Plot 4

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Approximately 8.75 years after ROTJ
Rogue Squadron begins to explore the Unknown Regions. The OVers get aboard the Vertex and begin their mission.

At this point in the Plot, the RS board got unexpectedly deleted, and we lost a small portion of Plot 4. However, due to various circumstances, the RS Plot was not continued until a year later (in both Plot time and real time).


  • The sun rises over Aquaris, making the beginning of a new day…and a new journey into the unknown.
  • Edor wakes up as the sun rises, and makes sure everything is ready for the mission.
  • Gemmer wakes up and does the same.
  • Wedge wakes up and heads to breakfast.
  • Edor inspects the new matte black paintjob on his X-wing, and asks Dorset’s opinion on it.
  • Dorset comments that it’s very nice looking.
  • Edor finds out the Rogue’s Arrow will embark in the late afternoon.
  • Wedge finishes grooming himself to fit the part of a starship’s commander.
  • Dru gets up and gets ready for the mission.
  • Shadow does the same, after a brief encounter with Kettch.
  • Halley wakes up to quite a surprise—a birthday party for him!
  • Target wakes up just in time to be a tad late for Halley’s birthday party.
  • Halley’s POV of the Imp mission on Day 27.
  • Edor gives Halley a present.
  • Shadow bakes a cake for Halley.


  • Wedge gives a speech. The pilots board the Rogue's Arrow just before it leaps into hyperspace. Outbound Hunt has begun!
  • Edor reaches the bridge as the ship enters hyperspace.
  • Same for Gemmer.
  • Tierce witnesses the start of the mission, then invites Wedge to a senior officers simulator match.
  • Edor explores the ship, meets up with an R3 droid named Linky, finds his quarters, and lies down for a rest.
  • Shadow witnesses the start of the mission, then accidentely crashes into another pilot. She wakes up in the medbay where she meets the pilot she collided with, Kenn Nitram.
  • Kenn has a talk with his R2 unit, Angel. The droid insists that Kenn likes Shadow.
  • Wedge wins the simulator match, then heads down to the lower levels of the Rogue’s Arrow to talk to the head technician about technical malfunctions. Next, he walks to Halley’s quarters and gives him a cleaning droid, which he can keep if he first learns how to make his room clean and tidy.
  • Edor’s droid wakes him up.
  • Halley accepts Wedge’s officer. He has Jesmin give him a crash course on cleaning his room. Wedge is satisfied with the job. Halley’s droid insists that Halley likes Jesmin.
  • Edor enters the Mess Hall. Halley charges in, being chased by his droid, Tranzo. Edor quickly shuts and locks the door.
  • Gemmer opens the door for Tranzo.
  • Dru creates a new flight stick, and uses it in the simulators to beat Edor.
  • Admiral Daanson Sarkin and Viper Admiral Visszer-1 discuss the head technician they had placed on the Rogue’s Arrow to gather information to see if the New Republic could be an ally, enemy, or useful tool.
  • Gemmer accidentely surprises Edor, causing him to leap in the air and land on his ankle, sending him to the medical center.


  • Wedge finds out the Rogue’s Arrow’s next waypoint.
  • Jade brings Shadow a present in the medical center.
  • Tyro, Shadow’s droid, travels around and makes friends.
  • Dorset and Jesmin have another run-in with Gayla before they leave on the Rogue’s Arrow.
  • The members of OV are taken to the recruitment office on the Vertex.
  • Shadow opens here present.
  • Gemmer accidentely causes a huge explosion in his quarters, injuring himself.
  • As the members of OV are taking to get their Ids checked over, they have a slight run-in with two members of 181st.
  • Dru assists in getting Gemmer to the medical center.
  • Shadow leaves the medical center, tries to find her quarters, and gets lost.
  • Kenn finds Shadow and helps her to her quarters.


  • The members of OV have their Ids checked over. Next, they pass a mission in the simulators. However, Tyria barely passes because of sudden dizzy spells.
  • Tyria talks to Face about it.
  • The fleet gets a distress signal from a nearby planet. Once they arrive, they are ambushed by Marauders. RS gets ready for battle.
  • The pilots get ready to launch.
  • Tranzo gets Halley up for the mission. Halley gets into his X-wing.
  • Shadow gets up and gets into his X-wing for battle.
  • Janson unpacks his quarters. Next, he goes to the rec room and verses Niva, second in command of 181st, at a game of ping-pong…and loses.
  • Dru gets up, into his X-wing, and off into battle.
  • Alarik, leader of 181st, watches the game between Niva and Janson. Whistler, feeling like he doesn’t have much purpose, grabs General Horn’s golden X-wing and takes off into the battle.
  • Tierce gets up for the mission and has a rough morning.
  • Face and Shira have a long talk. Then, they get placed into separate quarters because of technical malfunctions in their quarters.
  • Tigmund, a pilot in 181st, leaves a challenging note for Face.
  • Dar flies to the Aquaris Base and finds everyone gone.
  • Kistin, a pilot of 181st, watches the ping-pong game, then thinks about her past life.
  • Edor leads Sanity Squad into battle and gets hit with a proton torpedo.


  • Corwin, a pilot of 181st, gets beaten by Kistin in the sims.
  • After the battle, Halley asks Jesmin out to dinner.
  • Dymon, a pilot in 181st, beats Kistin at a simulator match.
  • Dar finds his way around Aquaris Base and into the sims.
  • Myn leads his flight group in a joint effort with other flight groups against the Marauder Corvettes.