Shira Brie

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Shira Brie
"Seduction is such an imprecise word."
Species: Human/Cyborg
Homeworld: {{{homeworld}}}
Gender: Female
Age: 27 (at time of death)
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Caucasian with cyborg implants
Height: 1.55 meters
Allegiance: None but her own
Unit: None
Astromech: None

Shira was a self claimed Dark Lady of the Sith, who was a one-time member of both Rogue and Wraith Squadron.


Shira Brie joined Rogue Squadron after an already tumultuous history, hoping to recuperate and/or escape from her past. Her past, however, was not one which could be dealt with as easily as she had hoped. This was because prior to joining the squadron Shira Brie had been the 'Hand' of Darth Vader, much in the same way as Mara Jade held the designation of Emperor's Hand. Her past work for Vader is mostly unknown, as it was her remit to be as invisible as possible as she did Vader's bidding, however it can be assumed that it was messy and inconceivably ugly, as she murdered, swindled and destroyed those who opposed her master.

Sometime during the gradual collapse of the Empire, Shira crashed a ship, which devastated her body and would have left her dead were it not for Vader, who nursed her back to health following severe modifications to her form - Shira was from then on mainly cybernetic, perhaps as an homage to her mentor and, now, creator. Vader continued to send her on missions for him, alone, and it was on one of these undercover ops that she learnt of his death and the fate of her beloved Empire.

Vader was dead but it was not so easy for her to follow him; Shira remained resolutely alive despite her pining for her hero, albeit in a half life of cybernetic parts and Dark Side energy. After long meditation and soul-searching (perhaps even in order to ascertain if, indeed, there was any soul left), Shira Brie faced her deep seated hatred and fears, setting them aside in joining the Republic, even undergoing a brief visit to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy (which lasted approximately a week).

She threw herself into her new life as a member of the Republic with gusto, concentrating her feelings instead of on the political sphere onto her loyalty to her fellow comrades. She reached the dubious honour of becoming a member of Rogue Squadron after her old Squadron, Stealth Squadron, was almost completely decimated during the Battle of the Arvin, its other remnants also being placed within the Rogues (for example Elassar Targon and Jag Fel).

Her placing in Rogue Squadron, as opposed to being given her own command, was due to the fact that Starfighter Command hoped that here she would be under the tutelage and watchful eyes of the complement of accomplished Jedi pilots, and would become ingrained into the social life, finding somewhere she could find stability and peace. (ref)

At first this vision appeared to be working, with Shira being thought by Tyria Antilles (then Sarkin) to be "quickly adapting and making friends... Shira was well on her way towards healing" (Plot 2k), however it was quickly apparent that this was not the case, as Shira struggled to fit into the general light-hearted atmosphere and special kind of insanity surrounding her.

Recognising Face Loran from his pro-Empire holos, Shira Brie immediately latched onto the idea that here lay some sort of camaraderie that didn't exist in anything but her own fractured reality. Having heard rumours of an undercover operation (later to be revealed as Operation Vertex) to infiltrate an enemy base, on an unspecific mission, Shira immediately attempted to ensure herself a place on the team (ref), but was rejected by Face, who gave her he reasoning that it was "too late in the game to add new people" to the already built and experienced team.

Being Shira, however, she found a way to stow away on the mission (ref), encasing herself in part of the vessel (the 'Kettch's Pride')which was transporting the Operation Vertex team to their destination, Triuptus City on the planet Kabal (ref), leaving only a brief yet confused message to the rest of the Rogues:

"Don't worry about me. I've left, but not because of something you've done... unless your name is that of a certain senior officer. Don't ask me why I've gone—like I could tell you—because I don't really know. I just have to...for some reason. Don't try to follow me, because I don't think that will really be possible. I'll miss you all...well, most of you. I should be back soon. If I'm not, well, the worst you can assume will probably be true. Bye. Shira Brie"
―Shira's message left to the Rogues on her sudden departure[ref]

All seemed to be going according to her plan for Shira as Stow-Away, until one of the members of Operation Vertex, Wes Janson, revealed a snack of Meat Surprise, the opening of which caused an acrid peppery smell to fill the enclosed vessel and, worse, to irritate the noses of the Operation Vertex members. After a sneeze by Kell Tainer, Shira also sneezed, the distinctive AH-AH-AH-CLECHU noise 'outing' her to the other members, as Face ordered Kell to open the hatch and reveal Shira's presence.

Having discovered Shira Brie the members of Operation Vertex were forced to accept her as one of their own, and after a lengthy discussion (and several death-threats from Face Loran, resolved only by Tyria reasoning), Shira got her wish and was established as a member of the team.

Thus established, the only identity available to Shira was that of 'Shyran Lonar', an identy created as the wife of 'Sifu Lonar', Face Loran's alias - thus creating even more tension between Shira and Face.

"Are you telling me, that not only is Shira on this mission, but she has to pose as my WIFE?"
―Face ranting to Tyria about the situation[ref]
"[I] would rather be shooting him, but that wouldn't look very marital"
―Shira having a hard time adjusting to the cover ID's[ref]

After the successful completion of Operation Vertex, Shira Brie was reunited with Rogue Squadron, somehow evading court martial yet instead being placed in Wraith Squadron, Rogue Squadron's sister unit, under command of Face Loran.

During her time after Operation Vertex, Shira again made great effort to rejoin the squadrons, becoming second in command of Wraith Squadron, led by Face Loran himself (ref), seeming to make progress in reintegrating herself to the Squadron and 'normal' life, even cracking jokes to him.

"How come I'm always saving your backside Loran?"
―Shira to Face after saving him from 'cyborg stormtroopers'[ref]

Shira maintained a below-the-radar existence, not forming many close friendships, with the exception of fellow Wraith, Anatha Bereil. Shira left Wraith Squadron just after the Battle of Yintoa (ref). This was due to several reasons, one being the death of her close friend Ana, and the by-then-somewhat-inevitable romantic entanglement between Face and Shira.

"It's not from the Datuls. It's from a Wraith. An ex Wraith to be precise. Or to give the game away completely, MY ex Wraith"
―Face revealing to the Wraiths what many of them already knew, his relationship with Shira[ref]

Shira's departure was particularly acrimonious. Shira feeling that Face "booted" her out of the Wraiths (ref), but Face has a different perspective:

"Shira, you bailed out on us. You left the entire squadron in the lurch AND you then joined the very sithin’ organisation that was trying to track us down. Honey, you didn’t just burn your bridges behind you… You torpedoed them, then sent Nek Battle Dogs onto their remains."
―Face to Shira at their unhappy reunion[ref]

During her time outside the Squadron, it later became clear that Shira has studied the Sith, claiming she "discovered the Truth in their long dead words" (ref), and aims herself to become one herself, reverting perhaps back to her former self, Lumiya, the Dark Lady of the Sith, that she had been prior to ever meeting the Wraiths or Rogues, prior to the fall of the Empire itself.

Shira next crops up through a communication to Face Loran that she has integrated herself into the Datul Crime Family, and is operating from a ship called The Scelus, later meeting Face whilst they are both undercover. This meeting is resolved by a firefight (as only the Wraiths know how!) and Shira then wakes up in Elassar's medbay on the Wraith ship, The Sacul (ref): finding herself choking him unconscious, only then revive him after realising what she had done, injecting him with illegal spice which did nothing to help Elassar's battle against his addiction to prescription drugs.

Escaping medbay, Shira immediately sought out Face in the training rooms of the Sacul, where she confronts him about their relationship and fight. Face gives her the chance to explain herself, which Shira is unable to respond to.

"What do you want to do? Actually, the real question is, who do you want to be?"
"I don't know.
―Face confronts Shira in the training room of the Sacul[ref]

Shira's appearance shocks not only the Wraiths but also the Rogues, as all work closely together. For example, when Tyria hears of Shira's recovery, she questions his competence to her now-husband, Wedge Antilles, showing that she knows of the previous relationship that Face and Shira shared.

"I can't understand why he brought her back to us... They used to be...together. Shira is ex-lover"

"Face needs to take care of the issue with Shira"

―Tyria informing Wedge of the situation, followed by Wedge's insight.[ref]

Face takes exactly that, by kidnapping Shira (once again!) but this time taking her to Mykyr, where he stun-cuffs her to a bed in order to have a "civilised conversation" (ref) whilst she is stripped of the Force, due to the concentration of Ysalamiri on the planet. They end up having sex, and the following morning Shira reiterates that, without the Force, she is just a confused, hurting scared woman, and offers the man a glimmer into why she is the way she is.

"Face... do the people you've killed... Do... Do they whisper to you at night? When you're all alone? ... They don't whisper to me. They shout... Do you any idea how it feels to have done the things we've done... and to care?"
―Shira trying to explain herself to Face[ref]

Shira then reveals that instead of working towards silencing the voices in her head, of her past, through healthier means, she is determined to find a way to use the Dark Side of the Force to shut them out. She shoots Face with a stun from own of his own DL-44s, and leaves him naked on the bed, leaving. Unbeknownst to both Face and Shira, was that their actions had unintended consequences, and Shira was now pregnant with Face's child.

After helping the Rogues and Wraiths destroy the Datul Crime Family, Shira discovers that the voices in her head have not been made better but instead worsened, coinciding with her Force powers flipping in and out of her control; in addition to the voices and the Force flashes, she also experiences blackouts and both emotionally and physically painful flashbacks of her past. The distraught Sith joins forces with the Imperial Remnant, working for Grand Admiral Grant. It is through her work with Grant that Shira is reacquainted with someone she knows from her Imperial past, possibly even an old flame, Zak Allistre.

"It is pleasing to see you alive, Captain. If uncharacteristically silent.
"It pleases me too, and it is... consistent of your character... to see you alive, Brie.
―Shira and Zak Allistre reunite.[ref]

Zak Allistre's daughter (Katerina Allistre) is being loosely trained by Shira, by virtue of Shira working for Admiral Grant. Shira makes Katerina kill a human, and also spread the non-fatal Engriosch virus to several planets (ref), in order to keep the Wraiths and Rogues busy.

Shira decides that the best way to sort out her problems is to destroy the source of all her confusion, pain, hatred and anger - Face Loran. Potentially knowing him better than anyone in the galaxy, she decides first to hit him through his Squadron, making contact with (ref) and later tempting Bowman Gavin to the Dark Side and away from his squadron and his lover, Shadow Lightfoot, promising him "protection, for strength of both body and mind. For something larger than himself... power, raw and untamed" (ref).

Gavin meets Shira once again before he is finally tempted to the Dark Side, and they kiss (ref). This leaves Shira's DNA on Gavin's lips, a fact, once found out by Face and Elassar, makes its way back to Gavin's partner, Shadow.

"Now, unless you decided to eat her, I naturally assumed that you two must have kissed"
―Shadow accusing Gavin[ref]

This indicates to Face that Gavin truly has fallen prey to her 'charms', and that "Shira had offered Gavin the almost exact deal she had once offered Loran himself" (ref). Face is livid, keeping Gavin locked away from the other Wraiths until his provides the information he demands.

"I wanted you to tell me. I wanted you to tell me what she said, what she offered, and what you did that got her response."
―Face ordering information from Gavin[ref]

Shira is joined by her new apprentice, Gavin (ref), on Grant's flagship, and it becomes apparent that Shira's problem is getting worse - she sends Gavin to the planet Aduba-3 (ref) to recover an archaeological artefact for her, a mysterious ancient glowing purple amulet whose function and best-translated name is "To Hide The Voices Within" (ref). With this amulet on her person, Shira's symptoms, which were increasing at an alarming rate, seem to become less of a strain on her, and she continues to train Gavin in the Dark Side (ref), at one point shocking Gavin by voicing her thoughts to him that what she teaches him may "become highly useful in the slight chance I may become incapacitated" (ref) - by admitting that she may be fallible.

After one particularly intense training session with Gavin, Shira collapses and he takes her limp form to medbay, where she seems to undergo yet another mental breakdown (ref), flitting in and out of consciousness, sweating, screaming and bleeding from unknown wounds, ranting at Gavin that the amulet did not work, saying (incomprehensibly!): "Don't let it happen, Gavin. Don't let it happen to me" (ref) and finally loosing consciousness for good. What was hidded to all but Gavin, was that Shira was giving birth to her son.

After Shira recovers from her ordeal, she and Gavin take a CR90 Corvette, the Living Shadow, to a civilian vessel, The Queens Pearl (ref), where Shira knows Face to be (unbeknownst to Shira, however, are his motives: he is on a romantic getaway with his new girlfriend). They lead an assault with 500 stormtroopers, hoping to destroy Face Loran for good, as Shira again reflects on her past with Face and her need to take exception to his particular place in the universe, saying: "she had once hoped that she could... with Loran, rule together, invincible" (ref). Using the peculiarly twisted logic of a confused mind, Shira decides that if she can't have Loran, then the thing to do would be to double her efforts to destroy him.

The assault on the Queens Pearl was not as successful as Shira would have hoped. Although it allowed an opportunity for her new apprentice to succumb further to the darkside, Shira failed to kill Face Loran, instead incurring his wrath when she killed his new partner, Asha Torsyn. Retreating to the Bloodlust once more, Shira contemplated her next move. However, her next move was decided for her.

During the Battle of Bormari, Shira realised that Face Loran had somehow managed to get onto the Bloodlust. Realising that he would prove a danger to her, she prepared to escape, frustrating Loran's thirst for vengeance. However, she was stopped in her attempt by Katerina Allistre, who was secretly an undercover agent for the New Republic. Rather than kill the Sith, Katerina stunned her, ensuring she would remain trapped until confronted by Face.

When Face arrived, he bought with him an ysalamiri, cutting Shira off from the Force. When she realised what was going on, her mind started to collapse, unable to bear the pressure of all her atrocities without the dark infusion provided by the Force. Rattled and confused, Shira flitted between threatening and flirting with Face, until the inevitable happened, and the pair fought. Without the Force, Shira was still a challenge for the enraged Wraith, but Face eventually defeated her. However, in doing so, he inadvertently threw and then followed her outside the ysalamiri's influence. There, Shira once more emboldened by the Force, but now completely insane, first tried to convince Face that she was his dead wife by planting images in his mind. When this failed, she resorted to lashing the Colonel with Force Lightning, ignoring the fact he was the father of her child, who was lying mere meters away in a room hidden by the mirror in her refresher.

After briefly torturing her ex-lover, she paused, taunting him in the respite of the lightning. The brief break was all Face needed, bringing his Redemptor to bare and shooting Shira firmly through the heart. Shira Brie, one-time Wraith, self proclaimed Dark Lady of the Sith, and ex-lover to Face Loran, was dead before she hit the floor.

Physical Attributes and Abilities

Shira Brie was shorter than average height for a human female, with a slender build and short dark blonde hair which has darker streaks in it (ranging from dark blonde to almost red). She had disconcertingly light, bright blue eyes. Most of her body was cyborg; She had a metal spine (metal plates running over her back, seemingly akin to how scales work on a snake) and had visible 'veins' of metal that like spread from the spine plates and ran outwards into her body, on both the left and right sides, indicating she was more cyborg than it first seems. The metal spine ended at her neck, which was mostly plated in metal. Her right arm and hand were also cyborg, covered partly by synthskin, although more 'veins' of metal were apparent, most noticeably on her hand and at the wrist, where veins would usually be seen, if this hand matched her actual, light-coloured, skin. The extent of her outwardly visible cyborg features ended here, with the exception of a slight metal tint to the left side of her face and right side of neck. She had a beautiful appearance despite this. She invariably wore dark coloured clothes, one of her prize possessions was an incredibly expensive and extremely stolen distressed Krayt Dragon leather jacket, similar to (and, in some beings' opinion, trumping) Face Loran's rancor-hide jacket.

Shira Brie was a Dark Side Force-user, feeling affinity for the title of 'Lady of the Sith' and spurning any caption with Light Side projections, such as that of 'Dark Jedi'. Her Dark Side abilities were overwhelming, often brought on suddenly and seemingly without Shira's control. Their full capacity was unknown, however she tended towards the more 'obvious' Dark characterisitics such as Force Lightning and Telekenisis. Her Dark Side abilities brought with them an accelerated healing rate, minus her cyborg implants, and a high tolerance for pain in the parts of her that were still human. She had also received combat, tactical and leadership training from Face during her time with the Wraiths. It was this aspect that Face felt responsible for.

She gave birth to a son (later named as Jaden Loran, but it is unknown how much training or bonding she did with him before her death.

Personality Traits

Engulfed with Dark Side powers, Shira was a very dangerous and unpredictable woman. Below the Force powers, however, she was a mixed-up, confused, rageful and emotionally stunted girl who had never had the chance to grow emotionally and had been harangued by tragedy and pain for her whole life: she knew nothing else.

"She takes it very personally when people shoot her"
Kaiu'kes explaining to an unlucky Black Sun Bothan why he had moments to live.[ref]

Military Ranks and Previous Assignments

Shira was originally the 'Hand' of Darth Vader. When the Empire died, she eventually ended up joining the New Republic, eventually attaining the rank of Captain in Wraith Sqaudron. She then left, and ended up working as an enforcer for the Datul Crime Family, before finally ended up officially working for Grand Admiral Grant in the Imperial Remnant, taking up a 'Hand' position much in the same way she established herself under Vader.

She was also a self-appointed 'Dark Lady of the Sith', and as such took on an apprentice: Bowman Gavin.

She was killed by Face Loran after a fight in her quarters during the Battle of Bormari.

Significant Possessions

Shira's weapon of choice was a Lightwhip, which she used to great effect.

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