Ranks of the New Rebellion

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Navy Rank Alliance Army Starfighter Command Intelligence Insignia
Officers Admiral General General General Reb vadm.jpg
Captain Colonel Colonel Colonel Reb capt.jpg
Commander Major Major Major Reb cmdr.jpg
Lt Commander Captain Commander Commander Reb ltcmdr.jpg
Lieutenant First Lieutnenant Captain Captain Reb lt.jpg
Ensign Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Reb ens.jpg
Enlisted Chief Sergeant Flight Officer Senior Field Agent
Crewman Private Flight Cadet Agent

The four branches of the New Rebellion closley echoed those of the New Republic. Although Wedge Antilles is technically the rank of Admiral, now being part of the Naval branch as opposed to Starfighter Command, he chose to retain the description of General, purely for nostalgic reasons.

It is also worth noting, that Intelligence had sub ranks (not shown) from Captain upwards. These were inbetween the ranks, for example, between Captain and Commander was Lt. Commander, between Commander and Major was Lt. Major, etc. The rank symbols were the same as the higher rank, although one of the circle was hollow, to denote the slightly junior rank.