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Approximately 8.25 years after ROTJ
RS attacks another of Khyyron’s research facilities. Tynna Base gets attacked again. RS moves to Apex Base on Coruscant. They fight off some Imperial infiltrators.

RS is sent to Nox Base to investigate the formerly-Imperial Noz Research Facility. They discover the production of the advanced technology and the brutality of the Noz. A couple RS pilots capture a Cataclysm-Class Cruiser (later named the Rogue’s Arrow). Khyyron’s flagship the Vertex arrives with an Imperial fleet and tries to take command of the Noz Research Facility and destroy Rogue Squadron. The Noz escape. The Rogues fight the Imps and win with reinforcements. Corran and Tyria confront and kill Darth Khyyron.





  • General Horn and Tyria infiltrate the Imperial hideout. Tyria faces her fear of heights as she performs the task of shutting down the hideout’s power. The New Republic troops are able to enter the hideout and capture the Imperials. General Horn announces that it is time for Tyria to make her own lightsaber.
  • Tyria expresses her joy at being allowed to make a lightsaber.
  • Tyria continues to have dreams and flashbacks about her childhood tragedy.
  • Tyria is not sure how to make a lightsaber. Janson attempts to make one for her, but ends up with a powerful glowrod.
  • The generals and commanders have a meeting with the High Council. They are told about their new base location, their new ship, and a new mission. They are to depart that night for a secret Imperial facility on an extremely dangerous mission. Eight pilots are promoted.
  • Tyria expresses her surprise at getting a promotion to Commander. While she and Syla are packing, she tells Syla about her dreams. She figures they must be triggered by something. Tyria decides to keep this information from General Horn.
  • (complete story) "Major Garik Loran grinned. Time for some fun!"
  • RS moves into Nox base, and Tyria and Syla are sent on a recon mission. Tyria’ recon X-wing experiences mechanical problems and is forced to land on a moon orbiting the planet Noz I. On that moon, she discovers an Imperial mining group. She and Syla hitch a ride on the shuttle returning to Noz I. On the planet, Tyria spots something that literally makes her heart skip several beats.
  • Tyria spots a replica of herself when she was seven years old. She and Syla approach the young girl, and are taken a back by her attitude towards them. The girl has a lightsaber and is strong in the force, and her name is Tyria as well. They take her back to base.
  • Face reviews over his plans for RS in the future.
  • Kell installs a new voice chip in Rancor, his R2 unit.
  • Lara has a bad run-in with little Tyria. Tyria and Syla discuss new flight groups and commanders.
  • Tyria gives little Tyria a good talking to for her rude behavior with Lara. Tyria discovers that little Tyria posses the same memories as herself. Medical tests show that little Tyria is a clone.
  • Face takes several pilots on another recon mission. They discover something.
  • Tyria tells Winter that Tyyria is her clone.
  • Face invites Lara to be part of his future infiltration group.
  • Rancor talks to Kell and Winter.


  • Tyria asks Face if she can come along on his future infiltration mission.
  • Face accepts Tyria into the infiltration group. He tells her more info about it.
  • Lara has General Horn change Ran’s next of kin notification from herself to Tyria. Elscol reports that Tyyria is trying to steal an X-wing.
  • Janson puts together a large backpack of supplies for Face’s infiltration mission.
  • Ran resigns from his Commando Liaison position in Page’s commando group. He has a talk with Lara. The conversation ends with Lara running from the room. While unpacking his stuff, Ran comes across a hologram of Lara and a man he looks like himself. He is confused about his identity, and asks Tyria, “Who am I?”.
  • Tyria tells Ran about what happened before with his relationship with Lara.
  • Janson shows Face his backpack.
  • General Horn looks at the information Face collected on his recon mission. It is discovered that one of the system’s planets has an underground base. Face and General Horn discuss it. Tyyria has a dream about Khyyron wanting to make her empress. Tyyria sneaks into Downtime and serves herself a drink, over the server droids broken body. In her intoxicated state, she thinks the base is under attack and steals General Horn’s X-wing.
  • Tyria stops Tyyria from stealing the X-wing. General Horn questions Tyyria about her previous training.
  • Ran, obsessed with finding out who he really is, asks Lara the “Who am I?” question. He ends up running from the room in embarrassment. He then goes the General Horn’s office and demands information about himself. General Horn refuses to give it to him. Ran then completely looses it and attacks General Horn. Tyria comes in for the rescue, and Ran is dragged away.
  • Tyria leaves the med center where her injuries from the fight with Ran had been treated (A story by Ran about Tyria’s lightsaber construction on Coruscant is inserted in this story). Tyria heads towards Ran’s cell where she has a yell at him. She then files a report about what he had done.
  • Lara goes to Ran’s cell to talk to him, but finds out she needs authorization from a commander. She asks for it from Tyria, and after a very, very, very long and heated discussion, Tyria finally gives it to her.
  • Lara talks to Ran in his cell. Ran still can't figure out who he is, and neither can Lara. Ran throws himself against the laser bars in desperation, and ends up needing even more medical attention.
  • Face “interrogates” Ran. Ran can’t figure out who he is and why everyone is treating him the way they are.
  • Tyria and Tyyria have a talk. Tyyria tells her about how she was trained. She believes that only through anger can she fully unleash her power.
  • Callista is still in the dark Jedi’s base. She struggles with herself over which path to take. Is the dark Jedi right? Should she join him? Finally, in desperation, Callista calls out to Corran through the force.
  • Ran thinks about his confrontation with Face. He comes to the decision that death would be the best path for him to take. He fails at his attempt to kill himself.


  • The briefing for the scouting mission of the base on Nemesis takes place.
  • Face gets ready for the mission (Story not available at this time).
  • In a fit of anger, Tyyria reveals stunning information about something in Tyria's past that she did not know. General Horn “pumps” Tyyria for information. Much is revealed about Tyyria and Tyria’s connections to Khyron, Khyyron, and Ran-Syi. General Horn hears Callista calling him.
  • Tyyria puts off the hardened emotional shroud she wears, and reveals what she’s feeling inside.
  • Ran-Syi returns from the unknown realm from which he had previously departed. He lands back in his quarters in the ravaged ruins of the RS base on Tynna. He now has to find a way to get off the planet.
  • The six selected pilots embark on their mission to Nemesis, flying tie interceptors. They enter the base with minimal difficulty.
  • The pilots make their way farther into the base as disguising as mechanics. They come upon a huge cylindrical chamber.
  • Face, posing as Imperial officer, extracts information from some workers.
  • The pilots make their way down to the bottom of the chamber. At the bottom they discover thousands of slaves. The pilots travel to the next room below and discover an ENORMOUS room full of inventions. Included among the piles of machinery are dozens of Cataclysm-Class Cruisers under construction.
  • The system's Prime Minister has a chat with the commander who had rescued Tyyria from Khyyron. They come to the decision that they can neither join Khyyron's force nor the New Republic. The system's military is already started to be built up at a quick rate. The commander had brought the Cataclysm-Class Cruiser design over from Khyyron.
  • Callista contacts General Horn, before his mission to Nemesis, through the force. General Horn decides to send Mirax to find her.
  • Lara decides to help Nox Base's mechanics out with repairs. While working, her arc welder malfunctions and cuts through her vacuum suit. Her comrades barely get to her in time to revive her.
  • Wedge thinks over his career. One of the base's doctors reports to him Lara's condition. She has to undergo intensive surgery and could be out for a long time. To get his mind off his worries, Wedge calls together a match in the simulators.
  • Feylis goes into Ran's cell and sees him lying on the floor. Against orders, she transports him to the med center.


  • Wedge holds a simulator challenge. Near the end of the match, he tangles with Feylis. She slams her X-wing down on his, causing him to crash. Then, she collides with Kell Tainer. The match results in Feylis being the winner. Wedge gives Feylis an unexpected promotion to Commander.
  • This is about Kell's view and involvement of the simulator battle.
  • Tyria asks General Horn if she can train Tyyria to the light side. General Horn is skeptical of it, but finally consents.
  • Feylis goes to see Ran as he returns to his cell from the med center. He seems disturbingly like Tycho and Corran.
  • Tyria visits Ran. She is startled to see a change in him. He has no idea why he is facing these charges. He has no remembrance of what he had done. Tyria comes to the realization that when Ran had been transferred to Tycho's body, he had taken on some of Tycho and Corran's personalities. Tyria sees he is a totally different person. The change to this new person occurred when he threw himself into the energy bars and received the electrical shock. Tyria scrambles around base to gain evidence of Ran's personality change. General Horn discovers what Tyria has been doing, and doesn't agree with her about Ran. He orders her to stop. Tyria doesn't stop, but rather starts to plan with Feylis on how to get Ran out of his cell.
  • Tyria and Feylis break Ran out of his cell. He then stuns them with his blaster and takes an X-wing.
  • General Horn confronts Tyria about helping Ran escape. After a long "discussion" General Horn decides to postpone Tyria's Jedi training until he feels she's ready. Tyria storms off, slamming her lightsaber onto General Horn's desk. In the hallway, she confronts Feylis. Tyria returns to her quarters in a deeply depressed state. She has lost two of her best friends, and possibly her Jedi dream. She contemplates taking several deadly pills. Tyyria rushes in and takes them from her, just in time. Tyria has a dream about killing General Horn.
  • Feylis tells General Horn about what happened with Ran. She has another heated talk with Tyria.
  • Face explains to Feylis that he has been working on clearing Ran the whole time. He's upset that Feylis helped him escape. He then tells her to pack up her supplies because they're heading to Nemesis to retrieve Ran.
  • Tyria approaches Feylis again. This time things are different. They part from each other, once again friends.


  • Ran lands on Nemesis. He finds an injured stormtrooper--a female trooper. He's attending to her injuries when he hears a noise behind him.
  • Face and Feylis step up behind Ran. It is a tense moment as they exchange words.
  • Feylis's view of the incident.
  • Ran fires angry phrases at Face and Feylis. Suddenly, stormtroopers show up and start firing at them. Feylis is hit badly, and Ran quickly helps her. Face and Ran drag her back to the X-wings before returning to base.
  • Face thinks over how Ran is now.
  • Ran gets back to base and is dragged off to his cell. He is greatly angered at Face.
  • Feylis lays in the med center, barely clinging to life. She calls in Ran and explains to him that she did not betray him and he's still her friend. Feylis rips off her Commander's badge and gives it to Ran; she doesn't want it anymore. She asks for Ran's forgiveness.
  • Edor hears about Feylis's injuries.
  • Tyria wants her lightsaber back and she searches through General Horn's office for it. General Horn finds her, and demands an explanation. He refuses to give her saber back, and tells her to leave. She refuses and starts to get violent. General Horn punishes her with a week of base service.
  • Ran tears off his Lieutenant's badge and forgives Feylis.
  • Tyria uses her Jedi powers to heal Feylis. Tyria then goes to talk to Ran. After saying a few words to him, she collapses from exhaustion. Feylis starts to recover.
  • Face hears that Feylis is getting better. He files a report to General Horn about believing that Ran is now of sound mind and ready for active duty.
  • Face thinks about Ran's mental condition. He figures that Ran just needs to learn how to control his anger.
  • Ran-Syi takes on the guys in the Imperial shuttle on Tynna. After repairing the ship, he takes off to find out what has happened to Rogue Squadron.


  • General Horn gives Tyria her lightsaber. He reads over Face's report and talks to him about it. They're now waiting for the psychology reports to come in about Ran's condition. Kyp gets promoted to Lieutenant. Mareek Stele observes Khyyron's obsessions. He feels that soon someone else will take Khyyron's command.
  • As Tyria holds her newly-acquired saber, she thinks about the past incidents between her and General Horn. Tyria apologizes to Face about interfering with his plans to save Ran. Face suggests that she apologize to General Horn, but she refuses. Tyria returns to her quarters angry, and Tyyria rebukes her for giving into anger and being a bad example.
  • Feylis continues to recover. Face orders her not to get hurt anymore.
  • Tyria uses her abilities to travel deep into Ran's mind. She sees the two separate personalities twisting together. Ran has flashbacks of what Corran experienced in his interrogation session with Isard.
  • Tierce observes Ran, then talks to General Horn about him. Tierce suggests that Ran visit a planet where other people like Ran live.
  • Edor requests that he accompany Ran and Tierce on their journey to the planet.
  • Tyria journeys with Tyyria to her (their) home town on Toprawa. They are surprised to find the town completely wiped out. Tyria stumbles upon the graves of her parents. After talking to an old storekeeper, they find out what happened. Years ago, Imperials had attacked again. General Horn, leading a small group of pilots, told everyone to evacuate the town before he blew up the power plant, taking out the entire Imperial raiding force. Because of bad timing, he had to blow up the town before all the townsfolk got out. Tyria's parents were killed. Tyria storms into General Horn's office and calls her a murderer. General Horn is deeply grieved by the news; he did not know of her parent's death at his own hand. Tyria packs up her bags and prepares to leave the base, but Feylis intercepts her.
  • Tests are run on Ran, and they bring forth this conclusion: "It has been now scientifically proven that Ran Kether is most definitely a different person. We conclude that due to enormous electrical shocks, the brain expulsed not only any traces of schizophrenic personalities, but memories as well. The brain was essentially wrung of its information stored inside. As it slowly began to reconstruct and reabsorb information, it had to condense certain sets of information. The three personalities that people say he exhibited have been compressed into one. He is now a mix of the three, and is not any one of them, and hence we conclude that yes, he is a completely different person despite similarities to other personalities he may have possessed. For more information please contact my office and feel free to review the scans of his brain enclosed in this data pack."
  • Feylis gives Tyria a good talking to and convinces her to stay.


  • Tierce talks to Tyyria, and discovers that her feelings do not match Tyria’s feelings about General Horn. Tierce requests to General Horn that Tyria be sent with Ran to Manoath, the planet where Ran may be healed.
  • Tyria asks General Antilles if she can be transferred to another flight group. Wedge questions her thoroughly, and surprises Tyria by offering her the command of Raider Flight. Tyria is confused by his generosity, but accepts it. After thinking about General Horn, she finally realizes the true reason he stopped her Jedi training. She knows he’s right, but she can’t bring herself to admit it to anyone, especially since he killed her parents.
  • Raider Flight heads off on their first mission with their new leader.
  • Face gets his flight group prepared for action.
  • Kell receive the instructions from Face.
  • Edor gets his X-wing ready for a journey.
  • Kell, along with the rest of the Rogues, flies in a simulator death match. During the battle, several Imperial ships fly in. The Rogues have to turn away from each other and take on the Imps. Kell gets shot down by Ace Azzameen, who was flying on the Imps side.
  • As the battle rages on, all the pilots get shot down except for Corran and Tyria. Tyria turns her attention away from the attacking ties, and instead fires a shot at General Horn, destroying his ship. In the simulator room, General Horn tells Tyria that he had let her shoot him down. He wanted to see whether or not she would shoot him down instead of the TIEs. Tyria, greatly angered, storms off.
  • Arvin, the stealth frigate that supplies Nox Base is ambushed. Only Elassar Targon, along with nine other members of Stealth Flight survive. Stealth 1, Stealth 2, six K-Wings, and the stealth frigate are destroyed. The ten X-wing pilots make their way back to Nox Base.
  • Shira Brie, Stealth 3, vents out her anger over the loss of Arvin and her squadron leaders.


  • Callista is still in captivity in the Dark Jedi’s fortress. She uses her newly recovered abilities to scan the sky above the planet for lifeforms. One day, she senses a ship approaching, with a pilot…Ran-Syi Torack.
  • Elassar experiences nightmares concerning the loss of the Arvin. In the middle of the night, he climbs into a simulator and plays the Arvin Run over and over again in an attempt to correct his mistakes in the original battle. Tyria finds him there, and they have a talk.