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Approximately 8.5 years after ROTJ
RS moves to Aquaris Base. Train for upcoming missions.

Rogue Squadron joins a fleet while a team of Rogues embark on Operation: Vertex (OV), an uncover mission aboard the Vertex that will lead to the ship’s destruction.

Noz infiltrators in the RS base attempt to deter RS from embarking on their missions, but fail.


  • The Rogues settle into Aquaris Base; Missions are being planned to go after the Imps; Face gets trigger-happy and causes a leak; Janson modifies his quarters; Halley Kadorto arrives at Aquaris; Tierce arrives at Aquaris; Janson pulls a prank with a "shark" in his pool; Wedge announces that training for future missions is to begin; A "flashback" story that takes place before Battle for Truth, Shira has trouble fitting in; Face and his team train for their mission


  • More training sessions; a prankster begins to victimize the squadron; Shira opens up to Lara; Face asks Wedge for permission to play a prank on the prankster one he/she is caught; Tyria wonders about the prankster and has brief conversations with Whistler while scrubbing the golden X-Wing model of its coating of silver spray paint (compliments of the prankster)
  • Janson plots to catch the prankster; Face's blasters were ruined by said prankster; Janson and Face work to catch...guess who...the prankster; Shira Brie poses a request to Face that she be included on the infiltration mission, and gets angry when she is turned down; Edor leaves on a vacation; Ran has a slicing lesson...
  • Wedge and Tyria decide to put Face and Shira together for the upcoming mock RS battle. Shira and Face have been a bit at odds with each other ever since Face turned down Shira’s request to accompany him on Operation Vertex.


  • Wedge takes the Sacul out for a spin. General Horn, under the guise of Gabriel Freedmon, comes to the realization of how desperate his situation is on the Vertex. Escape is nearly impossible in any short amount of time, and people are getting suspicious of him. The head of Intelligence, head of the palace security, and Queen Ceda’s head maid/bodyguard discuss what is happening in the Kingdom. General Antilles advises Face to have his pilots pack for their mission.
  • Shira finds out the news that she is paired with Face for the mock battle.
  • Shira tells Face the news. Neither is too happy about the arrangement.
  • Edor takes a short trip to Yavin 4.
  • Dru and Gemmer fly the Cataclysm-Class B Cruiser Aquaris. On the way, they attempt to fix some of the faulty systems.
  • Halley becomes a victim to the prankster’s tricks. He is rendered unconscious by a heavy sandbag, and dreams about the woman of whose identity he cannot remember, in the picture by his bed.
  • Tyria is visited by the spirit of General Horn. It turns out to be a projector, another one of the prankster’s cruel pranks.
  • Wedge gives a detailed briefing of Operation Vertex.
  • Elassar Targon tries to help Ran get into character for the mission.
  • Ground Assault gets kicked off!
  • Ran goes to Face for a disguise and ID. Ran must pose as a cyborg.


  • General Antilles breaks in his new office on Rogue's Arrow. He and Jason test fly the ship. General Antilles gets unexpected word that Admiral Ackbar is leading a portion of the fleet.
  • Face gets his Operation Vertex team packed for the mission. Janson presents some of his special gadgets.
  • The pilots are suddenly attacked in the base by a team of experts who have been posed as base personnel. Wedge is attacked first and escapes death, but Syla Tors is less fortunate.
  • Tierce meets up with Dia and Derek, and joins the battle.
  • Myn meets up with Face, and they fight together.
  • Meets up with Wedge and Tyria during the battle.
  • Gemmer groups up with Face and Myn for the battle. Gemmer is injured.
  • Flight Cadet Tenk Lenso, who had tipped off the attackers, escapes from the base.
  • Shira is woken up during the battle and exits her room, meeting Halley in the hall at blaster point.
  • Halley is still in the med center, and barely escapes death at one of the attacker’s (disguised as a doctor) hand. He meets the barrel of Shira’s blaster in the hall.
  • Face and Myn continue on.
  • Gemmer attempts to subdue the danger of his injury with the help of his stolen saber.


  • Edor leaves Yavin 4 and returns to base.
  • Shira and Halley creep through the air duct in the base. They finally exit it and meet up with Face, Gemmer, and Myn.
  • Shira, Halley, Myn, Face, Gemmer, Wedge, and Tyria all meet up. Plans are made.
  • "I'll hit engineering."
  • Wedge modifies the plans. Haley and Shira head off back through the air duct to enter into the capture communications room. Face and Myn take the front door of the room. Dru and Gemmer head to the engineering deck to get the base power back out. Wedge and Tyria head towards the main control area.
  • Dru and Gemmer embark on their journey through multiple passages.
  • Shira and Halley successfully captur the communications room and turn off the jamming. Face and Myn successfully guard the door. Once the jamming stops, the pranksters figure they have lost the battle, and try to escape.
  • Dru and Gemmer successfully get the power back up.
  • Tyria and Wedge head off on their adventure to the main control area. They are intercepted by a prankster and forced to travel through the service levels of the base until they get under the hangar where the pranksters are headed. Tyria and Wedge stow aboard a transport that the prankster escape off in. Their attempt to capture the pranksters fails, and the ship plunges into the ocean. Only Wedge and Tyria survive.


  • The christening ceremony for our Cataclysm-Class B Cruiser, Rogue's Arrow, is held.
  • In the dead of the night, Face gets the call that the Vertex’s next waypoint has been located. All those involved in Operation Vertex must get ready, for the shuttle will arrive shortly.
  • A look back at the prankster battle. Janson first foils an attempt against his life. Then, he meets up with Wedge and Tyria. Janson has to use the men’s room, so he brings Cowan and Olin Garn along. The prankster leader pops up. Cowan is knocked unconscious and Olin is killed. Janson takes on the prankster alone, and using his own tactics, defeats him.
  • Lara gets the call from Face that Operation Vertex is starting. On her way to the Intelligence briefing room, she meets up with Shira and tells her the news.
  • Face and Ran make their way towards the Intelligence briefing room. On the way, they see a credit lying on the floor. They both dive and tackle for it. The credit skitters around as the fight ensues. Finally the remote-controlled credit falls down a long shaft, where Janson retrieves it.
  • Face pounds on Janson’s door to get him up for the mission. Finally Janson obliges and heads to the briefing room. Once there, Ran, Tyria, and Lara comment on his attire.
  • Tyria is awaken by Face’s call, and makes her way to the briefing room. On the way, she meets Wedge.
  • The members of OV receive some instructions in the base Intelligence center.
  • The briefing ends, and Janson finishes packing.
  • General Horn encounters some Imps who are calling his name. The Intelligence commander arrives in a shuttle at the RS base. Ceeceliah tortures the commander of the prankster infiltration group for his failure.




  • Halley gets word of a quick mission for RS to perform before they leave on the fleet.
  • Tierce fights against the base’s new human replica droid.
  • Jesmin and Dorset have Dru and Airen accompany them on a test flight. Jes and Dor take off in a wild race, while Dru chases after. Airen perishes as his X-wing blows apart, caused by a faulty engine valve. Jes and Dor are confined to their quarters.
  • Edor gets several pilots to help him clean up a Meat Surprise bomb that has gone off in his quarters.
  • Jesmin and Dorset walk up to Dru as he repairs his X-wing, and apologize for their little adventure.
  • Iella, Feylis, Myn, and Grinder send Kettch with a hidden camera into Wedge’s office. They find out what it is that is causing the general to act the way he does. They pull off a small show and have a talk with him to sort things out. General Antilles agrees to be a bit easier on the pilots.


  • General Horn has a dream about what had gone on with the OV pilots on the shuttle in.
  • Carithlee wanders around the base and accidentely finds Face’s secret weapons cache. Then, she meets up with Dorset and Jesmin, and gets them all in trouble.
  • General Antilles thinks about what his pilots have talked with him about and the mission ahead.
  • Halley’s droid painfully gets his owner up in the morning for the mission.
  • As punishment, Dorset, Jesmin, and Carithlee are given the task of counting and sorting all the popcorn kernels and caf beans needed for the mission on the Rogue’s Arrow.
  • Edor, along with friends, successfully cleans his room out of the Meat Surprise Janson had placed in there in the form of a bomb.
  • Kettch comes to visit Carithlee, Jesmin, and Dorset as they attend to their task.
  • Target, Myn, Halley, and several other pilots accomplish a mission against an Imperial base. Unfortunately, there are heavy losses on both sides
  • Dorset and Jesmin leave the cargo room and play a prank on Gayla.
  • Wedge writes in his journal about the events of the past day.
  • The members of OV prepare the shuttle for landing on the Vertex. After erasing all Imperial traces, Lara sets the shuttle softly down on the Vertex hangar bay floor.