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Star Wars - Rogue Squadron: Crisis on Keshoc Station

Following the death of GRAND ADMIRAL GRANT and the dissolution of his renegade fleet, the NEW REPUBLIC finds itself once again the uncontested superpower in the galaxy. Unrest stirs in the IMPERIAL REMNANT, however, as COLONEL ZAKRUS ALLISTRE's return re-ignites old vendettas.

In the meantime, ROGUE SQUADRON has been working to recover from the loss of its base ship, while WRAITH SQUADRON oversees the reconstruction of their own ship, SACUL. HIGH FLIGHT SQUADRON, hit hardest by Grant's forces in the BATTLE OF BORMARI finds itself searching for new pilots under the leadership of COLONEL HALLEY KADORTO.

While GENERAL ANTILLES oversees the formation of the new ROGUE TASK FORCE, GENERAL CORRAN HORN and COLONEL GARIK LORAN take a small group of pilots to an unassuming supply depot in one of the most backwater star systems in the Galaxy...

Cue the pan shot


Plot 16 occurs approximately 13.5 years after the Battle of Endor (17.5 ABY). Various pilots of Rogue and Wraith Squadron travel to Keshoc Station, a small station in an unimportant sector of space. However, once there, they find that COMPNOR has taken over the station, and sent it on a collision course with the planet below. Trying valiantly to save the station, several pilots are captured and tortured. However, the Rogues and Wraiths fail, with COMPNOR ensuring that the station crashes, and a virulent plague is released. The Rogues and Wraiths escape, battered, bruised and beaten, and the entire galaxy is thrown into turmoil.

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Plot 16 Introduction

A small group of pilots from Rogue and Wraith Squadron, led by Corran Horn and Face Loran take the Sacul to a small, unassuming station, Keshoc Station in orbit about the planet Keshoc IV. Although quite and unassuming, the station actually houses the TechDen, a high tech R&D facility owned by Visage Enterprises and run by Ziggy, an employee of Face, and ex-acquaintance of Dru Kargin.

Ziggy shows the various Rogues and Wraiths around his domain, eventually showing his latest creation, the Nightshroud. Almost as soon as the equipment was demonstrated, the station shook slightly, and the power went out. A quick check by the various Rogues and Wraiths found that COMPNOR had boarded the station, and it was now in decent to the planet below. Piggy's calculations gave them 24 hours until the point of no return.


  • Elassar's first thought was to go to a bar along with Kai, however, that plan is quickly hi-jacked by Corran, who determines that further intel is needed. Elassar hits open the idea of the three Jedi in the group, Corran, Tyria and Deven split up, and use the Force to communicate between the teams.
  • Red speaks to Face, and gets permission for herself and Dru to head down to the engineering section to investigate. They take some uniforms from Ziggy's store, and head off.
  • Face's mind whirls as he tries to think of all the variables of their situation, but his thoughts constantly wander to Jaden.
  • Tyria speaks to Face about how Wedge will be aware that there's something wrong, however, Face points out that by the time he can do something about it, it will be too late. Tyria then tells Face to stop worrying about Jaden, telling him to keep his mind focused, as that's the best way to save him.
  • After a slightly overly dramatic skulk through the corridor, Corran, Elassar and Kai enter a bar to get some intel. Instead, they find a rather drunk Zabrak, who both Elassar and Corran try to wake up, Elassar with stimulants, Corran with a caf pot to the head.
  • Azazel, the rather drunk civilian Zabrak pilot rescued from the bar, is woken up by Elassar's blaster in his face. He is introduced to Corran (who he originally suspects might be Han Solo in disguise). Corran and Elassar leave him in his cupboard to sober up, as they search for more information.
  • Corran marvels at Kai's sublte interrogation techniques as Face joins the group in the bar. No useful information is found, although a near-invisible Void reports that the bridge guards are likely to be COMPNOR. Elassar tries to order another drink, which Face cancels, before the waitress almost recognises the non-disguised Colonel.
  • Drake Norlem, another Rogue pilot is also in the bar, enviously watching the Rogue and Wraiths work. After Corran, Elssar and Kai leave, he is approached by Face, who had spotted him. Drake shows dislike at his current assignment, and Face gives him a new one, something Drake tries hard to hide his pleasure at.
  • Elassar, Kai, Corran and a now mutton-chopped disguised Face make their way through the station, when they come across what looks like an armoury. The group take a few minutes to scout around and procure weapons for themselves, when a group of smugglers get the drop on them. After a rather bizarre coded message from Face to the still hidden Elassar, the group manage to take out the smugglers in one lightning fast fire-fight. However, Elassar had forgotten to change his cartridges back from armour piercing, and that mistake cost the smugglers hostage her life.
  • Corran subtly leaves Elassar to Face, as he surveys the aftermath of the ambush and grabs more weapons.
  • Azazel is awoken once more by too unsavoury smugglers, Leia and Kanz. After being grappled by Kanz, Az fights back, stabbing Kanz with his horns. Leia tries to fire her disrupter pistol at the Zabrak, but Az managed to throw Kanz's dying body into the path. Before the disrupter can warm up to fire again, Leia is stunned by a mystery saviour.
  • Dru and Red walk through cramped corridors towards the engineering section discussing Dru's reasons for re-joining the New Republic. Once they get there, they assume characters and find a COMPNOR guard disguised as New Republic. As they're escorted away, Dru feigns a collapse, whilst Red distracts the guard, Dru slips a small blaster pistol out, and stuns the COMPNOR agent.
  • Scouting on his own, Theran Rel gets into a blaster fight with a group of what he assumes are commandos.
  • Face sends Kai to get the rest of the group before telling Elassar that he made a mistake, but one he'll have to deal with later. As they search the smugglers, they realise that the humans have a red, ring-sized rash on the back of their necks. There's no time to work out the meaning of this, as the smugglers colleagues return.


  • Recovering from a drunken haze, Azazel is coaxed back to sobriety by two Keshoc station denizens, Taj and Leia, and a mysterious man he internally refers to as "Deep Voice". "Deep Voice" seems to be trying to sort out his next step, before telling Azazel he has twenty-three hours left to live.
  • Theran Rel, in the midst of a firefight with a band of slavers, goads his adversaries into underestimating him, before dispatching the lot of them and leaving the scene in possession of an antique firearm, the Outlander slug rifle.
  • General Horn, Face, and Elassar try to hide from a group of slavers, but are uncovered by a sharp-eyed Rodian among them. The trained commandos quickly deal with their opposition.
  • Tyria and Face discover an odd rash on the bodies of the victims of Face's recent firefight, and plan to return to Ziggy's TechDen to procure some equipment for performing autopsies. En route, Tyria panics at the sound of approaching footsteps and kisses Face in a bid to avoid recognition. Following their banter, Face requests that the tale be retold with him being topless, as he feels it would sound better. Later, in the TechDen, Tyria educations Face on one of the tools for use in an autopsie.
  • Corran and Elassar discuss the finer points of back-scratching, conspiracy theories, and the nature of the prominent rash discovered on the bodies of their victims, while carrying one of the bodies back to the Rogue/Wraith's makeshift fortress in the station's armoury.
  • After trying to rally his rag-tag group together, Az's "Deep Voice" tries to lead Leia and Az somewhere, prompting a rant from Leia accusing him of being COMPNOR, and villifying him for their plan to crash Keshoc station into the planet below. "Deep Voice" reveals himself as Drake Norlem, but Leia attacks him nonetheless, with her assault ending with Az dropping her with a stun bolt. After another round of threats, Az concedes and agrees to help Drake get back to the Rogues and Wraiths.
  • Tyria performs an autopsy and discovers that the rashes are caused by a virulent disease, presumably a strain of the Krytos virus that has grown resilient to bacta. While discussing the virus' modes of transmission, Tyria reveals to Elassar that she'd kissed Face. Face points out that he was topless before the three get back on task and resolve to find an antidote.
  • Corran and Dru rig a janitorial droid to explode to set off the fire sprinklers in order to clean out an air duct, which they are then able to use to "sneak" in to another part of the station.
  • Making his way back to the armoury, Theran finds himself climbing down a turbolift shaft and besieged by Imperial guards. A blaster bolt impacts the ladder he's climbing, firing white-hot metal into his left eye, destroying it. He then confronts five Imperial personnel and executes them before gaining entrance to the armoury level.
  • After a short disagreement regarding Dru's decision to take a hostage, Face and Dru interrogate the hostage in a classic good cop, bad cap routine during which Face feigns "going rogue" and pretends to knock Dru senseless in order to facilitate torturing the man along with Void. After their victim spills the beans, Face reveals his torture methods to have been a nerf steak and an ice pop, before Dru stuns him. Before the two can divulge their findings, Theran bursts in following his escape and is sent to see Tyria about his eye.
  • On their trek back to the armoury, Az goads Drake, accusing him of xenophobia. While listening for patrols, Drake inadvertently opens a door and instinctively punches out the occupant of the room, apparently an Imperial trooper masquerading as a maintenance worker. Drake decides to interrogate him on the spot, and plays himself off as the notorious Face Loran in a bid to intimidate his subject. The pair quickly learn that their victim is naught but a teenager with aspirations of joining the Imperial forces, knock him out again, and resume dragging both of their unconscious victims to the armoury.
  • Still dragging their victims, Drake and Az pass the closet Az had passed out in before he was found on their way to the armoury. Whilst waiting in a turbolift, Drake convinces Az to divulge some information about himself, and then informs the Zabrack that the station is in a decaying orbit.
  • Theran reports to Tyria's makeshift infirmary, where she cleans his wounded eye, heals the socket, and fits him with an eye patch. After the ex-Imperial leaves, Elassar notices that Tyria is exhibiting the same rash that the sufferers of the virus had. She informs Face and insists that if she doesn't make it, he deliver the news to Wedge himself.