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The Rogue's Arrow was a Cataclysm-class Cruiser in the New Republic Navy that served as home base for Rogue and High Flight Squadrons.


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Final Mission

The Arrow was destroyed during the Battle of Bormari. A large arc welder-type weapon was mounted into the nose of the craft, allowing it to 'burrow' into the Super-Star Destroyer Bloodlust. When the Arrow was too badly damaged from the fire from the much larger craft, and its support vessels, Wedge Antilles ordered the Arrow to ram into the Bloodlust, piercing its power cells.

However, there was one final drama to be played, as several Rogue pilots, Wes Janson, Dru Kargin and Taz Krayli, boarded the vessel in an attempt to hold it together long enough for the escape craft from the Arrow to clear the blast radius. They were joined by Wraiths, Voort saBinring and Zraix K'Implez. They were sucessful, but at a cost, with Taz Krayli sacrificing himself, and Zraix being badly injured.

The Arrow exploded, destroying the larger craft and finally silencing the gravest threat to the New Republic.


The Cataclysm-class Cruiser was a small capital ship meant to be a self-sufficient carrier and strike craft for up to four starfighter squadrons. The Rogue's Arrow measured 300 meters long, 150 meters wide, and 100 meters high, this made her considerably smaller than most capital ships, and allowed her to maneuver in and out of combat zones with relative ease. Additionally, the Rogue's Arrow possessed stealth plating and a gravity well generator, making it a prime choice for surprise attacks and ambushes.


The Rogue's Arrow's state-of-the-art computer control scheme allowed it to be manned by only 30 crewmen, excluding squadron personnel. Addition accommodations were available for 48 full-time pilots, plus another 48 squadron support personnel. The Rogue's Arrow had limited space available for guests and dignitaries, but did offer two executive suites for such passengers.

Bridge Officers

Captain Baltrod - Ships Captain - Human male (Killed in Action during the Battle of Bormari.)
Ensign Danni Bullers - Comms Officer - Alderaanian Female
Lieutenant Haa'diin - Helm Officer - Quarren Male
Lieutenant Commander Rooloomboor - Weapons Officer - Wookiee female

Droid Compliment

To keep the crew requirements to a minimum, the Rogue's Arrow played host to 150 droids.

  • 35 R3 Astromech Droids (Gunnery and Shipboard Operations)
  • 20 R6 Astromech Droids (Maintenance)
  • 10 LE Repair Droids (Maintenance)
  • 5 MN-2E General Maintenance Droids (Maintenance)
  • 2 3P0 Class Protocol droids,(Protocol)
  • 3 M-3P0 Class Military Protocol Droid (Military Protocol and Procurement)
  • 4 EG-6 Power Droids (Maintenance/ Power)
  • 3 Gyrowheel 1.42.08 Recycling Droids (Maintenance)
  • 5 G2RD Guard Droids (Security)
  • 5 S-EP1 Security Droids (Security)
  • 1 Hound-W2 SPD (Security)
  • 2 Slicer Droids (Security/Encrypt/Decrypt)
  • 5 21-B Surgical Droid (Medical)
  • 5 MD Medical Specialists (Medical)
  • 3 FX- Medical Assistants (Medical)
  • 10 Upgraded Systems Control Droids (Systems Operation)
  • 5 Memory Droids (Data Storage)
  • 10 Decon III Droids (Damage Control)
  • 5 Asps (General Labor)
  • 5 X10-D Draft Droids (General Labor)
  • 2 WED Treadwell (Repair)

Personal and squadron-specific droids are not included in this list.

Vital Systems

Power Systems

  • 2 HKD (Hoersch-Kessel Drives, Inc.) Fusion Ionization Reactor
  • 2 Arakyd Industries Power DT5 Power Generators
  • 4 Slayn & Korpil Quadex Power Cores
  • 4 FreiTek Inc Supplementary PowerBoost Generators

Propulsion Systems

  • 1 SoroSuub CL-05 Hyperdrive Motivator coupled with Two Frei-Tek Inc J4 Hyperdrives
  • 4 Banks of Slayn & Korpil CS-10 StarDrive Sublight Engines
  • 12 MicroThrust G-4ORCE Maneuvering Thrusters

Defensive Systems

  • 12 Chempat Engineered Defenses Trylon-TT4 Supreme Defense Shield Generators
  • 4 Borstel Galactic Defense FlashPoint Shield Projectors (Used as redundant/reinforcing shields)
  • Sorosuub Phantasm Stealth Plating
  • One Layer of New Republic Engineering Explosive Reactive Armor
  • New Republic Engineering Custom Tritanium-Durasteel Composite Armor

Weapon Systems

  • 15 Taim & Bak XX-9 Turbolasers
  • 10 Borstel NK-12 Ion Cannons
  • 4 Arakyd Industries AK Tractor Beam Emplacements
  • 1 KDY I-165 Gravity Well Projector
  • 4 Taim & Bak T-12 Rotating Laser Emplacements
  • 2 Loronar Defense Industries D114 Barrage-Class Concussion Missile Batteries
  • 2 Krupx Munitions I5 Firepower-Class Proton Torpedo Emplacements

Other Systems

Flight Control System

  • 2 Carbanti United Electronics DT11-C Flight Control Package
  • 4 Fabritech HPP-4 Fly By Wire Packages


  • 1 Sienar StarFleet Navigator XD12 Navigational Computer
  • 2 Crozo Industrial Products T128 Dedicated Navigational Peripheral Processors

Sensor Systems

  • Advanced Fabritech FlashBack Sensor Package
  • Twin Microsystems L4 Long Range Sensors
  • Fabritech AnQ-12 Supplemental Scanners
  • Chedak NE-T12 Active Sensor Trancievers
  • Dual Carbanti CF17 Short Range Transceivers with Active Broadcast Technology
  • Neuro-Saav VXI-19 Electroscope with supplemental ZX Computer Enhancer
  • Fabritech Passive Field Monitoring Sensors

Communications Systems

  • 2 Chedak Frequency Agile Subspace Transceivers
  • 1 Microthrust OrC-19 Com-Scan Integrator Console
  • 1 SoroSuub Holonet Transceiver with Holonet Link
  • 1 Bertriak C122Screamer Active Jammer

Targeting Computer System

  • 1 Sienar Fleet Systems UniMatrix-07 Targeting Computer
  • 15 Fabritech Universal Combat Sensor Packages (Bundled with Turbolasers)
  • 10 Koensayr Grounded MultiSpectrum-604e Combat Sensor (Bundled with Ion Cannons)
  • 1 KDY Gravitic FullSpectrum Targeting sensor (Bundled with Gravity Projector)
  • 4 Carbanti United Electronics CC4-602 Combat Aggressor Sensor (Bundled with Laser Emplacements)
  • 2 Cryonocorp Multi-4ce Directional Targeting Computers (Linked to two torpedo/missile batteries)
  • 1 KDY Gravitic FullSpectrum Targeting sensor (Bundled with Gravity Projector)

Onboard Vehicles

The Rogue's Arrow possessed two landing bays sufficient for rapid ingress-egress of 24 Starfighters plus 1 Drop Ship each, along with two landing platforms. In its final mission, one of the landing bays has been retrofit to accommodate the Sacul, while the other housed Rogue and High Flight Squadrons.