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This article is about the starfighter squadron. You may be looking for the WS Group.

Wraith Squadron is an elite Special Operations Team with members from New Republic Intelligence, Special Operations, Special Forces, the New Republic Army and other organisations that mixes space combat proficiency with undercover, commando and intelligence expertise.

Wraith Squadron
CO: Colonel Garik Loran
XO: Major Katrin Halcyon
Home Base: The Sacul
Craft: X-Wing/A-Wing/Sacul


"They're the best at what they do, and they specialise in the ridiculous"
―Admiral Hiram Drayson[ref]

Shortly after Rogue Squadron began to flourish in its rejuvenation, it split into semi-autonomous Flight Groups, one of these was headed by (then) Commander Garik ‘Face’ Loran, and named Shadow Flight, then re-christened Wraith Squadron.

Soon afterwards, with the advent of Operation: Vertex (an undercover operation in which most of the Wraith operatives were involved) Wraith Squadron became a separate entity of its own, flourishing with the intake of pilots and operatives who were not originally from Starfighter Command. Perhaps influenced by the style of leadership, The Wraiths very quickly became renowned for their innovative and sometimes downright crazy techniques when dealing with tactical situations. This led to a well deserved reputation of 'death on legs' given by many members of the NR Armed Forces.

Before rejoining the Rogues, Wraith Squadron was ‘stolen’ by Admiral Hiram Drayson, as part of a newly formed group called Alpha Blue. As part of this, the Wraiths were given tremendous liberty in how and where they positioned themselves in the New Republic military, and were no longer bound by the usual Chain of Command.

It was decided that the best place for them was to be back with the Rogues, operating as a ‘sister squadron’ to their infamous colleagues, backing them up with their own piloting skill (impressive, but nowhere near the calibre of the Rogues) as well as their commando and intelligence techniques and training.

Wraith Squadron is now permanently attached to Task Force Renegade, theoretically under direct supervision of General Antilles. Fortunately, Wedge knows that the best way to utilise the 'galaxies most dangerous squadron' is to give them as broad a set of orders as possible, and a lot of leeway and forgiveness as to how they accomplish them!

Base of Operations

Wraith Squadron is currently stationed aboard the Sacul.

Personnel Roster

Wraith Squadron is split in different ways depending on where they operate.

As Pilots

Sacul Crew

Captain - Colonel Garik "Face" Loran
Pilot - Lt. Commander Kaiu'kes "Kai"
Co-Pilot/Navigator - Captain Voort "Piggy"saBinring
Sensors/Computer Interface - Captain Keyta Rey'lya
Communication/Ops - Major Katrin Halcyon
Weapons One - Sergeant Rrowv
Weapons Two - Sergeant G'thek "Void" Dras'kell
Engineering - Lieutenant Octavia "Red" Terah

Ghost Flight

One - Commander Carithlee "Shadow" Lightfoot
Two - Captain M.V. Mardex
Three - Lieutenant Brya Jaa'roo
Four - Sergeant Khab'corvh

As Commandos

The squadron is split into three squad, each one with a different focus (although all are proficient at all aspects). Each squad is further split into pairs, which each pair specialising in a different field.

One Squad (Infiltration)

Lead - Face
Two - Brya

Three - Kai
Four - Shadow

Two Squad (Assault)

Five - Mardex
Six - Khab'corvh

Seven - Rrowv
Eight - Void

Three Squad (Technical)

Nine - Kat
Ten - Keyta

Eleven - Red
Twelve - Piggy

Support Personnel

Zraix K'Implez