The League of Extraordinary Artificial Intelligences

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The League of Extraordinary Artificial Intelligences, or LOEAI, is whatever you make of it.

"Steal the Sacul?! Are you insane?"
CO: Depends on who you ask
XO: None
Home Base: Sacul, Rogue's Arrow
Craft: None


The League of Extraordinary Artificial Intelligences, or LOEAIs is an organization of droids. They are not officially recognized by the New Republic as an official association. The group sprang up purely by the chance meeting of its three core members, Sacul, Squeaky, and Tranzo. The three shared a common continued sufferance of carbon-based lifeforms and started a weekly card game aboard the Sacul herself as a chance to get away from all the "organic imperfections." These meetings began at approximately the same time that the Rogues and Wraiths fled to Imperial space.

When the Rogues and Wraiths became stranded on Sekar IV after their acquittal, The League stole the Sacul from Coruscant dry dock and went out on a search for the missing squadrons. With the help of a few honorary members, the group came to the rescue just in time to save the Rogues and Wraiths from certain death. They went practically unrecognized for their efforts, though the Sacul was able to complete its upgrades afterwards.

The League continues to meet whenever they can, provided the Sacul and Rogue's Arrow are close enough where the members can visit. They are open to new members, but thus far, none have met the desired criteria. In other words, no other droids can stand them long enough to stick around.

Base of Operations

The LOEAI currently has weekly meetings aboard the Sacul. They also frequent the Rogue's Arrow.

Personnel Roster

Core Members


Honorary Members

The following list of droids and organic beings temporarily joined the LOEAIs in the search for the Rogues and Wraiths after their disappearance on Sekar IV during Plot 13. None of the following remained in the League after the squadrons were found.

Asha Torsyn
Commander Folsen
Chunky II
Zraix K'Implez