The Noz

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A quasi-religious group (closer to a cult) made up of many species who fanatically believe in power of technology to create a peaceful universe. They are not direct allies of the New Republic or the Empire as they work to support whatever side is not doing as well against the other in order to cause chaos so that they can arise as the saviours of the universe offering a vision of peace and happiness for all though the means of technology.


The Noz believe, to an almost fanatical degree, in technology being the saviour of the galaxy. Nothing will dissuade them from this path, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish it. This includes creating alliances and declaring wars at a phenomenal rate, always trying to obtain better technology to assimilate further cultures.


Noz technology is highly advanced and is taken and improved upon from any existing technology of the races that have been forced to believe in the Noz's psuedo-religion. This includes chips inserted into beings at the base of the skull which put the individual under the Noz's influence.

Behind the Scenes

In some ways the Noz are similar to the Adeptus Mechanicus of the Warhammer 40K world in their religious belief in the power of technology.