Wedge Antilles

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This article is about Wedge Antilles. You may be looking for Wedge Antilles (Earth).
General Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles.jpg

"Why me?"

Name: Wedge Antilles
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Squadron: none
Rank: General
Astromech: Gate

Wedge Antilles is the commanding officer of Task Force Renegade, and is therefore the overall commander of Rogue Squadron, Wraith Squadron, Firestorm, High Flight Squadron as well as the Krayli's Valour and Razorcat Battalion. He specializes in starfighter combat, starship piloting and military strategy, and is also proficient in mechanics.


Born to operators of a starship refuelling depot, Wedge and his sister Syal had humble beginnings. His greatest passion was to become an architect. But his life took a dramatic turn as he watched his parents sacrifice their lives to save others after a pirate pulled away from the station with his refuelling lines still attached, sparking a deadly fireball.

After working supply runs as a freighter pilot, Wedge joined the Rebellion and fought the first Death Star. After that battle, he helped found Rogue Squadron, and soon ran into Wes Janson. The two proved an effective team, with Wedge’s flying ability and Janson’s gunning accuracy. As friends, their widely different personalities complemented each other.

After playing a key role in the destruction of the second Death Star, Wedge became known as the defender of the New Republic and replaced Luke (who shifted his focus to Jedihood) as the New Republic’s most renowned starfighter pilot.

In the following years, Wedge re-formed Rogue Squadron, leading many space, air, and ground battles like the conquering of Coruscant, then created Wraith Squadron to better focus on ground combat and intrusion. During this time, Wedge fell in love with one of his pilots, Colonel Tyria Sarkin, and the two were eventually wed.

Wedge’s leadership over both squadrons has varied much over the years. Since the Imperial resurgence , he is the highest known ranking officer in the New Rebellion. As such, he is in command of the entire Task Force Renegade, allowing him little opportunity for starfighter piloting in battle. While much of Wedge’s time is spent coordinating his multi-ship task force, he still can’t keep away from his love for the X-wing cockpit.

Physical Attributes and Abilities

Wedge is 5'7' tall, with dark brown hair and a lean build. Years of war have hardened his appearance, but he still maintains a youthful countenance.

Wedge has long gained legendary status for his unsurpassed skill in X-wing dogfighting, his skill as an intelligence operative, and his leadership in creating and fashioning groups of talented individuals into deadly, loyal, and fearless warriors. He is also extremely talented in small unit tactics and operations. However, he is now being forced to think in a larger scale thanks to his new role. Fortunately, he is showing equal capabilities dealing with larger forces in both a tactical and strategic manner.

Personality Traits

Wedge is passionate, fun-loving, and committed to defending the galaxy from evil. Yet, he also has few close friends, choosing to keep a comfortable distance from most of his pilots in order to maintain their respect and to soften the loss of a comrade in battle. Wedge has lost more wingmates than any other pilot, and bears the weight of their deaths and at times suffers from survivor’s guilt.

Significant Possessions

Wedge has few significant possessions aside from a few holos of his families.


Wedge flies a standard gray X-wing with a band of his signature yellow and black chequered patterning. He also has access to an N1 Naboo Starfighter, a gift from Face Loran and the Wraiths. This is one of his hobbies, as he constantly tweaks and modifies it to match modern starfighters.


An R5-G8 of a dispassionate nature named Gate.