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Task Force Renegade is the name given to the squadrons and units under the direct command of General Wedge Antilles. It is an autonomous Taskgroup, designed to operate for lengths of time independently from the rest of the NR Military or other support units.

Unlike all other Task Forces in the NR Military, Task Force Renegade is primarily only one ship, allowing greater freedom of movement, but also forcing it to endure more delicate missions. The NR Military thought it was best to allow the command staff of the Task Force as much freedom as possible, considering their previous experienced.

However, almost as soon as the Task Force was formed, the Empire took control of the galaxy once more. Now, the Task Force is the only known military strength for the New Rebellion.

The Krayli's Valour

Task Force Renegade is accommodated on the Krayli's Valour, the first of a prototype Valour-Class Star Cruiser. This prototype had a cloaking field generator, as well as a prototype MAC cannon. Unfortunately, the power consumption of the craft was so great, that it constantly failed its field tests. Whilst the Valour-Class line was eventually released, with the two troublesome aspects removed, the original ship, the Valour was scheduled to be scrapped.

For reasons still undisclosed to the NR Military, Rogue Squadron pilot, Dru Kargin found out about the ship, and (with a successful scam from Face Loran and his Wraiths), commandeered the ship for the Taskforce. It underwent a severe overhaul, overseen by Dru himself and assisted by Octavia Terah, Wes Janson, Zraix K'Implez and Voort saBinring, greatly reducing the power system issues and allowing the ship to be used on the front line.

The ship was renamed Krayli's Valour, after the fallen Rogue, Taz Krayli.

The Valour is commanded by Captain Katerina Allistre

The Squadrons

The Valour houses the four most elite squadrons the New Republic had to offer.

Rogue Squadron

Commanded by Colonel Corran Horn. Rogue Squadron is the elite starfighter squadron of the New Republic. Flying X-Wing starfighters, the Rogues are the undisputed top starfighter unit in the galaxy, able to go up against 5 to 1 odds, and still expect to walk away. Most of their pilots are also commando trained, allowing them to operate equally well in different mission situations. It is often said that the Impossible is their stock in trade. When the good guys have to win, it's Rogue Squadron they call.

Wraith Squadron

Commanded by Colonel Garik "Face" Loran. The Wraiths are hailed as the 'galaxies most dangerous squadron'. Predictable only in their unpredictability, the Wraiths specialise in intelligence tactics, insurrection, piloting, commando assaults and infiltration. They also possess piloting skill to make them an elite starfighter unit should the need arise.

High Flight Squadron

Commanded by Major Halley Kadorto. High Flight is the "best of the rest". Those pilots who were good enough to get into Rogue Squadron, but not lucky enough to get a spot. High Flight is a pure starfighter squadron, flying a mixture of X, A and B-Wings.


Commanded by Major Etika Skirata. Firestorm is composed of the very best of the New Republic Special Forces. Equipped with the most advanced armour and weaponry, Firestorm are the most lethal commando squadron in the galaxy.

Razorcat Battalion

The Valour also holds an entire battalion of troops, compromising of four companies. This is commanded by Major Xel Finn. The battalion is designed to quickly overpower enemy fortification and eliminate residual enemy presence. It's capable of holding areas for short periods, but is primarily designed for rapid response.

The companies are as follows:

Nexu Company

A Line Company of 152 troops in four platoons.

Jaig Company

A Repulsorlift Company of 176 troops and 25 MAAT/i gunships.

Rancor Company

A Breakthrough Armour Company of 12 heavy tanks and 24 light tanks.

Vornskr Company

A Special Missions Company of 136 men in three special missions platoons of 38 men and an augmented scout platoon of 22 scout troopers with their speeder bikes.