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Approximately 10.9 years after ROTJ
RS is now situated in a New Republic/Imperial/Independent fleet that skirts the border between NR and Imperial space. The fleet is centered around a huge floating city (The Ligare aka The City), which is a center of trade and diplomatic relations between the New Republic and Empire. This brief period of peace between certain factions the Empire and New Republic exists despite the Empire’s actions on Kenimpalii. Because they are not a unified faction, the Empire can easily deny responsibility for what certain Imperial warlords or politicians are doing. However, the peace between the Empire and New Republic is tentative at best.

Typical insanity reigns aboard the Cataclysm-Class Cruiser Rogue’s Arrow, where both RS and WS are stationed. The Noble Bachelorhood and Noble Sisterhood are fully established, especially in reaction to Wedge and Tyria’s engagement. Much more humor, romance, and insanity follows.