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Six weeks have passed since COMPNOR crashed KESHOC STATION
into its parent planet. The plague released from the impact spread
aggressively across the world, infecting the human and non-human
population within hours. KESHOC proved to be only the first as
outbreaks were quickly reported at nearly every major transportation
hub though out the galaxy.

The NEW REPUBLIC, struggling to provide relief for the countless
suffering and dying from this strange illness, have yet to discover a
cure. CORUSCANT has become a quarantined world in the hopes of
holding back the plague while a cure is sought.

Meanwhile, the EMPIRE has reemerged from their corner of space to
the aid of the dying worlds; offering an apparent cure and the hope
of survival. World after world has pledged their allegiances to the
EMPIRE out of desperation or from Imperial coercion, and the NEW
REPUBLIC has become dangerously fragmented while the EMPIRE
once again becomes the dominant force in the galaxy...

The events of Plot 17 begin approximately 13.5 years after the Battle of Endor (17.5 ABY).

The Imperial Remnant secretly designed a plague. It was particularly nasty, and the whole galaxy got infected, a LOT of people died. However, the Imperial Remnant was not only evil, it was sneaky! It had built up a HUGE fleet, and positioned supporters in the New Republic. When the Imperial Remnant released the cure for the plague (which they'd prepared) the majority of the galaxy welcomed them with open arms. Those who didn't, the Imperials reclaimed the old fashioned way.

Within a space of 6 weeks, the balance of power shifted. The once galactic spanning New Republic was shattered into a thousand Rebel cells, fighting to stay alive, fighting to find each other, and fighting the newly resurrected Empire.

General Wedge Antilles, the commanding officer of the newly commissioned 'Task Force Renegade', received a hastily coded message from Admiral Ackbar, simply telling him to hide. Wedge took it upon himself, to turn his force into one military unit, fighting against the Empire, with no backup or assistance, searching for allies, as well as hurting the evil Galactic Empire once more.

Reorganising the Task Force (including shifting ranks around to suit roles), Wedge and the rest of the gang find themselves alone, fighting the good fight...

Plot 17a

  • Lieutenant Brya Jaa'roo, along with fellow Black Force Squadron pilots Monroe and Nyret, discover the aftermath of a battle between New Republic and Imperial forces. Among the ruined ships is found the New Republic ship Vindicator, formerly home to New Republic Intelligence headquarters.
  • Aboard the Sacul, Colonel Face Loran and Lieutenant Jaa'roo make plans to retrieve an apparently-intact computer core from the wreckage of the Vindicator.
  • Colonel Corran Horn muses on the events of the past weeks as he and Major Dru Kargin of Rogue Squadron fly to meet Lieutenant Jaa'roo and Wraith Squadron to aid in the recovery of the Vindicator's computer core.
  • As the team maneuvers into position, Face flashes back to Task Force Renegade's accidental late-entry into the fall of Coruscant and the destruction of the 1st Fleet.
    • The Krayli's Valour drops out of hyperspace following the last leg of her shakedown cruise into the aftermath of a battle over Coruscant, wherein the New Republic's 1st Fleet was destroyed and Coruscant lost to Imperial forces. Whilst still prepping for combat, Task Force Renegade receives a coded Omega Red signal from Admiral Ackbar, the New Republic military's "ultimate bug out" code. The Valour is seen, and assaulted by three Imperial II-class Star Destroyers, but Wedge orders the first firing of the MAC, destroying the lead Star Destroyer just before escaping into hyperspace.
  • Brya begins the salvage of the Vindicator's data cores with Dru, Lieutenant Octavia "Red" Terah, Captain Keyta Rey'lya and two redshirt technicians from the Krayli's Valour carrying out the task while Colonel Horn flies reconnaissance. The team agrees to prioritize the recovery of the data, and then salvage the computer core as a unit, for use as a spare onboard the Valour.
  • Colonel Horn flashes back to the start of his recent Jedi journey.
    • Corran finds himself on the wrong side of the odds, facing off against 6 TIE/ln fighters and their mothership, a Nebulon-B class frigate. In a desperate bid to escape, he dives for the planet below to avoid being caught in a tractor beam.
    • Flashing back, Corran recalls his last conversation with General Wedge Antilles, when he obtained permission to leave on his journey.
    • After managing to vape three of the TIEs, Corran takes a mortal hit and his starfighter goes down, prompting him to eject from his unwittingly-inverted X-Wing. His X-Wing is destroyed, along with his astromech droid, Whistler, leaving him alone and filthy in a swamp.
  • Colonels Horn and Loran arrange to call in the Valour to properly salvage the battlefield, and Face launches Major Katrin Halcyon and Lieutenant Commander Carithlee Lightfoot as in A-Wings as Ghost 5 and 6 to aid the Rogue leader in a sensor sweep of the boneyard. Later, Sacul convinces Face to indulge her in a request to change course.
  • At Sacul's clandestine destination, Face retrieves a large container that seems to be of unique interest to the Sacul. After some theatrics, the ship reveals the contents of the box to be a Human Replica Droid, a cybernetic construct of machine and flesh, made in Sacul's image. The ship transfers her personality into the new droid, bringing her interaction with the crew to a whole new level.
  • While performing his sensor sweep, Corran flashes back to his trek through an alien swamp.
    • Alone and injured, Corran fades in and out of concussion-induced hallucinations. Fighting his own exhausting, he dodges the local fauna within the local flora, but eventually succumbs, collapsing. His final memory is that of being apparently rescued by a pair of beings.
  • While surveying the Vindicator's computer core to prepare for its eventual removal, Brya trips an apparent booby-trap, starting a chain of explosions which prompts her to hastily order the derelict's evacuation before losing radio contact.
  • Back in the Vindicator's control room, Dru oversees a hasty evacuation. On his way out of the room, an explosion throws him forward, prompting him to return to shut the blast door in a bid to hold back the force of future explosions. Shadow darkens the situation further with news of Imperial starships dropping out of hyperspace. Face, Kat, Shadow, and Corran quickly coordinate their defence, as Brya continues her flight from the computer core. Red coordinates with her astromech, Hope, to begin the preparation of the waiting X-Wings for the evacuating recovery crew, soliciting the help of Dru's astromech in remotely slicing and powering up the small shuttle used by technicians Purdy and Djemah. Dru elicits an illicit code from Face in order to override the locked-open blast door before joining the others in the run for their starfighters. Shadow and Kat dogfight with a flight of TIE\ln fighters, before noticing a full wing of fighters appearing on their sensor screens.

Plot 17b

Plot 17c