Face and Shadow help each other come to terms with their recent loss, and Shadow cooks the Wraiths' first real meal since Gav's departure.
  • Flash back to Red having a nightmare re-enacting Levatt's "breakfast," this time with her catching him in the act and killing him for his treachery. She awakes, shaken, in the days just before her trial.


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  • On the Bloodlust, morale and spirits are running high as it is joined by the Imperial-class Star Destroyers the Gallant-II and the Terror of Yagmoth. Zak, irritated at being summoned to the bridge and a comm officer who fails to salute in line with protocol, meets with Grant. He is promoted to Colonel and promptly requests for Lieutenant Flynn to be promoted to Captain as his XO. The request is granted, and as he departs he shoots and kills the comm officer who failed to salute.
  • Wedge returns to the battle site where the fear pheromone from Tanaab was utilized to scan for traces of the missing pilots and contemplates the inoculations and risks it presents. He is informed back on the Corellian Corvette Seeker that the missing High Flight pilots probably escaped to hyperspace and have slim chances of survival. However, the missing Rogue pilots, Zak and Rillao seemed to have been captured or turned traitor and headed to the Bloodlust. Wedge struggles with this possibility while returning to the Rogues Arrow.
  • Grant butts heads with Shira, making clear Zak is never to know he was previously with the Rebellion/Rogues. He questions what her intent is for Gavin, but she evades answering, showing her disdain for serving the Admiral.
  • While Shira is meeting with Grant, Gavin and Shadow jointly (although separately) are dealing with containing and walling off their emotions. Gavin lets go to anger and pain to prevent Shira from sensing his intent and controlling his actions to avoid being killed, while Shadow walls off her emotions about the betrayal so that she can do her job without experiencing another breakdown.
  • Deven Tarn, Halley Kadorto, Myn Donos, and Keyta Rey'lya sabotage a monitoring outpost as part of a diversion to afford Wes Janson, Taz Krayli, Hayden Krah, and Leefa Do'Fey the opportunity to insert the Mousebot of Death while General Horn oversees from the Rogue's Arrow. On taking control of the outpost, Deven discovers that his disguise is one Captain Lombux, "the most feared pirate in the Delta Quad Sector." Through creative improvisation, Deven plays the outpost crew's reaction to his disguise to their advantage. Janson's team completes their operation, but is met by half a squad of TIE Advanced. They defeat their attackers, at the loss of Leefa's X-Wing. Lieutenants Tarn and Kray'li are promoted to Captains for their ingenuity and valor shown in the mission.
  • General Horn takes in the goings-on in the Pilot's Lounge, and enjoys a conversation with Colonel Gizzard of High Flight Squadron. His enjoyment is curtailed, however, when Gizzard informs him that General Antilles is dispatching the squadrons for a mission on board the Tartan while the Arrow is in spacedock. Horn suspects Starfighter Command of yanking the Rogues about by their chain, flexing their bureaucratic muscle.
  • A Bothan pilot, the lone survivor of a catastrophic attack on a New Republic outpost by a squadron of TIE Defenders, is committed to the med bay with an extreme case of "Howling Madness", a form of disorientation that commonly afflicts drifting survivors of space combats. Generals Antilles and Horn pour over the records of recent attacks, and discover evidence that these attacks are led by Zak Allistre, the former Rogue, and plan to lure him to their squadrons.
  • Onboard the Tartan, General Horn moves into his bunk where he is rooming with Moor Myomor. He paints an image of Tynna Base on the digital mural, explaining that it was one of the first places he was able to call "home" in his adult life.
  • Lieutenant Terah is questioned before a military tribunal. One Senator Decker clearly wishes to have her demoted or discharged, and works intently to that end. Face intervenes at the tail end of the hearing, dismissing Red and clearing her of charges, and adjourning the hearing in the face of Decker's threat against his own rank. After seeing Red back to her quarters, Face and Void interrogate Levatt.
  • Zak is "liberated" from a meeting with Admiral Grant by alarm klaxons, which send him running to his hangar. There, he boosts the morale of his pilots, and order them to prepare to meet their foes.
  • Before the Rogue's transfer to the Tartan, Halley finds Deven, jokingly referring to him as Captain Lombux (from their missiont to the monitoring outpst) as Deven packs. Deven shares that he researched Captain Lombux and his crew had been operating for 2 years and were actually all Weequay, meaning they communicate by scent and can't even talk, jokingly recounting the job they did on the mission. Deven asks if Halley found his lucky cremated fish finger, and then recounts how he broke his hip and the lucky fish finger led him to take out a nurse with glass eye and bad laugh because of it. Confused and a bit disturbed, Halley leaves Deven as he finds an old sandwich under his bed, and then realizes he is stuck just after Halley leaves.
  • Wedge and Tyria settle into their small quarters upon the Tartan, reflecting on their struggles in the New Republic and the military. They jokingly tease one another about younger members hero worshipping and having crushes one them before going to the mess hall.
  • Flashback to Gavin, after the shopping mall outbreak, when he is training under Luke Skywalker. Luke is directing him to find a book in a Massassi temple, and after Gavin becomes flippant about others who have done this trial, Luke chastizes him on his temper. He even threatens to strip him of the force, and then sends him into the temple weaponless, armed only with glowsticks.
  • Using information obtained from Levatt, the Wraiths stake out a remote outpost that houses a transciever they hope to tape. Face and Kai conference with Red and Void on the scouting intel they have gathered and determine an assault would cost them too much. Instead, they go through a plan where the four pose as local gang members and cause a stolen speeder bike to explode and short out the transceiver. After nearly being caught, the four rejoin the rest of the Wraiths, but not beofre Void and Red mock a fake romantic moment between Face and Kai. Shadow, Rrowv, Keyta and the others intercept the replacement part and rig it to transmit to the Wraiths. Following the mission and successfully connecting to the transciever, Kai checks in with Face and they discuss his current stress from the low morale in the group, as well as his hesitancy to fully connect with Asha while Shira is still a current threat and reminder of his past.
  • Janson, Wedge and Corran (Who is more into his movie than the group) hold a discussion regarding their previously unfounded suspicions of Hayden being a traitor to the Rogues. They reflect on Zak having turned traitor and try to figure out how Rillao became involved, as well as mentioning the loss of Gavin. They end up having to unplug Corran's holovision because he is getting too worked up over the movie.
  • Flashback to Gavin in the temple, where he has fallen through the first floor into a pit filled with Crystal snakes. He attempts to calm them with the force, having lost one of this two glow sticks, but after they interpret a movement by him as a threat has to rush to jump out of the pit. He escapes but one of the snakes stll manages to bite him, and he passes out from the powerful, but non lethal venom.
  • Wedge is unable to sleep in the cramped Tartan quarters, but when asked by Tyria what is wrong he reveals he is upset about the recent set of betrayals. He also reveals his displeasure that Tyria became close to Zak and it leads to an argument about how closed she is not only with the squadron, but with Wedge. They come to an understanding and go back to bed.
  • Red literally runs into Zak aboard the Rogue's Arrow after the first conflict with Admiral Grant, when she is unable to sleep and trolls the halls reading. She inquires to tremors Zak is having, and he confides in her that he is having withdrawl from smoking. He gives his "lucky" deathstick case to her, as the two discuss his love of flying and he urges Red to sleep. As he leaves, however, Red watches him vanish through a bulkhead and wakes to realize that it was a dream remembering the event, removing the deathstick case he had actually given her from a pocket.
  • Face and Shadow remove the Imperial Military disguises they have been wearing as they sit to conference with Kat. They are working to infiltrate a Star Destroyer that is in for repairs at a large dock and plant more communication traps for intel on Grant. Shadow dislikes having to play up her female physique as part of the plan and plots forcing Face to dress up as a female at a later date. They return to the crew disguised again and Shadow manages to attract a man from the Sensor Maintenance team named Grakar, followed closely by Face as the leave the rec area together.
  • Gavin stands on the Bloodlust and replays the commitment that he has to make to the dark side if he is to use its power, as well as his trouble training with his light saber. He observes his low key treatment from Shira and Grant, and tries to eavesdrop for any information about the Admiral. Shira surprises him, and informs him that she has a mission for him before leaving. A set of Imperial officers mock salute Gavin with their drinks Latbefore he leaves the viewing area.
  • Later, Gavin is piloting a Lambda to his mission. He wonders about his R2 unit and the Blade. Before leaving on the mission, he sounded resentment towards Shira for the errand and she force choked him until acknowledged her superiority. Now away, he stews in anger at her behaviour towards him and reminds himself revenge is coming.
  • While rewiring some overhead panels in the Sacul, Red's harness breaks when the ship is skimmed by an asteroid, causing her to fall to the desk and pass out. While unconscious, she finds herself in the future, part of an underground resistance with Void, Face and Kai as they try to keep a failed rebellion alive. Their group is ambushed and just as she realizes Void has been killed, Elassar and Zraix revive her, after the Sacul reported her fall. Void comes dashing in, to Red's relief, and the others tease her about being clumsy as they return to their duties on the way to rejoin Face and Shadow's espionage mission.


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  • Leefa is on Bothui, receiving an award as hero for saving his planet from the Empire. However, the sound of explosions and ion engines mark an assualt by TIE fighters. Outraged at his failure to eliminate the threat, the crowd moves from cheers to attack, forcing him to jump though a window. Before landing, Leefa awakens to find himself on the Tartan, hearing actual klaxons and an attack in progress. Rushing to the hangar bay, he discovers it was all a prank by Janson and runs off embarased and furious. Later, the Rogues are on an attack run over Phalanx and are intercepted early by a squadron of TIE interceptors, and unexpected ground turrets cause Corran to make an emergency snow landing, where Tyria saves him from straffing by a pursuing TIE. Moor joins him to keep Snow Troopers at bay while he repairs his X-wing, and Whistler even helps knock out a few of the assailants. Continuing the mission, Firestorm takes out the outpost's gate to allow the Rogue's entrance, and continue to take out barriers as the run progresses, meaning to take the base for the NR as intact as possible. Once in the base, the Rogues find a tough battle in the confinment of the base's shield and planetary gravity, as well as a squadron of TIE fighters. Corran and Moor rejoin the group, but Wedge crashes as he takes a hit from ground fire. He awakens later to laughter of both Rogues and Wraiths, and is told that Chunky survived the crash, only to be attacked by a skeletal form of his R5. He awakens again to the real crash, with Janson babbling jibberish to wake him. Firestorm informs him that they cannot get the shields down yet, and Wedge enacts Plan B as he extracts himself from the crashed X-wing in the dining hall. Janson, Deven, Moor join Wedge in Plan B to assualt the shield generator, encountering Troopers and having to use detonators and hand to hand to reach the control room. They managed to bring down the shields and call in the Tartan, but during that point Janson and Wedge run into the base commander, who manages to escape to his private vessel, which suddenly explodes during take off. After the battle is done, the leader of the planet's capital city thanks them in a garbled transmission, and Grant has lost a base.
  • After the battle, Corran goes climbing outdoors on a frozen waterfall, only managing to escape by claiming it physical training. He accidentally falls through the ice when he hits a patch of snow and discovers he is in a cavern that is obviously man made. Instead of pulling himself up to report his find, he accidentally releases his harness and plumets into the space below. Later, Corran is seen returning to Phalanx base, in some pain. He seeks out Wedge after he recieves painkillers, and tells him of the secret base. Wedge is shocked at the distance Corran went, but then shocked when Corran reveals images he took of a Federation droid. Wedges decides to keep the discovery of this separatist base between them and only those he chooses, and chides Corran as he leaves for not taking a climbing partner.
  • Corran later comes across Ailie tossing spaghetti on the ceiling (to help her think) about a letter she had recieved. Joining her spaghetti tossing, she reveals she just learned that she inhereted her father's fortune of 10 million credits. Due to the bad memories and past, she is uncomfortable keeping it and decides to give it to Rogue Squadron. She leaves Corran to think after assuring him she is sure of her choice, but he is disappointed to discover the spaghetti is gone as she leaves him to his own thoughts.
  • Fully armed and sent by Shira to Aduba-3, Gavin spies throgh bincolulars on a heavily guarded, personal fortress she has directed him to infiltrate. Suspecting this is her way of making him prove himself, he checks the layout plans and heads to enter the underground stronghold via what he thinks are barely guarded exhaust vents. He is disgusted to find, after slicing the security cameras, that they are in fact very small sewage drain pipes, and after struggling with his claustiphobia and fear of being buried alive in the tiny pipes, cuts into them with his light saber and enters.
  • Face sits in his office, reviewing intercepted information regarding the Bloodlust, and mulls over the pure level of force they would need to take out not just the Bloodlust, but its Imp Dueces, as well as the TIEs that would accompany the battle. This line of thought leads him to start looking for a 12th person to fill Gavin's spot, and try to raise the morale. He begins to get frustrated as he only manages to narrow the choices to 827, but is interrupted by the arrival of Voort "Piggy" SaBinring, an old friend and famous member of the inital Rogue squadron. Thrilled to see an old friend, their initial conversation immediately reveals the unique Gammorean is hoping to join the Wraith's and leave NRI, and Face gladly welcomes him as a new team member.
  • Giving Voort a tour of the Sacul, Face introduces him to the various members of the squadron. Kai surprises the pair when she hears her name and appears from a secret compartment, although despite her pointing to Zraix as a theif Face assures Piggy that any missing items are always her fault. Stopping just outside of the engine room, Face and Piggy silently watch a contest between Red and Rrowv to see who can disable a replica TB-47 bomb while suspended upside down, and blindfolded from the overhead of the Sacul. Face is heartened to see that Shadow, Void and Kat assisting in holding the harnesses for the competition. The pair start, and just as the timer is about to run out Red trips the water "expolsion" that detonates her TB-47 as Rrowv, primarily using his claws, successfully deactivates his bomb. Leaving Red upside down and wet with Shadow holding her up, Rrowv shows her where she made her mistake, just as Face and Piggy reveal themselves. Red is star struck and wants to tinker with Voort's voice translator, but Void shakes her harness and lets her down with an apology. Face notes that Shadow is upset at Gavin's spot being filled, but they move on. Just after they leavel, Kat accidentally bumps the training bomb as they are putting it away and sets off the other water trick, lightening the mood.
  • An hour later, it is shown that the water tricks from the competition somehow fried the temperature regulator on the Sacul, and Shadow is making ice and water runs to keep the Wraiths from over heating, especially Red, who is in the 105F+ engine room working as fast as she can (after mutting an offended Sacul) to bring the temperature back under control. Taking a short break, she sits with Shadow to bring ice water and eat ice cream, embarassed that the failure happened and potentially reflecting on her abilities. This brings up the arrival of Voort in time for the failure, and Red cautiously asks Shadow about Gavin. Shadow decides to confide about how upset she is that Voort's arrival guarentees that Gavin will not be returning. Red offers a hug to comfort her teammate, only for Shadow to let go of her emotions and cry on the smaller woman's shoulder. The emotion of the moment leads Red to confess she understands Shadow's loss in how Levatt betrayed her. The tension is broken when Red sits on her ice cream cone. She promises not to reveal that Shadow cried in exchange for a vow of silence about sitting on the ice cream, before returning to repair the temperature.
  • After the temperature modulation is fixed, the Wraiths hold a conference on how to best work with the Rogues to continue with pressuring Grant and making him paranoid. A report of a stolen artifact comes up and Gavin is tied to it, leading Kai to take up an investigation of what was stolen. Returning to address the Bloodlust, they continue to plan how to overload Grant and take on his small fleet with Firestorm. The meeting is disrupted when the Sacul announces that Face has a holocomm from Asha, even though her vessel the Midnight Wind does not have that capability. Everyone moves to their battle stations except Shadow, as Face takes the message.
  • The transmission from Asha's ship reveals Shira, who asks Face about Asha. When he recieves notice that Shira is not transmitting from the Midnight Wind, Shira senses his relief and mocks him for not replacing the ysalamiri. Gavin joins Shira in the image, confirming he has joined the Dark Side, to Shadow's dismay. As Shira begins to name off Piggy as the new Wraith, Face cuts the transmission and checks that Shadow is alright before ordering the crew to head for Myrkr and request Asha to meet them there.
  • Corran, Wedge, Jesmin and Janson meet and watch one of Grant's propaganda videos against the Rogues and New Republic. They then discuss strategy and possible ways to disrupt supplies in Grant's territory and assess the loyalty of his allies. Janson uses the propoganda idea to propose that they stage a fake attack on a civilian passenger liner in order to rescue it and create their own positive propaganda to combat Grant.
  • Before the call to Face and after his mission from Shira, Gavin showers off the blood from the mission and tries to block out memories from the violence. After assessing his wounds and recalling his use of the dark side on the mission, he is surprised to find Shira outside his shower, and she orders him to dress and come with her.
  • Face assesses the new yslalamiri and Myrkr tree the Wraiths have obtained on Myrkr and how they ironically make him feel safe, in blocking out the force again. At Shadow's comment, he goes to see Kai in the depths of her loud and extremely cluttered office. Kai shares how she found out that the artifact Gavin stole was a Sith amulet, and a linguist translated its inscription as reading "'To hide the voices within", which she concludes means Shira is trying to control her insanity. Face is skeptical as Kai also brings up Asha again, but then ends the conversation by offering to share a slice of Rhyscate she procured with Face.
  • In a spare moment, Red composes a letter to her oldest brother, Quint. Knowing she cannot send it, however, she simply writes it on her personal datapad and saves it for her own benefit before trying to catch some sleep in her engine room hammock.


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  • Tyria drags Corran out shopping to the grocery store for a meal she plans to cook as a way to open up to the squadron. On the way, Janson calls for Wedge, and the pair end up also having to head to the department store for stuff.
  • Gavin runs a TIE sim under Zak, who shows distain for him and then threatens his own pilots for failure against the "Rebel Scum." A day later, Shira brutally trains Gavin in how to harness and use force lightning. He mentally eludes to her having a disability but still being deadly. She infuses him with engergy to assist after he fails multiple times, but he cannot control it and there is an explosion. Unmoved, Shira tells the scorched man to meet her for more training/a meeting as she leaves.
  • Following their grocery trip, Corran and Tyria enjoy a lunch together after a brief run-in with the door. While eating, Corran presses Tyria about her recent sadness, and she divulges the news of her infertility.
  • Yub-Yub Epic, Vol. I
    • After a rousing meeting of The Noble Bachelorhood and Sisterhood of Bachelorettes, General Janson leads Yub-Yub flight in the apparent rescue of the starliner Qualita Prime, under attack by the faux-pirates of Scurvy Dog Flight. Qualita Prime shows her own compliment of fighters before an Imperial Star Destroyer drops out of hyperspace and begins pelting the liner. Yub-Yub and the Star Destroyer chase an escape craft fleeing the scene.
    • General Horn, Colonel Antilles, and Captains Myomor and Datul take the Nameless in a mission to sabotage a communications outpost when they receive a distress call from Janson on behalf of the beaten Qualita Prime.
    • The Rogues aboard the Nameless, in conjunction with Scurvy Dog Flight, take command of the Prime.
    • Horn informs Janson that the escape craft he is pursuing contains full schematics of the Bloodlust, and orders him to maintain pursuit.
  • Face subjects Shadow to a grueling simulation in which she is forced to kill a representation of Gavin.
  • After consoling Shadow, Face undergoes his own grueling simulation, wherein he kills and then converses with holographic representation of Shira Brie, a representation which proves to be a bit more realistic than he was prepared to confront.
  • Rogue and Wraith leadership share a briefing to begin plans to destroy the Bloodlust.
  • Shira confides in Gavin regarding her mental condition and then questions him as to his opinion of Colonel Loran's eventual reaction thereto.
  • Corran and Tyria continue their shopping trip with a stop in Victoria's Secret, a women's intimates specialty shop, where she confides in him as to her mistreatment of her husband after receiving the news of her ailment. Corran meets an old friend, Clovis Stoend, who mistakenly assumes that Tyria is having an affair with Corran and vows not to tell Wedge. On the flight home, Corran suggests adoption, a notion with which Tyria is uncomfortable. In a popular magazine, she finds pictures of herself and Face in a "sexiest" contest, wherein she outranks the former child actor.
  • Face and Asha, reading the same glamour magazine, discover the same, and also that Kai has won third place in the same contest under an assumed name. Face confronts Kai about this, and she eventually fesses up, but not before being interrupted by a Janson-Piggy sideshow, and significant glances by one Myn Donos.
  • Janson, Piggy, and Elassar thrash Shadow's kitchen, upon which she subjugates them as kitchen slaves.
  • Following a collapse, Shira is brought to an infirmary by Gavin. Her condition improves slightly, but she proves unable to control herself, and is sedated.
  • Yub-Yub Epic, Vol. 2: Reciting in novella-style, Janson debriefs his commanding officers about his recent mission
    • Yub-Yub flight follows the escapee to a "mad scientist's lair." Not without difficulty, the pilots enter the lair, where Hayden "inadvertently" activates a Phase-III Dark Trooper, which they manage to dispatch before being confronted by the alleged mad scientist himself, who cages them. The four escape from the cage with the use of a gravity gun, to be confronted again by the mad scientist, now bulging with muscles as the result of an experiment. The Rogues incapacitate him by shorting a nearby power conduit through his frame, and proceed to scour his computer database for the Bloodlust plans. While downloading the plans, Taz spots the Bloodlust entering the system on the scientist's sensor readout, and the pilots -- mad scientist in tow -- flee the scene in the latter's starship, but not before setting the self-destruct sequence in the lair.
  • Shadow finds her old blanket, a gift from Gavin, and tearfully wonders at her loss.
  • Shadow puts her kitchen slaves to work.
  • In Wedge's office, Corran announces and denies the un-spread rumor that he was having an affair with Tyria. Afterward, he gets Wedge's side of the story of Tyria's medical problems, and empathizes with his CO. Later, Wedge and Tyria go out for a dinner date, and wind up assisting a young woman, Emily, in the delivery of her first child. That night, after a romantic encounter in the bedroom, Tyria proclaims Wedge to be "a god" over the ship-wide PA.
  • Yub-Yub Epic, Vol. 3: Reciting in novella-style, Janson debriefs his commanding officers about his recent mission
    • After fleeing the "mad scientist's lair," the Yub-Yub pilots narrowly avoid orbital bombardment by the Bloodlust. After landing beneath a small outcropping in a cliff, the pilots and the scientist set off on a walk to a nearby city to find another ship. While clumsily making their way cross-country, they encounter a still-clumsier Imperial patrol before being caught by TIE bombers while wading across a river. Unsatisfied with the odds of their continuing to evade the business end of Imperial weaponry, Yub-Yub decides to take the fight to the enemy on their own terms. Prior to the execution of Janson's nigh-flawless plan, however, he is shot in the back by a stunbolt from an Imperial scout. Avoiding unconsciousness with a shot of pure adrenaline, the General knocks the scout down the hill on which he was perched, offering distraction to allow his comrades an opportunity to dispatch their targetted squad of scout troopers. With his position compromised, however, Janson flees into the forest, pursued by no less than six scout troopers, who he distracts with the reek burning the local flora with an emergency flare. Through a series of miracles and ingenious maneuvers, the portal officer makes his way back to the original scout camp where his pilots waited victoriously. The five flee on stolen speeder bikes, but Hayden is hit by a laser blast mere seconds before the mad scientist is able to dispatch his attackers. Taz concocts a plan to use the speeder bikes and their holoprojectors as a distraction, and steal an Imperial Skipray Blastboat, fleeing into orbit with five other Skiprays and 72 TIE fighters on their tail, driving them into the Bloodlust.
  • Yub-Yub Epic, Vol. 4: Reciting in novella-style, Janson debriefs his commanding officers about his recent mission
    • Flying into a deadly trap, Janson and the captive scientist devise a plan to bypass the Bloodlust by clever use of information on the ship's computers contained in the stolen schematics. After some brilliant coding and experting flying, Yub-Yub and their captive make their mistake, after which the scientist reveals that he is, in fact, one-time Rogue Squadron pilot Dru Kargin. After a short debriefing with the Generals, Dru is signed back on to the Rogue Squadron roster, his old rank of Commander reinstated.


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  • Using nothing more than a cap and a lot of bluster, Face (with Rrowv and Keytas assistance) sucessfully manages to change the manufacturing process of a concussion missile site. Now (after a period of time) the Bloodlust will be fitted with missiles the Rogues and Wraiths can alter with a specific commwave.
  • Halley is commed by Admiral Ackbar, and given a mysterious offer.
  • Red meets Halley and Drake on the Arrow, and (in typical Wraith style) scams Drakes droid off him!
  • Face contemplates his relationship with Asha, before they talk about the possibility of going on a small break.
  • Kai, sensing that Shadow is in need of some companionship somehow manages to acquire a small voorpak, who a grateful Shadow promptly names Muff.
  • After obtaining permission from Wedge to take Asha on a small break, a maintenance engineer, thinking he was selling a story to a holonews network sends of a message informing someone of Face's departure.
  • Drake Norlem reminisces about how he came to leave his home.
  • Gavin enters the Ace of Sabres, a gambling den on Kluistar and successfully demands to see the 'real' owner.
  • Face and Asha (travelling incognito with their Diamond tickets) board the Queens Pearl. However, Face has to reveal his true identity to the Captain, Captain Hoodak and head of security, Logar Ketan. Asha shows slight unease as the extent of Face's travelling armoury is revealed.
  • Youri Station, a recently liberated Republic outpost, is the second installation in recent times to be completely destroyed by Grant. Corran and the rest of the Rogues assist in trying to find survivors.
  • Whilst on Youri Station, Deven is endangered whilst trying to help survivors.
  • Wedge announces his 'retirement' from leading Rogue Squadron, promoting Corran to Rogue Lead, and assuming overall command of the four squadrons (Rogue, Wraith, High Flight and Firestorm).
  • Corran interviews new pilots for Rogue Squadron, including a Duros with a condition that causes him to try and shoot the General, and a 'time traveller' trying to get back to his own universe. He eventually recruits, RDM an old Rogue pilot, and Adorni Glamel, a psychologically scarred escapee from Iness.
  • Gavin gains access to the Hutt crimelord Sibarra, the owner of the Ace of Sabers. Whilst there, he intimidates the gangster into providing fake ID's and a CR90 Corvette. He also slaughters all of the Hutts retinue.
  • Corran justifies his choices of new pilots to Wedge in a semi-heated conversation.
  • Tyria snatches a few moments of time with Wedge walking to the sim room, and together they discuss names for her new flightgroup.
  • Asha is amazed at Face's personal collection of weapons as they prepare to go on a date. Asha once more expresses unease at their current situation as the pair go out to dinner. With the privacy field activated, Face proposes to Asha.
  • Red works on her new droid, naming it Hope.
  • Adorni has a nightmare about her escape from her home planet. Waking up from her nightmare, she injures her bunkmate, Ailie Datul.
  • Kai, bored, tidies her room, before somehow obtaining a navy blue uniform (with white piping) with matching tri-cornered hat, and proclaims herself "Commander of the Wraiths" in the absence of Face. The Wraiths, used to this, simply carry on.
  • Asha answers Face's marriage proposal with a sorrowful no, explaining that she needs him to be 100% committed to the relationship, and he can't be with the spectre of Shira hanging over him. Face understands just as his commlink signals a communications disruption. Fearing the worst, Face deactivates the privacy shield to see a member of the crew walking towards them. As he fears, the Pearl will shortly be under attack.
  • Shira and Gavin board the liner with 500 stormtroopers in tow. Face, as requested by Hoodak arranges a successful, if ultimately doomed defence. Fortunately, the Wraiths are drilled for this, and the Sacul has already hyped to the system and is flying to the rescue, pursued closely by the Bloodlust.
  • The Wraiths, preparing for a large influx of civilian passengers, unload the X-Wings from the Sacul, as well as the secret storage compartments filled with Kais traditional smuggling goods.
  • RDM joins a meeting of the LOEAI (with a modified Sacul personality downloaded to a datapad). He is quickly surprised by the anti-organic sentiments and leaves. He bumps into Drake Norlem and assist him in choosing his astromech, Argus.
  • Wes and Kettch annoy Wedge whilst searching for Corran. Corran visits Adorni, and decides that she's not fit for flight duty owing to her psychological stress disorder.
  • Janson, Dru, Ryle and RDM meet with Corran. RDM requests (and receives) the right to have his own room. The quarters are shuffled around, leaving Wes and Ryle to room together, and Dru and RDM as bunkmates. Dru then tricks Halley into thinking he's Tranzo, and the pair take the Nameless to a nearby moon to pick up Drus personal X-Wing. After collecting it, they are ambushed by pirates, but make short work of the assailants.
  • Whilst stalking through the corridors of the Pearl, Shira reminisces on her relationship with Face, and the path they have been set on.
  • Face, Ketan and Grimwald prepare an ambush on part of the invading force. Face briefly remembers how his met Kai, as Ketan explains his past, and his disappointment he was never 'Chosen' for any special assignments or units.
  • Red, Piggy and the rest of the Wraiths continue to prepare the Sacul for the influx of wounded as they still speed towards the stricken liner. The gravity is dialled back, and Kai is most upset when some of her choicest treasures are bundled into a tarpaulin and dragged behind one of the X-Wings.


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  • Tyria gets Wedge to authorise a Standard Blood Donation for all the Rogues and to attend and provide blood. RDM attends, and is informed tht hi is unable to give blood, as he doesn't have any! Wes play a practical joke and Corran gets his blood drawn despite his unease. Wedge and Tyria have a conversation, in which she informs Wedge that she can't bypass Corran in the chain of command. Wedge understands.
  • Arby (RDMs new nickname) is having trouble 'sleeping', and thus wakes up his bunkmate, Dru. They have a brief philosophical conversation regarding the nature of sentience, and Dru eventually gets back to sleep, pondering how to assist Arby in the matter of falling asleep.
  • Back on the Pearl, Face, Ketan and Grimwald launch their ambush, taking out several dozen stormtroopers. However, Ketan is fatally injured in the assault. As Grimwald seals their escape route behind them, a dying Ketan lies in Face's arms. Face tells Ketan that he's finally a Chosen Man, and the security guard passes away fulfilled.
  • Face gets back to the casino where the passengers have gathered, awaiting pickup from the incoming Sacul. He and Asha share a conversation, before he is called away, more civilians are inbound. At the very edge of the safe zone, Face calls to a small family that are hurrying towards the haven. Suddenly, the family die by a lightsaber blade, and Face can see Gavin and Shira heading towards the final showdown.
  • Using his flechette launcher, plus his last remaining grenades, Face manages to slow down the advance, killing several more stromtroopers in the balance. Slamming and sealing the final entrance to the casino. Fortunately, the Sacul is very close, and after an amazing display of piloting skill, Kai docks the craft with the Pearl. The race is on.
  • Back on the Arrow, Corran and Dru discuss plans on how to find the Bloodlust.
  • The Wraiths disembark from the Sacul, and along with the Firestorm set up a defensive perimeter as they start (literally) throwing the civilians onto the Sacul as the Bloodlust bears down on them.
  • Corran has a nightmare in which the Rogues, Firestorm and High Flight are attacking an Imperial base, ending with his death. Waking up, he senses through the Force one of the injured pilots, Hayden Krah in trouble in the medbay. Going to speak to him, Hayden tells him that he doesn't want any prosthetic limbs. In his panic, Hayden begins to go into cardiac arrest. He is resuscitated, but goes under once more. Corran orders the doctor to use the prosthetic limbs that were on standby. The operation fails, and Hayden dies. In a desperate move, Corran tries to draw Haydens life force out of his prone body, and into his own (like he once did with Ran Kether and Tycho Celchu). However, he fails, and Hayden remains deceased. However, as a result of his attempt, Corran can now no longer touch the Force.
  • Gavin and Shira rally themselves and their troops and destroy the doors leading to the casino.
  • As the Wraiths escort the civilians into the Sacul, Red becomes angry at one of the civilians treatment of Piggy and takes him to one side, threatening him in a manner which is most un Red-like.
  • The Imperials enter the casino, and take on the defensive line of the Firestorm (equipped with ysalamiri) and Wraith. Shira, surprised by the loss of her Force powers seeks out Face, in order to kill him. Face sights, and shoots at Shira, but the shot is deflected by a stormtrooper body. Face and Shira site each other once more, but Face decides to escape to help protect Asha. Angered, Shira fires, Face, sensing the danger dodges, and the shot strikes Asha. Hoodak ensures that everyone is safe on the Sacul, before activating the emergency shield, stopping anyone (including her) from boarding the Sacul. Asha, dying in Face's arms initiates the Mandalorian wedding ceremony. Face joins in, and with her last breath Asha and Face become man and wife.
  • Kai and Piggy on the bridge of the Sacul encounter several difficulties in getting away from the Pearl and invent some innovative tactics in order to escape, including the Kaiu'kes Spitball.
  • Back on the Arrow, Dru and Tyria talk about Drus past.
  • Hoodak, trapped on the Pearl attempts to turn off the emergency shield, thus opening the casino to the vacuum of space. Shira, however, still mad from anger regarding Face's escape cuts off her arm, before interrogating her, finally impaling the Duros through the chest, ending the heroic Captains life.
  • Shadow comforts Face in the medbay, using harsh emotions to snap Face out of his grief long enough to realise that he's still needed to assist in the escape. The Bloodlust decides to move in close to the Sacul to take her out. Face joins the Wraiths on the bridge as the ship gets caught in a tractor beam. In typical Face-style, he states that they'll blow up the Pearl and fly THROUGH the debris, escaping. With some fast torpedo reprogramming from Piggy, and some more fancy flying from Kai, the Sacul finally escapes.
  • Shira thinks about her relationship with Face and its only conclusion as Gavin pilots their stolen craft away from the debris of the Pearl and back to their Corvette.


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  • The Sacul arrives back with the Arrow, with a new surprise. The Rogues have been joined by a New Republic Task Force, commanded by Admiral Kre'fey. The Wraiths, ignoring the Admirals communication, dock with the Arrow, unloading all of the civilians injured. Face reports to Wedge and the NRI the outcome of the Pearl battle. A nervous tech interrupts the commanding officers, to tell Face that Red is causing havoc in the hangar. Shortly after, Face glares down the new Admiral, not endearing himself to the ranking officer. Face arrives at the hangar, seeing Red defending the Midnight Wind from technicians. Red reveals that they were going to strip the Wind for the NR. An angry Face informs the techs that Asha was his wife, and they leave in a hurry. Sparks, Asha's old droid joins the Wraiths.
  • Corran, in an attempt to prove to himself that the loss of his Jedi powers doesn't mean he's useless, gets himself into a tricky situation on a solo mission. On getting back to the Arrow, Wedge lectures him briefly on the issues of command.
  • A grief-stricken Face conducts Asha's memorial service. Wedge awards Asha with the Alliance Civilian Battle Award, before the assembled pilots leave Face alone. Kai stay behind, offering some personal support, but eventually departs, leaving Face alone.
  • Red suffers from nightmares of fictional stormtroopers hunting her down. She suffers after only a few hours sleep, but is determined not to let it show, deciding to fight her battles by herself.
  • Still emotional, Face sets up on of the training droids in the Sacul to maximum setting, getting knocked out for the privilege. Wedge joins him in a sparring match, looking for pointers, and looking to help Face through his grief. Kre'fey interrupts, threatening to take all of Asha's property, as he feels their marriage wasn't binding. The Sacul (in solid-holo form – thanks to the training rooms equipment) literally steps in, stopping Face from attacking the Admiral, providing evidence of the marriage, and explaining how it was legal. A livid Face orders Kre’fey off his ship.
  • Wedge speaks to Tyria, telling her of Asha's death, and telling her that he loves her.
  • Janson is working on an X-Wing engine with Kettch. Adorni literally drops in, and uses her scrounging skills to help fix the problem that Wes was working on. In exchange, Wes offers her some advice regarding usefulness within the Rogues.
  • Meanwhile, on the Bloodlust, the commander of the giant ship, Admiral Challis Benadier, talks to Grand Admiral Grant about the latest Intelligence reports concerning the Rogue Taskforce. Grant admits he is aware of the building up of ships, as well as the fact that the Rogues somehow have a lead on his activities, suspecting it was something to do with the behaviour of the droids on the ship. Grant begins to plan for a confrontation.
  • MB-1, Jansons former mousebot and now Imperial MerenData B2-X computer interface droid assesses it's situation, and plans to hand the Bloodlust to his Maker in exchange for being made immortal.
  • Gavin has a nightmare as he remembers killing the innocent people on the Pearl. Waking, screaming, he vows to no longer be Shira's apprentice.
  • Red is absent for an Intel debrief, so Piggy is sent to find her. He finds her slumped in the Sacul's engine room, comatose from lack of sleep. He picks her up, dashing her to the Medbay on the Arrow to be tended by Tyria. Upon arrival, a frantic (yet still asleep, suffering from nightmares) Red injures herself on Piggy's tusks. Subdued by Tyria, Red wakes to find a concerned Face and Piggy, waiting to see what is wrong.


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  • Wedge returns to the Medbay after his sparring session with Face. Tyria patches him up, and then decides to get in a little practice herself. She talks Face into giving her some lessons in hand-to-hand contact, admitting that she was wrong about him and the Wraiths, and wants to patch up any ill-feelings.
  • The Squadron leaders return from a briefing with Kre'fey. An assault has been planned on Grant and the Bloodlust in the Bormari Nebula, although they all feel it's a trap. Wedge then briefs the pilots, with Gizzard describing the stellar cartographical nature of the system. Locker briefs what the Firestorm will be doing, and Face admits that he'll be joining them. At that moment, Kre'fey interrupts the briefing, and goads Face into striking him. The Wraith Leader is arrested and confined to the Sacul.
  • Face enlists the help of Kat, the Wraith's xenopsychologist, in determining whether or not Red is fit for duty. Kat informs Face that Red is suffering from a mild case of Episodic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They conclude her recent breakdown and night terrors were a result of her tribunal and subsequent questioning by Decker. Piggy interrupts the meeting to inform Face that Tyria has finished her scans of Red and has some medications in mind. He also says that Red is sleeping and is indifferent toward the whole squadron knowing about her breakdown. Piggy also offers his services in teaching Red meditation techniques. Together, the three decide to keep Red restricted to a lighter work load, mandatory sleep, and whatever medications Tyria sees fit in an attempt to keep Kre'fey from finding out about her condition and pulling her from duty.
  • After the squadron briefing, Gizzard informs Halley that he plans to retire after their assault on the Bloodlust due to his wife being diagnosed with cancer. He tells him that he wants Halley to take command over High Flight Squadron before the battle. Halley attempts to refuse, arguing that it is on too short of notice and that Feylis is next in line to lead the squadron. In the end, Gizzard holds firm and informs Halley that Drake Norlem will trade places with him in Rogue Squadron. The switch will remain off the record until after the battle is over in order to avoid a fight with Kre'fey.
  • Elassar attempts to tell a joke at the beginning of the briefing, but falls flat on his face. After embarrassing himself during the briefing, he assists the Wraiths in the intimidation of Kre'fey. After Face gets arrested, Elassar visits him on the Sacul, pledging his, and his weapons loyalty to his CO. However, Face instructs Elassar (and the rest of the Wraiths) to assist Kre'fey in every way, as the Admiral was just looking for an excuse to kick all the Wraiths out of the assault on Grant. The plan was too delicate to survive such a move, and so Face tells Elassar that he has to work alone.
  • Tyria visits Face for his post Queens Pearl medical. Whilst in the privacy afforded to doctor/patient conversation, Tyria offers her assistance for Face's escape. Face innocently denies any plan of escape, but informs Tyria that if he WERE to escape, she'd need to be as blameless as the Wraiths.
  • (Before the briefing) Red and Piggy go through a series of exercise poses in the Sacul's vehicle hangar, as Voort tries to help Red control her aggression.
  • Elassar and Kai bemoan the lack of alcohol avaialable (owing to alert status). After they part, Elassar goes to see Kat, who gently breaks up with him, citing Face's recent loss over Asha, but Elassar points out that her anti-alien bias from her Coruscant upbringing also plays a part. As Elassar goes back to the Sacul, he remembers when Asha was bought into the medbay on the Sacul after she had been mortally wounded. As he surfaces from his memory, Kai arrives, baring a minute amount of alcohol for them to drink.
  • Red and Piggy train once more, this time on an inflatable mat. Red takes great joy in flipping Piggy just as Kai, Elassar and Void enter the room. Just as they all start practicing/playing, an alarm begins to sound...
  • Corran's training in the gym is interrupted by an badly dressed Janson. The pair mull over how to assist Face in escaping, before they decide that the Wraith Leader probably already has it in hand.
  • Face, through various holoshrouds and disguises, manages to escape the Sacul, tricking both the Wraiths and his guards in the process. Using a fake cover identity of Iba Tarell, Face leaves the Arrow, heading back to New Republic Space.
  • Aboard the Bloodlust, MB-1 makes plans to prepare for the coming of the Maker.
  • Face arrives at one of his 'FaceCaves' on Myrkr to pick up supplies for his mission to the Bloodlust. He enlists the help of ex-Wraith, Iella Wessiri to help him get to the Bloodlust and contact the Wraiths to inform them of his plan. Using his Iba Tarell disguise once more, Face boards first the Majestic, then with the unwitting help of Grakar Hoodin (the sensor tech he'd previously scammed) he arrives on the Bloodlust. Meanwhile, Iella has transmitted a recorded message to the Wraiths, were Face subtly tell them that everything has gone according to plan. Finally, Face arrives to speak to his contact on the SSD, a certain Katerina Allistre.
  • Generals Horn and Janson walk the Rogue's Arrow and Sacul the day before the battle, playing pranks on each other along the way.
  • Grand Admiral Grant deduces the source of the droid troubles aboard the Bloodlust.
  • Two of the crewmembers on the Bloodlust discuss their troubles.


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  • The Rogues and Wraiths relax in Downtime on the evening before the mission to assault the Bloodlust.
  • The Battle of Bormari.


  • With less than a minute of the Imperial ceasefire left, the Wraiths hype out of the battlefield. Elassar threatens Face with getting Rrowv to manhandle him to sickbay in order for Elassar to treat the injuries Face incurred in his final fight with Shira. Face manages to put them off long enough for him to retrieve his son, Jaden Loran, from where he had hidden him after their escape from the Bloodlust, and introduce him to the Wraiths.
  • Halley talks to Darm Gizzard after the battle, only to have Gizzard tell him that he's leaving, and Halley is now in charge. Gizzard leaves, giving Halley one last peice of advice, "Don't screw up, son.", and Halley is left to contemplate his new role.
  • Elassar gives Jaden his lucky black bantha as he struggles to comprehend the new arrival.
  • After ushering Face and Jaden into the medbay, Elassar finds a blaster crate to act as a temporary crib. He then treats Face for his plethora of injuries and, using a DNA test, confirms that Jaden is indeed Face's son.
  • Tyria is cajoled out of the barracks by Wes Janson, and is taken to a nearby pub. There she meets up with Dru, and the pair of them discuss the shortcomings of Admiral Kre'fey. Just as Tyria insults him, the Admiral himself appears. Fortunately, Dru had somehow managed to obtain incriminating evidence on the Admiral and the incident passed. Tyria, consumed by curiosity practically begged Dru for the story, but the information dealer kept his lips sealed until Wedge Antilles arrived to take Tyria's attention.
  • On the Oceans Pull, two mechanics moan about their lot in life, only to have Elassar inadvertently show them, that there were worse jobs, as he tries to ID the dozens of corpses still to be recovered.
  • Halley starts the interviewing process for the new members of High Flight Squadron.
  • Face is put on trail for assaulting Kre'fey and escaping from custody. After admitting the crimes in court, Face is fined three months wages and is given a discommendation. Kre'fey is practically apoplectic with rage, having spent over 15,000 credits in preparing the case, but is unable to change the verdict.
  • Kre'fey, Wedge and Admiral Ackbar meet with the military oversight committee. Kre'fey tries to put the blame at all the losses onto Wedge and his squadrons, but once again fails. Even Face's escape stunt is retroactively sanctioned, removing the discommendation from his record as quickly as it was added. Kre'fey then tries to make Piggy (in his absence) an Imperial infiltrator. This was ignored, but Piggy was listed as MIA. The rest of the day was spent with memorial celebrations for the lost pilots. Both Piggy and Locker leave behind holomessages, although Face does not play Locker's immediately. Red is happy to have Piggy still somehow around to continue her exercises, but chooses not to at that time.
  • Red remembers her last meditation session with Piggy, and misses her friend, part of her refusing to beleive that he was gone.
  • Red has one final nightmare, but in doing so confronts her fears and overcomes them.
  • Tyria and Wedge share a moment in the medbay, only for it to be interrupted by Face as he comes in for treatment, informing them that Jaden is his son, before succumbing to the tranquillisers given to him by Elassar. As Face sleeps, Tyria and Wedge talk about Jaden, with Tyria instinctively knowing who the mother is. The pair talk about how they couldn't have children, and how unfair it was that Face was able to have one. Once Face reawakens, he and Tyria talk. Tyria accidentally tells Face that she can't have children, and Face asks Tyria to teach Jaden the way of the Force once he is old enough.
  • Gavin mediates in hyperspace about how and where his path had taken him as he escapes from the remains of the Bloodlust
  • Piggy arrives back to the Rogues and Wraiths, and tells them the tale of how he escaped.


  • Face receives a message from Lucius Xoff, his business partner, confirming that Jaden has been written in to Face's will and that various procedures were in place to protect him, both financially and physically. Also, Face finally plays Lockers last holomessage. In it, Locker requests that Face continues the Firestorm tradition, and find someone to take over now that he had passed on. Locker requests that Face finds another half-clone, like Locker to take on the mantle of Firestorm.