Plot 18

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It has been a year since incident aboard KESHOC STATION.
The once galactic spanning NEW REPUBLIC has been systematically
attackedby a newly reborn GALACTIC EMPIRE. With the assistance
of a newly found Sith Planet of KESH, as well as the cloning
facilities of KAMINO, the EMPIRE has once more wrapped the
galaxy in its iron fist.

The elite group of fighters from the New Republic Renegade Taskgroup,
including the famous ROGUE SQUADRON, and infamous WRAITH SQUADRON,
have finally made contact with the New Republic's leadership.

Now, newly christened, the NEW REBELLION, the elite group of pilots,
commandos and agents await their next mission. One fraught with danger.

For when the good guys absolutely have to win,
there’s only one group to turn to...


Approximately 14.5 years after the Battle of Endor (18.5 ABY)

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