Ran Kether (Earth)

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Ran da man!

Founder of the RS Plot

One fateful day, December 5th, 1999, Ran Kether, who had joined a mere six days earlier, started the greatest phenomenon in RS history by sending this fateful e-mail:

From: "Brian J Bautista" <tonphanan@mailcity.com> To: RogueSquadron@onelist.com Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 14:10:57 -0800 Subject: [RogueSquadron] Rogue Squadron Plot, JOIn IN EVERYONE!

{As you all know, i had a late nite sabaac game in my quarters}

(Ran Kether)

As Calli leaves the sabaac game, Ran looks over the disaster area once called his quarters. However, he was happy. He had a large pocket full of credits, and 2 technical favors were owed to him by Cubber. Since cubber had been relieved of his credits, he said he'd pay anybody inh the terms of technical service. A popcorn machine in his X-Wing and Spinx were soon to be enjoyed... Ran flopped down on the couch, and soon he fell asleep.

In a moment, the far wall burst into flames, and blaster bolts filled the air. Stormtroopers poor into the hole that was once ran's outer wall. Ran drops into a firing position and fires 3 bolts, each hitting with lethal accuracy. However, there were just to many of them. Falling back he kept up a constant amount of blaster fire against the troopers. Iella who was standing outside the door kicks the door in and comes in. Seeing the room thick with troopers, she thanks the dieties that she was carrying some high explosives. chucking htem in at the troopers they explode. 3 Blaster bolts hit Ran in his gun arm, and Ran is pushed to his knees by the force of the concussion, while Iella tries to drag him out. Soon the troopers overcome both Iella and Ran and they're dragged off.

Blearily Ran hears the distant combat alarms of the base blare, but then he succumbs to the throbbing pain from the blaster shots and the shrapnel wounds from the grenade.