Plot 5

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10 years after ROTJ
A year has passed since the end of Plot 4. RS has completed its Unknown Regions exploration and is now stationed at Echo Base on Hoth. They’re investigating Noz operations on the icy world. The Noz have become very powerful and militant. In the war between the Empire and New Republic, they seek to aid the losing side with their advanced technology in order to make the war last until both sides have wiped each other out…at which point the Noz will assume control of the galaxy.

The OVers have successfully destroyed the Vertex but have lost contact with RS and the New Republic in the Unknown Regions. They operate privately as Wraith Squadron until they meet back up with Rogue Squadron on Hoth. The two squadrons, however, remain separate.

In their investigations of the Noz, the Rogues discover an advanced element of the landwarrior technology. It is a brain chip, attached to the base of the skull, which will influence the actions of its wearer.