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Approximately 10.25 years after ROTJ (14.25 ABY)
RS operations undercover on Coruscant. They are suspicious that the brain chips are being used to open the way for an Imperial invasion. Black Sun is also suspected of running Noz jobs. The NRD (New Republic Defenders) is a secret group that aids RS in dismembering the Black Sun headquarters on Coruscant.

RS fails to stop the flow of brain chips. A number of brain-chipped individuals open the planetary shields, and the planet is lost to the Empire.


  1. Rogue Squadron makes a crazed escape from Echo Base on Hoth (the base location of Plot 5) as it's being ferociously attacked. General Horn loses part of his left leg, but it's later reattached. Storyline jumps ahead to Dantanum, where RS is stationed while the Rogue's Arrow is being repaired. Ran Kether reminisces on his career in RS, especially his transformation into a Landwarrior. He also gives an update on what's going on with the Noz. GH reads a pathetic teen novel.
  2. General Antilles gives a mission briefing for an intel operation on Coruscant. At this time, the Empire is "at peace" with the New Republic, but Wedge doesn't trust them and believes the Imps will try to retake Coruscant.. He also fears the NR is becoming more and more corrupt. Thus, this mission is not through regular military channels, but is rather conducted through the New Republic Defenders (NRD), a secret government watch group that few in the NR even know about. The mission is three fold. One, gather information in order to weed out governmental corruption. Two, seek out Imperial, Noz, and Black Sun insurgent groups trying to takeover Coruscant from the inside. Three, destroy said groups while maintaining secrecy. In order to stay undercover, the Rogues and Wraiths are going in separately in disguise and taking up positions that will allow them to complete their missions. At the time of their arrival, the scene shifts to the leader of the Noz discussing his plans to help the Imperials takeover Coruscant in order to keep the war going (his ultimate goal is for the NR and Empire to destroy each other so the Noz can usher in a technological utopia).
  3. Corran is walking through the streets of Coruscant, studying the city, before discovering that someone is following him. He confronts the attacker, who seems like a paid assailant, and chases him off.
  4. Corran communicates via datapad with his NRD contact. The NRD gives him a short-term cover as a freelance survey taker in order for him to surveil possible insurgents. The NRD tells him to make contact with bounty hunter Josen Fedd.
  5. Darth Chaos, the last Dark Lord of the Sith, contemplates killing Rogue pilot Aaron Vaeon.
  6. Josen Fedd arrives on Coruscant where a bounty is on his head. He thinks back to a confrontation with a Jedi named Jax. After kiling Jax, who was starting to fall to the dark side, Luke Skywalker reprimanded Josen and banned him from returning to Coruscant. Back in the present, Josen confronts some Wookies who owe him money and kills them when they don't pay up. Learning of the attack, Luke heads to Coruscant to punish Josen. Josen makes brief contact with Corran.
  7. Worrying about every single member of the Assassins Guild gunning for him on Coruscant, Aaron takes a job at a friend's ship dealership as cover.
  8. Aaron, Edor Crespin, and Rillao meet at an outside cafe. They discuss their cover jobs. Two assassins attack them, and Edor plunges to his death. They capture one of the assassins, someone Rillao recognizes as Weiret Skyler.
  9. Corran transmits a funeral message for Edor's death via datapad to the rest of the pilots.
  10. A woman in an Imperial colonel's uniform reports to Darth Chaos about the successful assassination of Edor. She revels in her revenge, then settles down to purchase a starship.
  11. Back at the ship dealership, Aaron beats himself up over failing to prevent Edor's death. His boss, Jestern, consoles him, and Aaron takes his advice to go weapons shopping.


  1. Tyria Sarkin sits in an outdoor restaurant where she was told to meet someone for her mission, but they don't show up. She spots Corran talking intimately with a beautiful woman. Hurt and jealous, she follows them out until the woman leaves. Tyria confronts Corran about seeing another woman so soon after he had rebuffed Tyria's desire to form a relationship. Corran says some bizarre things about putting Tyria through a test (GH: I believe the author was trying to avoid having to reply until he could think up a good answer) before he reveals to Tyria that the woman he was with, Ms. Rolle, was an NRD agent he was posing as a couple with. He assures Tyria that he hasn't formed a relationship with her.
  2. Deven Tarn meets with a contact to see if anything in large shipments is being shipped onto Coruscant from the Hoth or Noz regions, namely brain chips for subjecting NR leaders. He learns there are, but is double-crossed and has to fight-off his attackers (in a bar, of course). He steals a speeder to escape and find help.
  3. Josen follows GH's orders to investigate an area until he finds the Black Sun headquarters.
  4. GH acknowledges, then sees Deven escaping from the cantina amidst a fireball. He and Tyria jump into a taxi and follow Deven's speeder.
  5. Dar Keyis reflects on his role of communicating with and supplying the Rogues and Wraiths. However, he hasn't been able to make contact with anyone yet. He meets with Cora Rolle.
  6. Josen runs into the action and leaps from his speeder bike to Corran's taxi, flies off the taxi onto a enemy speeder bike, then flies through the window of the taxi.
  7. Cora Rolle gives Dar a holo cube with locations and contact frequencies for the Rogues and Wraiths. She warns him of increased Black Sun activity.
  8. While working at Jesteren's ship dealership, Aaron runs into Colonel Diane Doriana. He recognizes her as Edor's killer and attacks on reflex. As they face-off, she reveals that she once loved Edor.
  9. Rillao ponders Edor's death and is confused why Weiret was one of his attackers. She remembers him as her non-violent childhood friend. She fails to notice someone following her.
  10. Deven battles through the skyscrappers of Coruscant on a speederbike. Corran, Tyria, and Josen render aid by firing from the windows of their pursuing taxispeeder. After much high-speed, death defying action, Deven confronts the enemy boss, Cosan, and sends him falling to his death.
  11. Hayden Krah, former Imperial engineer and current employee of a petty crime lord, intercepts a transmission about a planned attack on the Rogues. He sees Rillao's profile attached and decides to follow her.
  12. Dar Keyis walks into the hotel he's staying at and gets ambushed by Black Sun mercenaries who have been following him. They steal his vital holo cube and kidnap him.
  13. GH sends Josen on another stakeout of Black Sun headquarters. He runs into his older brother Morvan, who invites him in. Morvan explains why he left his Jedi training and joined Black Sun. Josen tries unsuccessfully to get him away from Black Sun but gets thrown out.
  14. Hayden contacts Rillao and warns her of the planned attack on the Rogues. During the conversation, they get attacked (in a bar, of course). Hayden gets shot in the shoulder, but they both escape to Jestren's Ship Dealership.
  15. Captured and being transported in a cab, Dar attacks his kidnappers and kills then, but gets shot in the chest and passes out after getting his holo cube back.
  16. Deven shows Corran a shipment manifest for brain chips. Deven spots the name Vannis Tang, a slaver leader Deven has sworn to kill.